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CCW Question of the Week

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Question of the Week

This week’s question:

Do you prefer mini-events(i.e. Fall of the Hulks, the upcoming War of the Supermen) or company wide events(i.e. Siege, Blackest Night)?

To tell you the truth I am starting to get sick of both. As good as Blackest Night has been when it’s over I really think I’m done with any kind of event for a while. It really does look like mini-events will be taking the place of company wide events in the near future. Necrosha, Doomwar, Fall of the Hulks, X-Men: Second Coming, War of the Superman (and I am sure the list will grow in the coming months) are mini-events all currently coming out or starting up fairly soon. You know what would be an awesome event? Not having any books crossover with any other one for at least a year. That right there is a novel idea.


A Musical Interlude

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