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Posted: November 7, 2009 in CCW Nation, CCW TV
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Sugar Rush

I just put up our review of Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon’s Sugar Shock. If you didn’t catch it yesterday there is a review of Invincible Iron Man #19 up as well. We only have two more segments from our last batch that have yet to go up.

Elliott is still in Paris and won’t be back till Tuesday so we won’t be able to tape any new stuff this weekend which means there won’t be anything new for a while. In case you haven’t noticed the videos I have been putting up were taped two weeks ago so most of them are kinda old news by now.

But who knows, if Elliott is up for doing some midweek taping when he gets back we will do just that.

Question: So, I am thinking about closing off the ratings and comments on our new videos on you tube. I would then post the new videos on the blog and you all can comment on here. Any thoughts on that from you guys and gals? Again, just thinking about.


  1. Ironmuskrat says:

    Jose, I know you were joking earlier about chopping the episodes into one minute segments, but you may have to do that to prevent chaos on the CCW site when the hardcore CCW junkies don’t get their fix =)

    I am getting itchy already..


    • Any thoughts on the question IM? I really would like to know what you guys think before I implement anything.


      • Ironmuskrat says:

        Well, I am guessing your not happy with the some of the ratings and comments on YouTube? Personally I don’t have a problem with commenting here mainly due to the fact YouTube has that silly character limit on their comment section. As you have seen I can be rather verbose(rambling) in my posts, so posting here would be cool for me.

        I suppose my only concern would be a backlash from your viewers on YouTube, some people may take it the wrong way or feel personally slighted and stop viewing, but that is just a guess, I really have no idea what the real impact on the channel would be.

        I would try it for a week or two and see if it has any lasting impact on views for the channel and go from there.


    • We can actual upload and post directly to here I believe. Just something E and I have talked about before in the past. We do eventually want to get away from you tube and go elsewhere. That’s why in our recent vids we call it “The CCW video channel” and not “the CCW you tube channel” like we did before. Thanks for the input.


  2. generaldark says:

    well are you still going to post on youtube? i think that is important to get fans. speaking of new fans im not sure if you want new poeple to scroll down and see no discussions going on. the discussions can really get people into subscribing and stuff. heres how i see it, maby leave the ratings and comments alone but post videos on here as well and at the same time promote that maby REAL discussions go on in the blog/site.

    • Good ideas. It was just something I was thinking about, that’s all.

      We would still post on you tube for the time being but Elliott and I have discussed moving away from you tube and posting elsewhere.


    • Pobra says:

      ya, i agree with generaldark, it might be hard to get new viewership if you are only posting on the blog. And I find you can get equally interesting conversation happening on youtube as you get on here. But whatever you guys choose to do I’ll continue to watch and comment.

  3. Locusmortis says:

    I say absolutely no way should you cut off comments on the youtube channel. The responses there are more immediate and to be quite honest the conversations are usually more interesting. Theres hardly ever replies to peoples posts on here and potential conversations usually go nowhere, its more a case of post your opinion and thats it.

    • I understand completely what you are saying locus but people have been posting less and less on our you tube videos. Posting the video here would just mean that the comments section would here instead of there and there may be a time where you will only be able to watch our videos on here anyway.

      We are always thinking about new ways to do stuff. This is merely an idea.


  4. Chris says:

    I like the idea of putting the videos on here for a more civilised debate. Though I’d like to keep the comments and ratings on the youtube channel. I guess its up to you guys!

  5. C4RL0Z says:

    i Think you shouldnt get away form youtube, imean the blog is for real discussion but youtube is still for getting new people, you have about 500 subscribers and few months ago you had 258 i think. The youtube channel is how i found you and it would be a mistake to sto uploading vids.
    However i do agree that you could ALSO upload them here on the blog because there are no character lmits and we can express ourselves more freely and have great discussions.
    Dont dsiable the comments or the rating on the vids .

  6. phil says:

    The long and short of it, Jose…is that you and E have to what’s best for you guys. Anybody and everybody can pontificate on what you should or shouldn’t do, but in the end it comes down to the two of you and what feels most right for you and Elliot. Throwing my two cents in (for what its worth)I know you tube wouldn’t be the same If the two of you left, Hell one of the main reasons that I starteed doing videoes was because of CCW. Not to mention that you were the second channel that I subscribed to ( sorry…everydaydish was the first ) but I digress. I’m sure that whatever y’all decide to do, you’ll do it with the same flow and fire that you’ve been known for.
    Lastly,stay or go, I.m witth you all the way!


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