Mellow Monday

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Ironmuskrat says:

    Nice stuff Jose I didn’t know Gorillaz could do mellow songs like that.

    Well everyone should know my band of preference now, The Pillows. I known, it’s getting old, I will post some new stuff next week.

    This next Pillows song may offend some people, if it does, my only question to you is, Why? Why do you hate cute, cartoon bears so much?

    Have a good Monday everyone =)


    • That “Instant Music” song makes me feel very, very nostalgic. I’m going to have to break out my Pillow cds later this week.

      The only cartoon bear you need to watch out for is Pedobear.


    • kurumais says:

      i love the pillows too have they ever toured the us? a couple of nihonjin i know think its a waste for japanese bands to tour here because it ends up being all japanese in the audience. even when dreams come true toured with an english version of one their albums i think it was sing or die all the nihonjin studying and working over here bought up all the tickets plus it intrigues and puzzles me that american doesnt have and hasnt had any asian acts break into the pop scene. kyu sakamoto hit big with sukiyaki in 1963 and thats only song and act i think of either asian or homegrown asians to hit big. its very weird we will listen white folks, black folks and latino folks sing, rap and play but not asian.

      • I think recently the only Japanese band who were close to breaking out in the U.S. was Puffy aka Puffy Ami Yumi. Back when they had their own show on Cartoon Network they did a pretty decent sized U.S. tour.

        I believe the Pillows toured in the U.S. a few years ago but it was only like a 3 city tour.


  2. phil says:

    Cool choices that uput up again, Jose
    BangGang:Hypnotic voices mixed with orchestral cool

    Gorillaz: What if P-funk mated with the GreatfulDead…jammin

    Ladytron: Understated vocal with a touch of The Art Of Noise

    Fischerspooner: A-ha Meets A Flock of Seagulls for the 2000’s
    that one would have to grow on me

    Overall, I was glad to be able to listen to all of them
    Participating in (M)anic,,,elancholy…or ellow monday
    really kickstarts my day

    thx 4 keepin’ this goin, Jose


  3. Smallmaniac says:

    Loved Ladytron

  4. Smallmaniac says:

    I’m not going for the mellow on this Monday. Instead, I’m going U.K

    I wanted to post the music video for “See the Light”, but I couldn’t find it. And I’m sorry if I already posted “See the Light” already.

  5. saar18 says:

    One of my favorite Gorillaz’s songs:

  6. kurumais says:

    didnt you post some dolly mixture a while back? been lsitening to them a but lately
    went to my local comic shop saturday and a couple of old skins met up they hadnt know each other but started talking comics and quickly moved into the NY hardcore scene. the cromags agnostic front, bad brains. i wasnt a skin or into too many hardcore bands but i was big into the mod revival bands like the chords, makin time, secret affiar and of course the brillant and amazing jam. i was also into 2 tone9bad manners, the specials, the selector) and some Oi so i hit alot of the same clubs and bars saw many of the same bands in HS as the skins. for about 2 hrs we talked music and the LES (lower east side) where CBGBs used to be. im sure most of you heard of that club. it was a very cool day at the comic shop and afterwoods i thought about i see a lot flight jackets and DMs wearers at the NY comic shows, and st marks comics has been there forever right in the heart of the ny punk scene. you would had a good time in the conversation J. i went home and OD on my old mod bands


    • That does sound like a great conversation kuru. Thanks for sharing that with me.

      I haven’t posted any Dolly Mixture music on here myself but someone else may have. I do like them a lot though.


      • kurumais says:

        im loving dolly mixtures cover of my secret valley these days in a big way i thought i saw the youtube everything and more vid up here
        when i first saw you, wearing your kit and close croped hair i was wondering if you were an ex skin but havent seen any ink on you not sure definitely have lots of skin attitude
        you think comic fans have non mainstream tastes in music by and large ? we are a pretty eccentric bunch looking at the music posts.

  7. Deemar says:

    The Roots

  8. Deemar says:

    Learned about the Gorillaz through MF Doom, good stuff

  9. kurumais says:

    check out this show i stopped going to concert years ago but i wish i got tickets to this
    i think cast of thieves is playing the 2nd night of this thing

    btw i saw matt pinfeild at one of the big apple comic shows when it was still in a church basement he is semi famous fanboy

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