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Your Brain on Millar

This should end well. From ICv2:

Mark Millar has announced that he will try “something totally new” by writing and directing a feature film. Millar, who “learned a lot” from Matthew Vaughan who directed an adaptation of Millar’s Kick-Ass, has lined up private financing for the project, which remains hush-hush. Since the film is privately financed, Millar doesn’t need to wait for a studio to green light the production, which Millar plans to begin directing in March. Following Vaughan’s lead, Millar plans to make the film and sell it to the studios once it is completed.

The above pic is an exact representation of what happened to me after I read this article. If you are wondering how then am I able to write this post and share this news with you, well…I got better.

Guess Millar isn’t happy enough just polluting the comic industry with his brain farts writing because now he feels the need share his mental diarrhea vision with the world. I bet you anything his movie will be on track to open in the year 2012. And that is why I now believe that the soon-to-be released movie 2012 is really a documentary sent back in time to warn us all of what will happen to the planet if Millar’s movie is released.


What Do You Think of My Teeth Spidey

-One book that wasn’t on my list this week that I picked up was Assault on New Olympus. It has the first part of the Agents of Atlas back-up that will be running in Incredible Herc. So here’s my question: Why the fuck would Marvel put the first part to the AoA storyline in a one-shot? I know that this one-shot is essentially an Incredible Herc issue but still. Could fuck AoA fans up by them waiting for the story to start in the Incredible Herc monthly. They will buy the next issue of Herc only to see that the AoA story is indeed part 2 and not part 1. Wondering where the hell the first part of the story is that reader will become frustrated, go all Wrath of Khan and yell “MARRRRVELLLLLL” into the night sky.

-A new Psylocke 4 issue miniseries started today and is $3.99 an issue. It does have a 6 page backup story to warrant the extra dollar but don’t get to used to it. Get this shit: It’s the first part (of four) to a Cable story written by Duane Swierczynshi and drawn by Steve Dillon but the second part of the story WILL NOT be in Psylocke #2. It will instead be a backup story in the upcoming Dark X-Men #1 with the third part being in X-Men Legacy #230 and the fourth in X-Force #22. Hope you buy all of those books already if you want the whole Cable story. If you don’t really care about the Cable story though and collect those monthly books just know that those issues will go up to $3.99 whether you want the story or not. Nice huh?

So, what’s the back up story in Psylocke #2 then? There isn’t one. The rest of the miniseries will be standard 32 page comics but still be priced at $3.99. Marvel are the fucking kings of bait and switch.

-Didn’t end up buying the Haunt #2 today. I don’t think I have ever been more conflicted about buying a book or not. I do want to support Kirkman and Ottley but at the end of the day I just can’t bring myself to pay $2.99 for something I won’t really enjoy.

-Started getting some goodies together this week to give away in a future CCW contest for our readers/viewers. Don’t know yet what the contest will be exactly but I do know it will most likely take place in December and that you’ll think the prizes are somewhat cool…I hope