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Posted: November 26, 2009 in Question of the Week

From this week’s Cup O’ Joe Column on CBR:

Jonah Weiland: I think it was Tom Brevoort who was talking on a blog post or on Twitter about how he was pretty sure “Siege” would destroy “Blackest Night.” Would you go along with that take?

Joe Quesada: [Laughs] Yes. Absolutely! But let me say for the record that I do not read Tom’s blog or anything Tom is attached to. He’s a loathsome individual, and I just do not like him very much. And anyone who knows Tom Brevoort I’m sure would agree with me. [Laughter].

Now for this week’s question:

Do you think that The Siege will in fact “destroy” Blackest Night?

I’m aware that the above quote by Tom Brevoort was most likely made in jest but I am thinking that Joey Q is laughing because he knows deep down that The Siege is the same boring Bendis written nonsense that will not stand a chance against Blackest Night. I could be misreading that though.

My answer to this week’s question:

[Laughs] No way in hell. If anything, Blackest Night will probably destroy Marvel. [Maniacal Laughter]


  1. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    I’m 98% certain that “Blackest Night” will consume Marvel’s “Siege”. Coipel is a badass artist, but not even his work will convince me to join the “Siege”. If ANYONE else was writing it, sure. I would at least grab the first issue, but not if Bendis is writing it. Maybe it’s because of the Bendis/Coipel team up, but I have a feeling that this is gonna end like “House of M”. An interesting idea that will just peter-out at the end.

  2. Venom829 says:

    Blackest Night will always be no.1. Marvel, they need to fire Joey Q., and start from scratch if they wanna have good product coming out.

  3. TheComicRant says:

    Don’t plan on reading either series yet. I’m going to trade wait BN and I don’t care about ANOTHER Marvel event.

    Give me some good Thor stories, good Iron Man stories, and let Captain America do his thing somewhere else. These “events” are making me stunningly sick.

  4. Deemar says:

    Man I got the Thanksgiving Itis

    Siege is too little too late, I gives 2 f**ks about Bendis’ 4issues (Probaly gonna add another issue) event. He and Marvel have garnered too much bad will for me to invest in this.

    Seriously Marvel doesn’t get it, it’s not the dark turn of the MU it’s Bendis’ and his boring tired plotting and characterzation. That guy has brought the whole house down.

    They let Loeb single handedly ruin the Ultimate line and Bendis’ turn the Avengers into a bunch of whiny pansies.

  5. Chris says:

    Siege will definitely be bigger in sales terms.

  6. Fallows1985 says:

    well Blackest Night finishes in March, and the Siege is running to April isn’t it? So once April comes yeah totally 😀

    2bh, i don’t no whether to buy it, cos i kinda want my Marvel event that I can bitch n moan about, like secret invasion. I want my Nerd war wound lol

  7. MicahSkin says:

    Is Joey Q just oblivious to the facts or is he trying to be that much of an idiot? First his comment on Gay writers being almost the same as a woman writer and now this. Someone get him a ticket on the clue bus.

  8. generaldark says:

    there must be some good drugs over at marvel for him to think seige will beat BN lol

  9. Ironmuskrat says:

    Odd statement for the guys at Marvel to make considering Blackest Night has only hit the halfway mark and beat Marvel pretty soundly in sales last time around.

    It hard for me to dismiss Siege out of hand, it might be good, it might not. I will say this for sure, I have little, to no interest in it right now. If Dark Reign was suppose to be the set up for The Siege, it was a job poorly done to say the least.

    To answer the CCW question.. I think it will be a push, I think the Marvel zombies will come out in force to see the rebirth of the core of the Avengers. When it is all said and done, sales for both events will be fairly close.


    • Deemar says:

      I kinda think the Marvel Zombies myself included are gonna sit this one out.

      No good will come of Siege, Bendis will still be writing Avengers and worse yet he’ll have the big three of Thor, Cap and Stark too ruin even further.

      I’d rather they kill off each of the big three than let BMB touch them, I’m dreading that moment in Avengers of Steve rogers, Thor and Tony Stark sitting in a kitchen eating five guys burgers talking about bellybutton lent and horseshoes.

      • Locusmortis says:

        hahaha you said it man, I can see it happening just like that.

      • Ironmuskrat says:

        I hope your right Deemar, Marvel will never change its ways until it starts to feel it in the pocketbook. It just seems to me Marvel is confident that it has a built in audience that will buy anything they put out there.


      • Deemar says:

        Fellas I have faith the fandom will show Marvel it’s backhand on this one

  10. I doubt that Seige will be better than Blackest Night. Marvel needs to sell their soul to the devil in order for Seige to be better than BN. Oh what’s that? They already sold their soul? oh… my bad…

    • No dis-respect meant for Marvel. I do want to be a writer there someday so I try to watch what I say about them. Same w/ Joey Q… he may be my boss someday…

      • Uhhh…I doubt he reads this blog. and even if he did, I doubt he’d care what we think. So don’t sweat it dude. 😉


      • Fallows1985 says:

        plus I doubt they’ll ask u 2 put ur pen name on ur application form. If they did it would be great to be a fly on the wall for tha interview “so, Mr…. heeeeeyyyy wait a minute!” 2bh mate i doubt all Marvel employees like all the stuff they do

  11. phil says:

    Will The Siege beat out BN? Yes.
    Oh..hold on, this is Thanksgiving,not April Fool’s Day.
    Then, no!!!!!

  12. Jeremy says:

    Not destroy. I think it will do pretty well (it is Marvel’s trinity back in action) and maybe it will take away some fans but I think overall BN will out perform it.

  13. Locusmortis says:

    hmmmm isn’t the usual argument from Bendis and his fans that the classic Avengers just didn’t sell and it needed to be brought to the street level and made more “relatable”(sigh) and darker (bigger sigh) … the question is….why would the people who like the “Darker” stuff love the brighter style of the classic Avengers and go out and buy it in droves?

    I’m not buying the Siege even though I fucking love the classic Avengers because its written by bendis. I’ll read it online and then if I like it I’ll buy the trade later.

    I think the excitement on Blackest Night is just growing, its killed Marvel in Sept and Oct and I predicted AGES AGO that it would wipe marvel off the shelves in November and December and I’m positive I’m gonna be right too. Not only has the core series been good but GL and GLC have been HOT and the tie-ins have been very good quality which is where Marvel failed with Dark Reign and the previous events, some of the tie-ins were wretched.

    Plus the Ring promotion is pure genius from DC marketing, the fact that their free with a comic (in sensible stores) is brilliant, this could be the ploy that saves good books like Rebels and Doom Patrol from extinction.

  14. Venom829 says:

    The Secret Formula: Marvel will have to pull off on heck of a shocker like the one in Blackest Night #5 (You know which one I mean) Cause Bendis ain’t that good of a writer to do that.

  15. Dan Griffin says:

    I’ll be getting Siege for the Coipel art. Bu no way in Hll will it be better then BN. But in sales i think Siege will do abit better. (Hulk book beats out Detective Comics in sales. So Marvel Zombies are strong with the money.) For the last three issues (You know Marvel going to add another book to this) are going to be #1 because Blackest Night will be over by then.

    P.S. Isn’t Siege what chased JMS off of Thor?

  16. Deemar says:

    My New Years declaration is I ain’t dancing for Marvel Comics No’Mo

    $3.99 comics, the “dark Reign” of BMB, Quesada’s leadership, endless events and worst of all LOEB

  17. djsweet says:

    Ya know, your repetitive Marvel isn’t as good as DC shit has become boring and trite! I haven’t picked up a Bendis comic in years because I found his NA banal . I skipped SI and I’m not getting this, so i’m not just mad that you are insulting my favorite comics or anything. I predict that Siege 1-4 will outsell BN every month and you will whine, piss and moan. Marvel deserves to be blasted about many things, but when you hype that Marvels sucks and DC is so much better you sound like a typical fan-boy taking his standard side in a pathetic piss match. Move on to more interesting material.

    • Deemar says:

      Really? It’s trite man now that you’ve let me know this bit of information, I must endeavor to change my whole outlook by first telling you to fuck off and drinking a caprison.

      • Locusmortis says:

        just looking at newsarama (yeah I know!), but this is one reason that people are praising DC lately and knocking Marvel…DC aren’t shitting on their fans

        “Hi Dan. I’ve been really enjoying the second features. It’s been awhile now, and I know you said you’d revisit them after some time. Is there any news you can give us about what’s coming next?

        DiDio: We’re letting this first wave of second features run its course. I’ll give you a hint about one announcement, though. One of the ongoing series that we have with a co-feature will be dropping the co-feature. And when we drop it, the price point will move back down to $2.99.”

    • You had me then you lost me. You predict that Siege will outsell BN. Okay, tell us WHY. While you say we ‘whine, piss and moan’ you do realize that you’re doing the same thing. Instead of getting into name-calling and calling everyone ‘pathetic’, MAKE A F***ING ARGUMENT and PROVE YOUR POINT! You can do that, can’t you?


      • djsweet says:

        Siege will out sell BN because more comic fans care about The Avengers than the Green Lanterns. Also, I think being 4 issues is an incentive to the buying public that may be wary of buying another Bendis story.
        On a former point, If Siege does outsell BN, can you picture Jose NOT pissing and moaning about the stupid comic pubic?

      • Ironmuskrat says:

        Wow DJ, personal insults don’t make for good arguments and it certainly won’t make you very many friends. Jose doesn’t need me to defend him, but while he certainly has strong opinions on things I think he has treated people fairly on the CCW site, even people who don’t agree with him. He could have deleted your posting without comment, but has still allowed it even after you insulted him twice.


      • Deemar says:

        Djsweets Siege is 4issues yeah, but it’s Marvel I’m sure each and every issue will be $3.99 or higher. They might go that extra mile and make it $4.99 it how they do

    • So after all of that you still insult me to try to make your point? Pure class man. And to think I took down my last comment because I felt quite bad about it.


      • djsweet says:

        how can i say that you will be upset about Siege outselling BN without insulting you?
        Yes Deemar, Siege will be 3.99 an issue. That is enough to keep me from buying it but not the rest of the world. It’s not enough to stop people from buying that dud Cap:Reborn.

    • To say that I will be upset is one thing but insinuating that I will be PISSING AND MOANING (like an child I am guessing) about it is insulting me. How are you unable to see that?


      • djsweet says:

        Jose, your over-the-top reactions are what make your show enjoyable. You have the best facial grimaces and contorted sneers while discussing comics. A big part of what makes the show enjoyable is your EXTREME EMOTIONAL OVERREACTION.

  18. Deemar says:

    Thanksgiving outro CCW

  19. Linwood E. Knight says:

    Here’s the way I see this going.

    Blackest Night proper will remain #1

    Siege will sell more than enough to be a very competitive #2

    The Top 5 will be a 3 – 2 split depending on the month
    The Top 10 will be a 5 -5/6 – 4 split depending on the month

    The Top 25 and Top 100 will still have Marvel being the boss, sadly. Blackest Night may win the battle, Siege will end up winning the war. Siege’s tie-ins will most likely sell more than Blackest Night’s, probably due to sheer volume, but they’ll still outsell them.

    In other words, Next Verse, Same as the first. Though, if I’m wrong, I’m still not liking the other master too much. DCU’s current war on its Post-Crisis status, characters and legacies is turning me off in a huge way. Seems like it may be time for me to move on from the Superhero Genre for the most part.

  20. MicahSkin says:

    Now, my serious answer.

    I don’t believe it will outsell BN.

    Reason 1. People who’re paying mucho dinero for Avengers right now are all about the new Avengers line ups. The Big Three ain’t Wolverine, Cage and Spiderwoman. And I don’t think the newer fans will follow if their new favorites aren’t the highlight.

    2. Marvel… well… it kinda sucks at big events. Secret Invasion anyone?

    3. This one is just faith… I just don’t think Bendis can pull off Thor Cap or Iron Man. Too much Back History that he didn’t write isn’t Bendis’s strong suit.

    I think it will sell well, just not on the level/quality of BN.

  21. mbell028 says:

    I think that Siege issue one will outsell Blackest Night number 6…Don’t get me wrong I’m not happy at all to say this, but I do believe it’ll happen. I will be reading, but I won’t be buying it. I will continue to invest in books that are actually good and have things happen that continue to make me invested in the books. If Marvel was smart they’d follow Blackest Nights small tie-in numbers in the beginning and expand it into other marvel books so writers can write around it instead of having a siege tagline that has shit to do with siege.

    • Fallows1985 says:

      I have to agree with this, as much as people dislike Bendis is writing and a lot of people aren’t looking forward to it, thats not to say that they’ll be curious about it. I think it’ll be more curiousity that will bring in numbers for Marvel. I mean Elliot liked Dark Avengers in the last segment so who knows it might be good it might not be, but some people might pick it up just to see what its like…. I did with Blackest Night

  22. nioki says:

    let there be peace! but first, the blackest night will cast its shadow till the end of its run — undoubtedly, and inevitably. if you read #5, you’ll know what i mean.

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