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Posted: November 14, 2009 in Reviews

Death of a Lantern

Sorry I’m late getting this post up. It’s been quite a busy last few days for me.

By now you know the drill, right? Please let us know what your favorite book of the week was and why down in the comments. Mine? It was kinda a tie between REBELS #10 and Green Lantern Corps #42.


  1. generaldark says:

    green lantern corps was my favorite this week as well.

  2. Green Lantern Corps was by far my favorite comic of the week. The ending just left me broken. What I love most about Tomasi’s writing is that he gets you quickly attached to the characters and then you feel the characters pain when bad things happen to them. Plus Gleason’s artwork is always a treat to look at.

  3. Matthew Guy says:

    GLC is hands down the pick of the week.


  4. mbell028 says:

    Green Lantern Corps was the best of the week for sure RIP Kyle

  5. therichestmanintown says:

    Batman and Robin was my favorite this week. The Flamingo has been established as a scary mother fucker.

  6. Ironmuskrat says:

    Rebels was excellent! The best issue I have read so far in the series.

    But the book I want to talk about this week is..

    Strange #1(of 4)

    I have always like Dr. Strange, but having not read many current comics I had no idea that he had lost his status as Sorcerer Supreme. It was a pretty big shock seeing Dr. Strange, or just Strange now, sitting at a minor league baseball game looking like a rumpled grandpa, whooping it up. For me the doctor was always been the one true, straight shooter in the Marvel U, always serious, never playing things for laughs, a real tight ass when it came to magic and his responsibilities as Sorcerer Supreme. So yeah, seeing him looking and acting like a average guy was a little off putting at first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

    It becomes obvious pretty quickly that Strange isn’t at the game just for fun. He has to deal with a demon problem, but how does he do it with most of his magic gone? This where things get interesting, how does Mark Wade write a Dr. Strange story with the Doctor missing most of his magic? Well… Wade writes a story that transforms Dr. Strange into something that closely resembles another famous Doctor I am sure people are familiar with, Dr. Who! Yup, you heard me right, A formerly powerful entity, that has since fallen onto hard times, that has to rely on his great intellect, cunning, and more than a little bit of deception to battle his still very powerful enemies. He even has a female companion( I mean apprentice) that he recruits to his cause. He has a very Dr. Who’ish scene where the bad guy mocks the Doctor for being a washed up bum that no longer posses a threat to him.

    So does it work? Well, yes it does.. after the initial shock of seeing the Doctor in his current state, it’s actually fun see him work out his problems without having to resort to magic. All the problems that once were relatively easy for the Doctor to solve with magic have just become a lot harder to deal with. I look forward to seeing him deal with difficult situations using his mind instead of his sorcery.

    My biggest issue with this book would be the art by Emma Rios, it is not a style that really appeals to me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, Dr. Strange in a baseball cap drove me crazy, I hated it, but the cap came off halfway through, so I calmed down after that. Also some of the action at the end of the issue is hard to follow, but that may be do to the way her panels were cropped to get them to fit on the page, not the artwork.

    I ended up enjoying this book a lot, it’s very different from what most people expect from Dr. Strange, so I can see some people not liking this story and I don’t know if I would argue with them. I will be picking up the next issue for sure, to see what trouble Dr. Who.. oops, I mean Dr. Strange will be getting into next. =)


    • Want to read an great Dr. Strange story? Pick up Dr. Strange: The Oath TP. It’s written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Marcos Martin. That comic is awesome beyond belief.


      • Ironmuskrat says:

        I will put that one on my list Jose, my LCS has a huge selection of trades in it, almost too many, my eyes started to glaze over the few times I started looking them over, but I plan to make the extra effort this week to sort things out and find some trades to read.


  7. Pobra says:

    Damn, I was already upset that i missed GLC this week, but now that you guys let me know how unanimously awesome it was, i feel that much worse… Wednesday can’t come soon enough…

    Anyway, this was a really “meh” week for me, a lot of good books, no real great ones. So I’ll say my pick was BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL #1

    Azzarello sets up a cool universe here and the characterization’s of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Doc Savage are really interesting and fun. The story was solid and left me wanting more like any good comic should. The art was pretty awesome too. My only problem with this book was the price… $4.99, a little steep, no? Looks like DC is pulling a bit of a marvel here. There is some extra stuff in the back, but for an extra dollar i could have done without it.

  8. Curtis says:

    I liked ASM this week, some real LOL moments, plus its only the second time i’ve read a book with deadpool in it this year, so i have yet to be over-exposed.
    Booster Gold was very good too.

  9. Chris says:

    I actually really liked Batman this week. Batman & Robin #6 was good still and Batman/Doc Savage special was amazing. So Batman/Doc Savage is my pick. I love Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets is probably my all time favourite comic), and the art was amazing. It was £3.40 ($4.99) which is a bit lame. But 56 pages is nice.

    I was surprised that it was my pick because I enjoyed the new Phonogram, DMZ and Locke and Key issues too.

  10. Deemar says:

    It was good, but made me sad

  11. phil says:

    While BN is my fave overall, I also picked up Irredeemable’s 1st trade, and man-o-man!!! SuperGod was nothing to sneeze at either. Ultimately I,m gonna have to go with BN-GL; I found it the most compelling.


  12. Dan Griffin says:

    For me, it was S.W.O.R.D. #1. Ienjoy a comic that doesn’t take itself too serious. Kieron Gillen delivered the funny with this first issue. I loved the random sword agent laughing at Lockheed drinking some jack daniels and then Lockheed beating said agent for laughing. I also enjoy Beast and Brands realationship here more then it in Astonishing X-Men 32. Alot less cute pet names. Plus Deaths Head is in it. Steven Sanders hhere was nice. I know alot of people complain about his Beast but you get used to it after the first panal he is in. Priced at $3.99, but that’s ok because you get a backup story that sets up what i believe will be key to bringing back Shadowcat. Overall i loved and hope Gillen, and Sanders do more issues like this, because it was fun.

  13. Zcorp79 says:

    My pick is ASM #611 by far my favorite issue of ASM this year. I love the interaction between Spidey and Deadpool, I also love the litte Geoff Johns plug they put in it. To me Joe Kelly just really knocked this issue out of the park.

  14. Fallows1985 says:

    I liked Batman and Robin 6 and I thought Gordon would have said something when Jason was shouting that Dick wasn’t “Him” but Gordon already knows and I think he knows that its Nightwing or someone its not some nut tryna take Batman’s title, so he has Gordon’s respect but it gives me the feeling that sooner or later people are gonna realise like Two-Face.

    I was ready drop GL Corp, cos I just wasn’t feeling it but after this comic I am back on its got me now and I need to know what happens next. Sad that Kyle’s gone cos he was my first Lantern.

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