judge me not by my clothes do you?

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Blogging, Geek Culture
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Hey everyone, Elliott here. This morning I had to drag myself out of bed and drive all the way into the city so I could do a guest stint on ChicagoNow Radio, a show that runs every Saturday morning on WGN-AM 720. This is kind of a surreal moment for me since appearing on the same station that broadcasts the Chicago Cubs is more than I could imagine ever happening to me.

I was on the air with another blogger, Barbara Glass who writes InFashion, a blog about – uh – fashion. I was a bit concerned that the two topics (geek culture and fashion) would clash too much, but it seemed to come together pretty well.

You can listen to the podcast of the program here and here. Oh yeah, and I lead off with my Yoda impersonation!

  1. Deemar says:

    Clever title E

  2. phil says:

    As Chanler from FRIENDS might say:”could that interview have been any shorter?” Brief but cool. Landing an interview w / Charles Schulz’ daughter… you must have been on cloud 9. Good job,E.

  3. generaldark says:

    omg elliot whyyyyy did you have to start with the yoda voice? lol anywaise i would lioke to thank you for clearifying what the difference between nerd and dorks XD

  4. generaldark says:


  5. Chris says:

    That Joda voice was epic! Its really the only way to answer the question you were asked.

  6. Variant Girl says:

    Holy Crap, Elliott, I didn’t know you could do such an amazing Yoda impression! LOL. You sounded so slick on that interview and funny. Yes, I agree, women do love our Geek boys, how can we not. Awesome interview E, and keep up the good work on the blog.

    Variant Girl

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