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Posted: November 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Hey folks, Elliott here again with another poll inspired by a tweet from Brian Bendis:

“BRIANMBENDIS Btw saw iron man 2 last night. πŸ™‚ don’t ask me a god damn thing. I am sworn to secrecy! Just like to tell u I saw it. Enjoy 2012 :)”

What a wit. Really. And now the poll:

  1. kurumais says:

    this is just the banality of twitter rearing its ugly head yet again

    do you guys have such woody for BMB that you are going to review his tweets now?
    its a little much

  2. uhn… how about D). None of the Above…

  3. Iqy92 says:

    Hey Jose and elliot, kinda got into comics in the past year while I caught up on the history of the characters, writers, artists Ive always wondered how did bendis rise to become the most influential writer at writer at the mo cause he’s a not a very good writer. Has he ever done some good work?

    • His early issues of Ultimate Spider-Man are fantastic.

    • Elliott says:

      BMB has done some incredible work in the past: TORSO, JINX and POWERS are the works that made me a fan of his. Of course, his ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN showed that he could write ‘mainstream’ books just as well, if not better, than some other writers. I even liked his early AVENGERS stuff. DISASSEMBLED was a fun story arc and he had a real momentum going there for the first year or two on the title.

      Those were the good days…before the Dark Times…before Secret Invasion.


  4. Hey Jose what did you think of DA#11? I read a review of it on CBR and found out that Greg Horn did some of the art. I’m gonna take a guess that it was crappy.

  5. Matthew Guy says:

    Punch the baby. Bendis on Avengers books is BAD!!!!!!!!


  6. kurumais says:

    ok im am a bendis fan but ill be the first to admit your reviews of bendis are some of your best, funniest and smartest stuff. one of them was probably why i subscribed to your youtube channel in the first place. but lately some asides you guys have made about him while discussing other books and some comments by my fellow posters seem less about critiquing comics you dont think are very good and kind of like picking on the kid in school you don’t like. sorry if im wrong E but this post came across to me like “lets all pick on the bendis kid cause we dont like him ”
    “be one of our crowd bash bendis” over what 4 short sentences? on twitter? ( BTW can someone post an example of a good tweet? arent they all kind of like this? and dont you have subscribe to his twitter or something to get them?)
    you guys want to tear him a new one over dark avengers or spiderwoman this week have at it but this and the other poll came across a little juvenile to me and not the fun “i’m still a kid at heart” juvenile but the “11 year old girls picking on the girl in class who developed early” juvenile.

    kuru who btw is not turning against anyone

    • Elliott says:

      Unlike my partner, I don’t perceive see this ‘trend’ of fans turning on us. If anything, you guys have been more supportive and if we have disagreements, it just shows that we’ve all developed a nice rapport and you guys aren’t afraid to speak up and express your opinions. I respect that and (even more) I like it.

      As for the issue with Bendis’ tweets. OK, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s coming across as a bit juvenile. But in my defense, the dude started it. πŸ˜‰ Why do you think he tweets these things in the first place? He likes to stir the pot and get attention. If anything, I’m playing into his hands because I’m taking his tweets, publicizing them and doing just what he wants me to do. He’s pushing a button, I know it, and I’m letting him. But like I said before, his tweets amused me so I posted them and decided to base a poll on them. Call it lazy if you wish, but it got the job done since the Bendis on Avengers poll went over pretty well, IMO.

      As for this being a case of ‘picking on the girl in class who developed early,’ I’ve just gotta respond with this: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!

      The guy is MARVEL’S TOP SELLING WRITER! He consults on all of Marvel’s film production (hence his Iron Man 2 tweet) and helps steer the friggin’ Marvel Universe!

      If anything, this is a case of the dorks in class making fun of the captain of the football team who doesn’t really notice the dorks since he’s got more important things to do like f*** the prom queen.

      I know that our stance on Bendis is viewed in the general comics community as the minority opinion, and we get messages from time to time from Bendis fans who tell us we need to ‘get over it’ and to stop ‘grasping at straws.’ Regardless, Mr. Bendis himself hasn’t suffered in the least for our criticisms and he’s always welcome to put us in our place, should we ever become significant enough for him to notice. (Read his letters column in Powers, the guy can bring the snark for sure.)

      So Kuru, while I respect your opinion and really appreciate that you expressed it to us – please know that we consider you a friend of CCW*TV – don’t worry about BMB because he’s doing just fine. πŸ˜‰


      • kurumais says:

        hey sorry E i havent gotten back to you something got drop in my lap and kept me busy for a while and with the holiday im behind on my net surfing youtube vids and comic reading.
        im still not sure what the problem with his tweet was other then it was pointless and vacuous but isnt that the knock against twitter a s whole? and personally i would have used new moon instead of 2012. exactly what standard are we holding tweets up to?
        i wasn’t worried about bendis or comparing him to the poor girl getting picked on but your post to a mean spirted bunch of girls. at first i thought it was a cheap shot but it wasnt but it was kind of close.
        i know BMB is public enemy number 1 around here and thats cool as long its cause you dont appreciate his work not cause ” we dont like his comics so we dont like him” ive see little “group think” “mob mentality” creeping in here and there when it comes to taking shots at bendis “around here” in places where you guys were talking about other comics and writers. and if its a case of ‘great mind think alike” no problem but i was getting the “us vs him” vibe. that kind of HS bull that to be cool “around here” you bust on bendis. kind of knee jerk put downs of anything bendis growing a little bit. whats next making fun of jeph loebs sneakers? tony danials’s hair? i dont see any reason for that when BMB has so many books coming out that you guys can critique and rip, he just added powers and whenever the siege comes out that’s another. you guys could practically fill up youtube and this blog with bendis reviews and they would all be fair game.
        also i have seen a little bendis ripping from both of you (E&J) in reviews that have nothing to do with him as kind of a go to moveto pump up the energy or inject humor to the vid sometimes it worked a few times in didnt. but i dont think you should pull that card out like that. you guys aren’t good at this because you are good a ripping bendis (which you are) you guys are good at this because you are good at this.
        its been a while since you posted and this topic might have died away so if you dont feel like responding dont feel obligated i understand


  7. Venom829 says:

    Hopefully, bendis will write movies the way he could write comics in his golden days.

  8. Deemar says:

    Man I hate Bendis

    Makes my stomach churn

  9. Fallows1985 says:

    Can we have a D, and say he’s a bit of a cock tease. But to be honest, I have to agree with Kuru, don’t a lot off people do this when they’ve seen a film, I mean I’ve seen interviews for shows and films where they’ve seen the film and have sed they can’t say too much. But I understand what E means, it is kinda funny the way he sed it “I’ve seen it”.

    • Deemar says:

      Sure many of our kind (Fanboyis-Geektopithicus)rant and rave about scooping eagerly anticipated materials, we just dislike the bald one.

  10. Fallows1985 says:

    ah right, I right i get the frustration with Bendis cos he got me into ultimate spiderman…. funnily enough I thought it was the actual very first issue of spiderman… hey I was young just getting into comic and had a blonde moment. But I liked his writing sure it went on long but it gave me a chance to see Peter before spiderman or rather inbetween the transformation. I know he really got into the confusion of peter of like… whoa what’s going with me and made it kind of like how we feel when you know strange stuff happens to us. But when I read his new avengers I thought it was okay but the dialogue wasn’t to par.

  11. kurumais says:

    just for fun and to add fue against my fire i was surfing a while ago about fantasy authors
    and saw a page i was on had this list
    my boy BMB is not on the list and personally i think powers and ultimate spidey would have put him on the list
    it hard to think of writers that has runs that long and that good on 2 books. i few years ago i tried getting a couple of lapse comic fans back into the fold by lending them trades and books. and the 4 books they liked the best and requested the most were powers, ultimate spidey and PAD’s fallen angel and x factor. i never did get them back to buying comics they just borrowed all of mine


    • You make some good points, kuru. If you haven’t been watching the videos lately, I’ve pretty much agreed with you and see how it comes across as petty.

      Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for making a well-reasoned, objective argument.


      • kurumais says:

        but the more i thought about it im thinking if he is going to tweet to the public then it is fair game i think tweets could probably be cool for a bunch of buddies kind of group texting each other with inside jokes but i cant see how some writer or muscian or actor tweeting be anything but pointless
        and i still cant see what standard we should hold them up to
        still think you stick to bashing his comics

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