Mark Millar to Write and Direct a Superhero Movie Because Frank Miller Hasn’t Caused Enough Damage on That Front

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Blogging, Horror, Movies, News, Opinion

Your Brain on Millar

This should end well. From ICv2:

Mark Millar has announced that he will try “something totally new” by writing and directing a feature film. Millar, who “learned a lot” from Matthew Vaughan who directed an adaptation of Millar’s Kick-Ass, has lined up private financing for the project, which remains hush-hush. Since the film is privately financed, Millar doesn’t need to wait for a studio to green light the production, which Millar plans to begin directing in March. Following Vaughan’s lead, Millar plans to make the film and sell it to the studios once it is completed.

The above pic is an exact representation of what happened to me after I read this article. If you are wondering how then am I able to write this post and share this news with you, well…I got better.

Guess Millar isn’t happy enough just polluting the comic industry with his brain farts writing because now he feels the need share his mental diarrhea vision with the world. I bet you anything his movie will be on track to open in the year 2012. And that is why I now believe that the soon-to-be released movie 2012 is really a documentary sent back in time to warn us all of what will happen to the planet if Millar’s movie is released.


  1. Locusmortis says:

    heard about this a few days ago…well you know what they say about fools and their money…

  2. MicahSkin says:

    Can we send a card around and have everyone sign it saying “Just because they wrote a few good stories doesn’t make up for the terrible ones” and send copies to Marvel and DC?

  3. Venom829 says:

    What an approriate representation for a reaction to a horrorfying news story. (LOL)

  4. Ironmuskrat says:

    Privately financed? Is that a code word for direct to video? Millar could actually benefit from a little studio over-site, since he apparently has no one in the comic industry telling him no.

    Oh, and it looks like the hype campaign for Kick Ass is starting to kick into high gear(pun unintended), I have see at least one “leaked” review talking about how great the movie and good Millar writing(plant alert) is.

    I don’t know, maybe Kick Ass will be good. But I doubt it.


  5. therichestmanintown says:

    The Spirit wasn’t bad at all it just had a really slow opening like something from a Moore comic. If anything The Spirit proves that the only person who could direct a DKR movie is Frank Miller.

  6. Chris says:

    Kick-Ass 2?

  7. Deemar says:


    Mark Millar is totally hollywood

  8. Fallows1985 says:

    didn’t he want to be involved in Superman, having a trilogy of films with it ending with Superman dying?

  9. Mitiators says:

    Hasn’t Frank Miller shown us that a comic book writer should write comics and we should leave directing movies to movie directors? With the exception of Joss Whedon, some people should understand their limitations. Especially if they can’t even do your first job.

    And for the record, the Spirit was really bad.

  10. Dan Griffin says:

    Rumor also says he going to have first dibs at Miracle Man or Marvel man. (whatever he goes by now.) The artist is going to be the guy that drew Old Man Logan.

  11. Deemar says:

    I just thought of something, what if Jeph Loeb and Michael Bay teamed up on a movie?

    Would the universe devour itself?

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