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Posted: November 6, 2009 in Blogging, CCW Nation, Opinion


M-11 is Gonna Keeel You Wolvie

Well, it’s that time of the week again boys and girls. Please let us know what your favorite comic this week was and why. I haven’t finished reading everything I got this week but so far the comic above has been the best…as I knew it would be.


  1. Antonio says:

    Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #1

    Since I am a Fables nut the whole Cinderella being James Bond thing is great.

  2. Mitiators says:

    Its got to be Blackest Night #4 for me. Finally an enjoyable event comic. You can read the main series without the tie-in’s and still get what’s going on. You probably want to read Green Lantern to get the most out of it though.
    Its not just DC Zombies either. These black lanterns are vile demons that use words (and yes fists too) to hurt and break down the heroes. I think it works more as an infinitely better Infinity War.

  3. Pobra says:

    Hmm, this was an interesting week, but at the end of the day the comic that impressed me the most, that had me thinking about it long after I read it, was a comic that wasn’t even on my pull-list that I decided to pick up on a whim. That comic was…


    Holy fuck Skottie Young… and Shanower is no slouch on the script either. This book was just SOOOOO much fun, every page had me captivated because, unlike The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (which I also enjoyed a great deal), this was a story that I was completely unfamiliar with, but that felt very familiar.
    The story itself is full of all the great fairy tale tropes that you would come to expect and immerses you in the characters world. Which is really brought to life by the art, which is fucking brilliant… there is not much else I can say about this book other than it was the most fun I’ve had reading a comic in a long while. Buy it NOW! Unless you have no soul you will love this book.
    I’m not sure if I’ll continue to buy the issues or just wait for the hard cover. We’ll have to see what next month affords me to do. But seriously, go read this comic.

  4. Dan Griffin says:

    For me Deadpool Team-up #899, Fred Van Lante knows how to write DP, and he brought Herc along for the ride. The art was top notch also. Van Lante put out an amazing one and done story for deadpool and man what a way to start a series. Sadly Lante won’t write every issue so this might be the only worth while issue for this new series.

  5. Chris says:

    Stumptown #1. I’m a massive Queen & Country fan (its probably my favourite comic) so I get excited whenever Greg Rucka does some creator owned work. Stumptown didn’t disappoint. Also Rucka’s stated that hes going to make sure (or at least try his hardest) it doesn’t ship late. Some Queen & Country arcs were ridiculously bad for shipping times.

  6. Ironmuskrat says:

    I only picked up three books this week, two of them I planed to get, one was a impulse buy.


    AoA vs. X-men #2 was even better than the first issue, very cool issue.

    Ash saves Obama, It was fun finally reading a book written by Elliott.

    But the book I want to focus on this week is the one I never planed on getting.

    Deathlok the Demolisher – issues number one of seven.

    I always liked Deathlok as a kid, he was the first bad-ass, anti-hero I can remember. So when I saw him staring at me from the rack(very cool cover btw), I was like.. cool, Deathlok, this should be good and its only seven issues, so if it sucks, no big loss. So was it good or did it suck? Well, I would have to say it too early to tell. The first issues is all set up, it looks like this is a complete reboot for Deathlok, some of the names might be familiar, but this story seems to take place in a completely different reality.

    The world in Deathlok is one that appears to be controlled by large corporations that settles it’s turf wars with organized battles that are televised to the general public as a form of entertainment. Soldiers who do well are rewarded with large contracts and sponsorships. The first issue focuses mostly on a soldier, Mike Travers, who you might think is going to become Deathlok at some point, but by the end of the issue I wasn’t so sure about that. Without spoiling too much, the issue ends with a bang, literally. Leaving the reader to wonder just what corpse will end up being used to create Deathlok.

    What was good? The art by Lan Medina was very solid. The story did surprise me a little at the end and left me wondering enough to make me want to buy the next issue.

    What was bad? There is a lot of talking in this book, while I am not opposed to words in general, a brief page detailing the history of this Earth would have saved a lot of word balloons in the first half of the book. Another thing that bugged me was a character does something at the end of the issues that really makes no sense to me considering the whole battle is being watched and I am sure his bosses will be pissed by his actions.

    So my final verdict is that was a good book that left me intrigued enough to buy the next issue.


  7. Deemar says:

    Blackest Night numbah Fa-oh (4)

    Eat it Alan Moore, eat it, eat this tasty sugar glazed pastry of Awesomeness cooked by Geoff Johns, sparked by your “leftover” ideas you pretentous warlock dandy EAT IT, CHEW IT, EAT IT DO IT.

    Nekron is the new Darkseid mark mine words, Alright so basically Barry Allen Flash is taking charge of the heroes left standing which on paper doesn’t look to good for the home team especially when we talking Aqua Milf Mera and Shrinky Dink Atom, but guess what? Atom kicks ass, Johns really makes this little sum’bitch shine. OK another hero takes the dirtnap and well it’s not that big a deal (For me anyways this particular characters is kinda lame) but in pure G’Off fashion he makes it count and when I say count I mean percentages. All you need to know is….100%

    Which is not a good thing for the people of the DCU, now this is how you write a event comic (Take note Bendis) half way through this Blackest Night and they end on a “Holy shit stained undies, Batman” moment. I’m freaking giddy, just giddy and I’m not the giggling type this book turns me into a 12yr old, bobby brown shag hair cut, 89′ Batman t-shirt wearing, humpty dancing, boy who dry humped his sister’s older girlfriend.

    Buy it, Do it

  8. mbell028 says:

    This week was very light for me:
    I picked up Amazing Spider-man only good thing that came out of that is that Guggenheims run is over shit was awful.
    I also picked AOD Ash Saves Obama I thought it was great Elliot Congrats.

    THe book of the week for me was Secret Six 15 Deadshot is truly one of my favorite anti-hero’s and this book continues my feelings.

  9. comicbookdude89 says:

    I only picked up two books this week, X-Men vs AoA#2 and Ash Saves Obama#3, and my favorite book was… (drumroll)… X-Men vs. AoA#2!!!

    Why? Because Jeff Parker knows how to write team books better than anyone in the industry right now and this story is no exception. When some writers write superhero teams badly, coughbrianmichaelbendiscough, Parker comes along and shows us how it’s done. X-Men vs. AoA is a nice two issue story with an awesome story topped with amazing art. After reading this story it is official… Agents of Atlas is my favorite Marvel book (sorry Invincible Iron Man…)

  10. kurumais says:

    it was a great week to be an AoA fan!!!! assault on new olymbus turned out to really good and was my contender for book of the week and it set up and continued all the stuff going on in xmen vs AoA. but jimmy woo and jeff parker’s potrayal of the alanteans put the xmen vs aoa in the top rung for me. jimmy woo has to me the most heroic character in comics today. there is a moment in this issue were he takes charge of situation that just perfectly illustrated that. i LOVE the way parker writers namor. he doesn’t come of as just another guy with super powers. carlo pagulayan draws a really nice book he does the great panel of wolverine carving through m-11 that just blew me away. M-11 because of its retro look could come off looking really goofy but he never does thanks to pagulayan. its too bad he doesnt seem to be able to handle a monthly book.

    that being said greg pak and fred van lente are doing top notch stuff with herc and the olympians

    • I love the joke of M-11 putting a statue on top of Wolverine and then leaving him trapped under it for the whole issue. That was damn funny.

      The art on the AoA back up story in Assault on New Olympus was awesome.


      • kurumais says:

        yeah that monster was crazy looking i wouldnt want to fight it
        and yeah parker has a lot of fun with wovie in this book i loved gorilla man puttting wolverine in his place i cant think of another writer that wouldnt just try to out miller on wolverine making him the best there is. nice to see him treated with a little prospective

      • Ironmuskrat says:

        Parker’s subtle and not so subtle digs at Wolverine were some of the best parts of the story. Just his way of saying “Wolverine? I don’t need no stinking Wolverine!”


  11. Locusmortis says:

    Just read X-Men Necripoff #1 ….sigh definitely NOT comic of the week.

    Best comic of the week goes to 2000ad prog 1659 which has 4 excellent stories including the latest Dredd mega-epic and to Blackest Night #4 which is great on every level.

  12. mbell028 says:

    Hey I was thinking about a good question for the question of the week.
    What Comic Company (DC Marvel or other) that has the best superhero’s and which ones have the best villians

  13. mbell028 says:

    I forgot also people could list what there favorite is and some examples of their favorites.

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