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Ahhhhh yes, this is a nice change of pace after the ridiculous amount of books that shipped last week. Here’s what I’ll be buying:

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
Empowered One-Shot
Sword #20

Wow. That’s it? I thought I’d be getting more than that. And no Marvel books yet again. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple of books that I normally wouldn’t since it’s such a small week for me. Any suggestions?

What is everyone else picking up this week?


Batman and Robin #2 (4th Printing)
Batman Confidential #38
Batman the Unseen #5
Blackest Night The Flash #1
Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
Jonah Hex #50
JSA All Stars #1
Lobo Highway to Hell #2
Mighty #11
Red Tornado #4
Superman World of New Krypton #10
The Great Ten #2
Warlord #9

Cinderella from Fabletown with Love #2
Greek Street #6
House of Mystery #20
Jack of Fables #40
Scalped #33
Sweet Tooth #4

Authority #17
Free Realms #4
North 40 #6

Anita Blake Laughing Corpse Executioner #2
Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #1
Captain America Theater of War Prisoners of Duty
Dark Avengers Annual #1
Dark Tower Battle of Jericho Hill #1
Deadpool Team-Up #898
Fall of the Hulks Alpha
Hulk Winter Guard
Iron Man Requiem
Iron Man Vs Whiplash #1
Marvels Project #4
Nova #32
Psylocke #2
Siege The Cabal
Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without a Face #1
Spin Angels #4
Starr the Slayer #4
Strange #2
Thor #604
Torch #4
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5
Uncanny X-Men #518
What If? Secret Invasion
X-Babies #3
X-Force Annual #1

1001 Arabian Nights Adventures of Sinbad #10
28 Days Later #4
Absolution #4
Aliens #4
Athena #3
Barack the Barbarian #3
Boys #37
Dingo #1
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #6   
Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #13
Empowered One-Shot
Existence 3.0 #1
GI Joe #12
Glamourpuss #10
Grimjack Manx Cat #5
Hack Slash The Series #28 
Haunt #1 (3rd Printing)
Haunt #2 (2nd Printing)
Haunt #3
Image United #1 (Collectors Edition)
Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode #2
Kill Audio #3 
King City #3
Knights of the Dinner Table #156
Legend of Isis #7
Legion Prophets #2
Legion Prophets #3
Mice Templar Destiny #5
Phantom Generations #6
Political Power #4 Ted Kennedy
Roger Corman Presents Black Scorpion #1
Savage Dragon #155
Supergod #2
Sword #20
Talisman Road of Trials #2
The Good the Bad the Ugly #6
Tom Corbett Space Cadet #3
Transformers Best of UK Prey #5
Vincent Price Presents #13

Archie Double Digest #204
Betty #183
Cartoon Network Action Pack #44
Donald Duck And Friends #348
The Incredibles #3
Looney Tunes #181
Simpsons Winter Wingding #4
Sonic the Hedgehog #207

Batman The Cat And The Bat 
Black Panter Deadliest of the Species
Chronicles of Kull Vol 1 King Comics Riding
Chronicles of Solomn Kane Vol 1
Dead She Said
Demons of Sherwood
Doctor Who Through Time And Space
Essential X-Factor Vol 3
Ex Machina Deluxe Edition HC Vol 2
Exiles Ultimate Collection Book 3
KODT Bundle of Trouble Vol 29
Little Lulu Vol 21 Miss Feeny’s Folly & other Stories
Modesty Blaise Vol 16
Myspace Presents Dark Horse Vol 4
New Mutants Return of Legion HC
Popeye Vol 4 Plunder Island HC
Rann Thanagar Holy War Vol 2
Spawn Origins Vol 3
Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 1 Slaves Of The Republic
Star Wars Legacy Vol 7 Storms
Street Fighter Legends Vol 2 Chun Li
Street Fighter Vol 5 Kick it Into Turbo
Tales from Wonderland Vol 2
Teen Titans Deathtrap
Tick Color Series Complete Works Vol 1
Transmetropolitan Vol 5 Lonely City (New Edition)
Trojan War HC

Boom! Studios Preview: Dingo #1

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Boom Studios Preview

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Francesco Biagini
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Francesco Biagini
COVER B: Paul Harmon
Release Date: December 3rd, 2009

A bold new mini from the writer of the best-selling FALL OF CTHULHU and the critically acclaimed series HEXED! A supernatural crime story in the vein of 100 BULLETS — a man named Dingo who’s after only one thing: a box. And he’ll stop at nothing to obtain it, no matter how many bad men get in his way. But the real question is, what’s in the box? And why is Dingo willing to kill to get it back? A rough-and-tumble thriller with a hint of the unearthly and a pinch of something nasty…

From Anime News Netowrk:

The Japanese publisher Shueisha is producing 2.85 million copies of the 56th volume of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece pirate manga — the largest print run that any Japanese manga has ever had in its first printing. The volume will ship on December 4. Since the manga began in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1997, Shueisha has printed 176 million copies. The previous volume, volume 55, sold 1,487,845 copies in its first week and 1,720,884 copies in the first five weeks.

Now, that’s just for one volume. To put that into perspective for our American readers Marvel Comics, the number one publisher in the U.S., sold 2.66 million total units in all of October. Those numbers can be found here. The top selling comic in October was Blackest Night #4 which sold 137,000 copies.

The American comic industry has had it’s ups and down for the last couple of decades but it still has a long way to go. Can you imagine the day where Amazing Spider-Man, Detective Comics or Invincible could individually sell 2 million copies? Ya, neither can I.


Anime News Network

Mellow Monday

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Mellow Monday, Music
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Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Declan Shalvey
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Tim Bradstreet
COVER B: Francesco Biagini
Release Date: December 3rd, 2009

Selena and her new comrades have faced the Infected, but how will they fare against all the firepower used to enforce the U.K. quarantine? The pulse-pounding conclusion to the first arc ends here and the crew will never be the same again!

So much good stuff came out this week. Between Secret Warriors, Chew, Green Lantern, Invincible Iron Man, Blackest Night, Fantastic Four, Beasts of Burden, Detective Comics, Incredible Herc it really is hard to pick the best book. But luckily for me it has been brought to my attention that I am in fact a completely biased DC fanboy so I will go ahead and choose Blackest Night #5. Not because it had one of the coolest, most bad ass endings to a comic in quite some time but simply because it is not a Marvel book.

How about all of you? Please let us know what your favorite book of the week was and why down in the comments.

FYI: Anyone who picks a non-DC book will automatically have their comment removed.



It case you couldn’t tell, I was laying on the sarcasm pretty thick up there. I felt the need to point that out because some people just can’t tell. 🙂

Hey everyone, Elliott here. This morning I had to drag myself out of bed and drive all the way into the city so I could do a guest stint on ChicagoNow Radio, a show that runs every Saturday morning on WGN-AM 720. This is kind of a surreal moment for me since appearing on the same station that broadcasts the Chicago Cubs is more than I could imagine ever happening to me.

I was on the air with another blogger, Barbara Glass who writes InFashion, a blog about – uh – fashion. I was a bit concerned that the two topics (geek culture and fashion) would clash too much, but it seemed to come together pretty well.

You can listen to the podcast of the program here and here. Oh yeah, and I lead off with my Yoda impersonation!