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CCW Question of the Week

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Question of the Week

From this week’s Cup O’ Joe Column on CBR:

Jonah Weiland: I think it was Tom Brevoort who was talking on a blog post or on Twitter about how he was pretty sure “Siege” would destroy “Blackest Night.” Would you go along with that take?

Joe Quesada: [Laughs] Yes. Absolutely! But let me say for the record that I do not read Tom’s blog or anything Tom is attached to. He’s a loathsome individual, and I just do not like him very much. And anyone who knows Tom Brevoort I’m sure would agree with me. [Laughter].

Now for this week’s question:

Do you think that The Siege will in fact “destroy” Blackest Night?

I’m aware that the above quote by Tom Brevoort was most likely made in jest but I am thinking that Joey Q is laughing because he knows deep down that The Siege is the same boring Bendis written nonsense that will not stand a chance against Blackest Night. I could be misreading that though.

My answer to this week’s question:

[Laughs] No way in hell. If anything, Blackest Night will probably destroy Marvel. [Maniacal Laughter]


I'd like to stuff her turkey...

Image Courtesy of Krausemouse

Hey folks, Elliott here. Sorry for the delay in getting new episodes up. I recently went through a change in operating systems for my laptop and it’s been anything but smooth.  On the bright side, Windows 7 is a really nice operating system.  In fact, I’m surprised at how much I’m getting to like it!  But that also meant that I had to give up my old video software and this new stuff takes getting used to.  Anyhoo…

I’ve already got the first part of Last Rants from last week up, am publishing part 2 as I type this, and have our Thanksgiving episode up next to edit and post.  So please bear with me and you’ll find plenty of new content to watch as you recover from your Turkey comas (or Tofurkey comas for my vegetarian friends).

So remember to give thanks for all the blessings you’ve gotten this year, both big and small.  And allow me to say thanks to YOU, our viewers, who watch this silly little program each week and give us a forum.  If it weren’t for you all, there would be no CCW*TV.  Seriously.

See you on the flip side!