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CCW Question of the Week

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Question of the Week

Suck It

This week’s question:

Do writers and artists having exclusive contracts with one comic company hurt or help the industry?

Just by looking at the pic above I am going to have to go ahead and say that it hurts the industry. On the other hand it does keep Millar, Bendis and Loeb away from my DC comics so that certainly does help it. I guess just like Natalie Imbruglia I am quite torn on the subject. That song was about comic artist exclusivity, wasn’t it?


Riddle Me This

This is not the “Question of the Week” post just yet. That will be coming later today. This is more of a rhetorical question: Can the CCW reader’s handle having their own blog post every week?

I was reading some comments from CCW reader’s Kurumais and Pobra where they brought up the suggestion of having this kinda of “readers” post. You guys and gals tell us every week what you are buying in our “Who’s Getting What” post on Tuesday but don’t really have a chance to tell us why you like the books that you buy. Well, let’s try to change that.

So here’s your shot. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite comic (only one please) of the week was and why. Sorta like a mini review if you will. If it goes well enough I will start making this a weekly post.