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This week’s 2 part question:

1. Who has done a better job entertaining you with their comics this year: Marvel or DC?

2. Who was your favorite independent publisher this year?

My answers:

1. I think it’s fairly obvious who I think has done a better job between Marvel and DC. Hint: It’s not Marvel. I really felt like DC have definitely delivered the quality this year. From Batman: Reborn to Blackest Night to Wednesday Comics to R.E.B.E.L.S. to The Unwritten to the Blackest Night Ring promotion, DC Comics had something great for everyone. It was also nice to see DC editorial step up their game. Continuity in their books has been pretty strong since the whole Countdown/Final Crisis/Death of the New Gods debacle of last year. DC also have what I think is undoubtedly the best comic package of the year: Detective Comics.

2. I am going to have to go with Image Comics on this one. Invincible made it out on time every month while still managing be one of the best comics in the industry. The Luna Brothers continued to produce some of the best work of their careers with The Sword. Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber’s Underground was a welcomed addition to Image’s line-up as was the sleeper hit of the year: John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew. And even though I didn’t enjoy it very much The Haunt #1 managed to sell over 60,000 copies which isn’t too shabby.

I do want to mention that Dark Horse Comics and Boom Studios did their part by putting out some great stuff this year as well.


A Musical Interlude

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