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The New Chew Interview

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Interviews
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Eat It Up Yum

Good ole CBR has a brand new interview up with the creator’s of the comic sleeper hit/flash in the pan, Chew. Did you actually think the CCW would be able to score that interview? Ya, right. Like comic-legends-in-the-making John Layman and Rob Guillory would ever be caught dead slumming it down here being interviewed by either Elliott or I. Though we may be King Makers(tm) we are alas just still lowly peasants in the greater scheme of it all.

Here’s but a small portion of the interview:

What did you expect or hope that readers might enjoy about the premise (of Chew)?

Guillory: As an artist and as a fan of the book myself, I really hoped they’d appreciate the amount of originality we were putting into it, and that they wouldn’t just write us off as “weird.”

Layman: I didn’t expect readers would enjoy it at all. I expected it to flop, or make a tiny ripple in that vast ocean that is comic book. I wrote it for myself, figuring a select few weirdos would “get it” and it would have some small cult appeal. I never, ever, ever thought it would be received with the amount of enthusiasm that it has. I’m very grateful, but even today still surprised.

I guess the CCW were lucky enough to be among the “select few weirdos”, huh? Do yourselves a favor and go read the rest of the interview by hitting the link down below.


John Layman & Rob Guillory Chew on “Chew”/CBR

Indie Flick Friday

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