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Posted: November 28, 2009 in CCW Nation's Comic of the Week

So much good stuff came out this week. Between Secret Warriors, Chew, Green Lantern, Invincible Iron Man, Blackest Night, Fantastic Four, Beasts of Burden, Detective Comics, Incredible Herc it really is hard to pick the best book. But luckily for me it has been brought to my attention that I am in fact a completely biased DC fanboy so I will go ahead and choose Blackest Night #5. Not because it had one of the coolest, most bad ass endings to a comic in quite some time but simply because it is not a Marvel book.

How about all of you? Please let us know what your favorite book of the week was and why down in the comments.

FYI: Anyone who picks a non-DC book will automatically have their comment removed.



It case you couldn’t tell, I was laying on the sarcasm pretty thick up there. I felt the need to point that out because some people just can’t tell. 🙂

  1. Deemar says:

    BN was a highlight for me, but I gotta give it to Ironman

  2. saar18 says:

    Blackest night #5 all the way!
    and GL was just a little after him.

  3. phil says:

    Ordinarily I would have picked BN, myself, but as I was doing my last moment perusing at my fave comic shop, something caught my eye. It was the Freshmen…in with oter comics that were 5 for a dollar. After having read issue no.1 I was hooked! Now I know this comic is a few yrs. old, but it’s new to me.


  4. Fallows1985 says:

    i have to say Blackest Night I mean it was just fantastic, nearly every page had a reveal and every time it was surprise and the art was just amazing. I’d put Ironman 2nd because that was just a great comic even though it wasn’t as action packed it still caught me

  5. generaldark says:

    blackest night, nuff said

  6. Ironmuskrat says:

    So many great comics this week and I can only pick one? Your a bad, bad man Jose!

    OK, fine..

    Blackest Night #5 In a week filled with quality stuff, BN #5 really did deserve the number one spot. It had everything you could ask for in a comic. Action, drama, humor, twists and turns, a ending I didn’t see coming. Artwork that was incredible and much more. I won’t do my usually long winded review of it, I know you guys plan to do a segment on it in the future.

    I will give a special mention to Detective Comics #859. A lot of stuff happens in this issue with Kate Kane’s back-story. It also has something that I find lacking in a lot of books out there, an interesting second feature story with the Question that I am really starting to get into.


  7. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Props do have to be given to BLackest Night #5, just another great issue in one of the best stories that I have read in a long while.

    Really all of DC has just been firing on all cylinders lately in my opinion. When I first got into reading comics I was a complete and total Marvel Zombie. Now things have changed and DC has become by favorite comics company.

    …All that said, I feel that there is one book that should not be overlooked.

    Image United #1

    This was just really good all around and has got me excited for the rest of the run. The image of Spawn-Omega at the end was really beautifully drawn as well.

    Has anybody else read this book yet?

    • Image United was one of the few books I have yet to check out this week. I plan on reading it in the next day or so.

      By the way, I dig your name. Quite awesome.


      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        haha thanks for the compliment

        The thing that confuses me about Image United however, is that Image is putting out a prologue issue in the middle of the crossover event.

        That just does not make sense to me

    • Wasn’t the prologue the back-up stories that ran in Witchblade, Invincible, etc. last month?


      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        Well in the February Image solicitations, they are advertising Image United # 0

        which is being called a prelude to Image United, staring Fortress(I believe, not completely sure because I do not really know who that is)

    • Fortress is a completely new character made up for Image United. All of the characters in Image United are drawn by their Image creator’s. Whilce Portacio’s (who is drawing Fortress) original Image comic Wetworks is now owned by Wildstorm Comics who is in turn owned by DC. So for this event Portacio had to create a new character to draw if he was to partake in Image United. Does that make sense?


      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        Allright I think I understand, and Fortress seems like an interesting character from what little I have seen of him.

        Although one thing that should be pointed out about this event. Now I understand the fact that it is supposed to be all the original creators and characters but…. why no invincible?

        I mean he may not be an original but it is very possible that he is the most popular character in all of Image today, and if something big was going on you would think that Invincible would involve himself.

  8. Blackest Night#5 by far. That ending was a big “Holy $#%^!” moment for me. I can hardly wait for the last issue.

  9. Locusmortis says:

    Beasts of Burden (which is superb) followed by BN and GL which continued on in fantastic form.

  10. TheComicRant says:

    Didn’t come out this week, but I got caught up on the Underground. Really enjoying it!

  11. djsweet says:


  12. Gate_jester says:

    I agree with BN 5 being number 1 followed by GL and Det. Comics which is good week after week. Haven’t read Ironman in a while, but local comic shop had a black friday sale and all back issues were a buck so I will be able to finally catch up.

  13. nioki says:

    I’m gonna have to be part of the minority that will choose Detective Comics over Blackest Night. Yes, BN #5’s ending was jaw-dropping, not to mention Bruce Wayne’s cameo was truly awesome, but Kate Kane’s first encounter with Batman, as rendered by the masterful hands of JH Williams III, really gave me the goosebumps. For a lot smaller story in terms of scale, this Detective Comics issue stands slightly taller than Blackest Night #5. But that’s just me.

  14. Chris says:

    Chew #6, Criminal Sinners #2 and Detective Comics #859 were all great… I’m going to go with Criminal though.

  15. Variant Girl says:

    Hey boys,

    Been awhile since I’ve picked up a comic, but recently visted my comic cave and chilled in there for a good LONG time. I’d have to say, I really liked Chew, and second to that would be Blackest Night #5. I know I’m suppose to pick one, but just can’t decide.

    Variant Girl

  16. Pobra says:

    Holy fuck, this was an awesome week, it’s hard to pick just one book. I might have to agree with everyone and go with Blackest Night #5 because it kicked my ass pretty hard, but honorable mentions must go out to, Invincible Iron Man (despite the awful back matter and price), Detective comics (brilliant as always) and Secret Warriors #10 (super strong issue and a great ending to boot).

  17. kurumais says:

    i went to the shop satuday and everyone was raving about blackest night

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