Who’s Geting What This Week?

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image

Ahhhhh yes, this is a nice change of pace after the ridiculous amount of books that shipped last week. Here’s what I’ll be buying:

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
Empowered One-Shot
Sword #20

Wow. That’s it? I thought I’d be getting more than that. And no Marvel books yet again. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple of books that I normally wouldn’t since it’s such a small week for me. Any suggestions?

What is everyone else picking up this week?


  1. Locusmortis says:

    suggestions? Kinggggg Cityyyyy 😉

    quieter week for me too, luckily

    Blackest Night The Flash #1
    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
    JSA All Stars #1
    Mighty #11
    Superman World of New Krypton #10
    Warlord #9

    Glamourpuss #10
    King City #3

  2. generaldark says:

    sheesh such a small week, jose maby you should give BN flash a go? i mean its only 2.99!!! XD

    Blackest Night The Flash #1
    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
    JSA All Stars #1
    Superman World of New Krypton #10

  3. MANACONDA! says:

    thor (that giant sized thor was pathetic and ungiantlike)
    x force annual
    uncanny x men… i guess.
    marvels project

    jose you should give nova a try! unless you already have and found it wanting. in which case dont

  4. saar18 says:

    Iron Man: Requiem
    Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1
    Siege: The Cabal
    Thor #604
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5

    Plus, reading the two BN mini-series.

    • generaldark says:

      iron man whiplash #1? marvel is starting a little bit early with pushing the movie :/

    • What do you think of the new Iron Man 2 movie poser Saar?


      • saar18 says:

        very cool but I would like if the will do a second version of it which iron man is in the back and War Machine in the front.

        P.S- saw the art for Iron man Vs Whiplash… pretty good art. I thought they will bring a low level artist on the book, but it isn’t bad. Although, the Armor that Tony is wearing in it is the Extrimist suit, I thought they would use the one that is going to be in the Movie (The Mark 4?).

  5. phil says:

    BlackestNight WonderWoman: Ever since Wizard magazine showed a portfolio piece of WW, I’ve wanted to se Ms.Scott tackle a WW title!

    The Great 10: If I can get past McDaniel’s contrasty stylelized renderings, this series shows promise.

    Strange: I’m intrigued by what a greatly depowered Dr. can do, in spite of no longer being sorcerer supreme.

  6. Ironmuskrat says:

    What! No rings this week? Aw, DC needs to come up with a couple of new Lantern Corps, cool colors, like polished silver or clear-coat(Lantern nudest).

    My LCS is not putting out new books until Thursday this week, so I have a extra day to think about what I want to get. It might be a good week to pick up a trade or something everyone on the CCW site recommends.

    I think I will go back and pick up a couple of books I didn’t get last week..

    Chew #6
    Incredible Herc #(not sure of the number)

    Then get..

    Strange #2
    Empowered One-Shot I don’t know anything about Empowered, but the cover looks cool and Jose getting it is good enough for me(it only a one-shot anyway) =)


    • Dan Griffin says:

      If you are thiking of getting any trades this week. Jump on the Empowered train. They are Manga size books and only cost like Seven Bucks. There are five volumes so far. The next won’t come out until mid next year and the one shot won’t be collected untill later 2011 for volume seven.

    • Did you buy that Dr. Strange: The Oath trade yet?

      And like Dan just stated you should jump on the Empowered train. I absolutely love that book. It is usually only released in trade format but the one coming out this week is a special one-shot. There are five volumes (like he mentioned) out so far but in the U.S. they run around $14.95 each. They are all in black and white too btw.


      • Ironmuskrat says:

        Not yet Jose, my LCS didn’t have The Oath trade that I could see, apparently it is a older trade. I will take another look at the wall-o-trades at my LCS this Thursday, I may have missed it the first time around.

        I will check out Empowered for sure this week. Black and white art doesn’t bother me as long as it is not overdone. The cleaner the lines, the better when it comes to B&W comics.


  7. Chris says:

    I’m sort of interested in Blackest Night Wonder Woman – Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott team up sounds great – but I haven’t been following Blackest Night so I figure it might be pointless.
    Scalped #33
    Sweet Tooth #4
    Sword #20

  8. Dan Griffin says:

    JSA: All-Stars #1
    Blackest Night: Flash (1 of 3)
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (1 of 3)
    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #5
    Siege: The Cabal

    not a bad week for me. I wonder why DC is releasing two of the three Blackest Night Minis in one week. and then releasing the JSA Mini on the last week.

  9. kurumais says:

    Cap theater of war
    Ultimate spidey
    Dark evengers annual
    Check out jsa allstars and great 10
    Would love to get the bat and the cat trade great fun by Fabian and Kevin maguire
    but saving money

  10. Antonio says:

    Blackest Night The Flash #1
    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
    Superman World of New Krypton #10
    Cinderella from Fabletown with Love #2
    House of Mystery #20

    JSA All Stars #1

  11. Curtis says:

    BN:Wonder Woman#1

  12. Superman World of New Krypton #10

    Thor #604 – Last issue of Thor! I can’t see this title being as good as JMS’s handling and plus fuck SIEGE.

    I’m considering getting BN: Wonder Woman. I love me my Wonder Woman, but I haven’t really been following BN all that much.

    • The Blackest Night mini’s haven’t really been tied into the actual Blackest Night book all too much. All you really need to know is that dead people are coming back to life. You can enjoy the mini series on their own. AT least that’s how the Batman, Superman and Titans minis were.


      • Thanks J, I think I just may pick it up then. It’s great that DC is keeping these at $2.99 and plus Wonder Woman flat out deserves way more exposure than she is given. Gail Simone is doing fun stuff over in her title and Greg Rucka did amazing work during his run.

  13. Pobra says:

    No marvel for me this week either.

    BN: Wonder Woman #1
    Mighty #11
    Sweet Tooth #4
    Sword #20

  14. Praise God! A quiet week for comics! Last week was ridiculous.

    -Blackest Night: Wonder Woman#1
    That is a must buy for me.

    Titles I’m considering buying:
    -Blackest Night: The Flash#1
    -Siege: The Cabal

  15. mbell028 says:

    Weird week for me for the first time in a long time I will be getting nothing this week. Although I am very tempted to pick up BN Wonder Woman and Chew 6. I really liked BN Batman and Superman, but I did agree with Jose that it really didn’t move the overall story along and I feel the Wonder Woman series will be good, but will pose the same problem(although Greg Rucka’s writing it and Detective Comics is my favorite book right now). I finally read Chew issues 1-5 and I must say that series is good not amazing, but it’s nice to see an independent book thats original and very entertaining.

  16. Matthew Guy says:

    EX MACHINA DELUXE EDITION HC VOL 02 (getting for Christmas)
    JONAH HEX #50


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