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Title: Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1 (of 3)
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art: Nicola Scott and Prentis Rollins w/Various
Variant Cover: Ryan Sook
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Not too many “event” books actually live up to the hype that surrounds them prior to their release, but Geoff Johns and DC have certainly delivered when it comes to the Blackest Night saga. Since the Blackest Night has begun, there have been several minis or “tie-ins” that have sprung up from the main series. We have seen Batman, Superman, and the Titans all get involved in the fight against the darkness. But the newest superhero to get her own tie in is one of my personal favourites, none other than Wonder Woman.

When I first heard this was coming out I became instantly excited to see Wonder Woman given her own take on things, and rightfully so because as part of the DC Trinity, it only makes sense to see how the events of Blackest Night are effecting such a pivotal character in the DCU. The second thing about this tie-in that got me jazzed up was the announcement that Rucka and Scott were going to collaborate on the mini, I was freaking out, because these two stood to make such an awesome creative force to tell this story. Rucka had one of the best runs on Wonder Woman ever in my opinion, he is able to write the strong and confident side of the warrior princess, but yet bring out the sensitivities and feminine side she possess without making her appear to be a weak and bubble headed female as most comics sometimes do with female characters. Greg Rucka, obviously has a love for this character and writes her from the heart. Nicola Scott has proven herself to be an artistic force to be reckoned with in the comics industry, and this book is just another example of her talent. I fell in love with her work from Secret Six, and I think with this first issue in the mini, she is definitely a contender to work with Gail Simone on her run of the main Wonder Woman series. As I flipped through the book at my LCS, I was so taken with the art, just beautiful. Each and every panel was so full of action and detail, just outstanding in my humble opinion.

Now onto the meat and potatoes of any comic, and that’s the writing. While I have not read any other reviews that gave this issue a really stellar rating, I have not read any reviews that have bashed it to bits either. The story in a nutshell is based on Diana going to the Arlington National Cemetery, where Wonder Woman had been summoned to investigate a number of murders. This of course leads her right into a confrontation with a former foe named Maxwell Lord, and an army of the newly un-dead. Wonder Woman speaks of her experience with the Black Lanterns, and about how life is worth living no matter the hardship. Maxwell Lord tries to insight the emotion of anger within Wonder Woman in order to consume her but soon comes to realize that the emotion she is filled with is quite the opposite indeed. As we see Rucka and Scott take us deeper into the battle between dark and light the story unfolds. What Wonder Woman does with her golden lasso in order to defeat the army of Black Lanterns is totally wicked and is one of my favourite scenes from the entire comic. Rucka ends the story with Lord seemingly being beaten, and Diana being called to Coast City by Barry Allan, and we have ourselves a cliff hanger for issue #2 folks.

All in all this was a little more than an average read for me. I am definitely on board for the rest of the series, which is three issues in total. I can’t want to see where it all goes.

– Cami/Variant Girl