Comics Shipping Wednesday December 16th, 2009

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Comics Shipping

Azrael #3
Batman #694
Batman 80 Page Giant #1
Batman Arkham Asylum Special
Batman Confidential #39
Brave and the Bold #30
Batman Streets of Gotham #7
Green Lantern Corps #43
Justice League of America #40
Outsiders #25
Power Girl #7
Supergirl #48
Superman Batman #67

Air #16
Fables #91
Hellblazer #262

Authority The Lost Year #4
Ex Machina #47
World of Warcraft Special

Amazing Spider-Man #615
Amazing Spider-Man Presents Anti-Venom #3
Astonishing X-Men #33
Black Panther #11
Cable #21
Captain America Reborn #5
Daredevil #503
Dark Avengers #12
Dark Wolverine #81
Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #6
Doctor Voodoo Avenger of the Supernatural #3
Hulk #18
Kookaburra K #2
Marvelous Land of Oz #4
Mighty Avengers #32
Ms Marvel #48
New Mutants #6 (2nd Printing)
Nomad Girl Without a World #4
Official Index To The Marvel Universe #12
Realm of Kings Inhumans #2
Spider-Man 1602 #3
Spider-Man Clone Saga #4
Thunderbolts #139
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #3
Vengeance of Moon Knight #4
What If? Daredevil Vs Elektra
X-Factor #200
X-Force #22
X-Men Legacy #230
X-Necrosha (2nd Printing)

Angel #28
Angel Hole In The World #1
Complete Alice in Wonderland #1
Darkness Pitt #3 
Doctor Who #6
Elephantmen #23
Escape from Wonderland #3
Farscape Ongoing #2
Forgetless #1
Ghostbusters Displaced Aggression #4
GI Joe #13
GI Joe Movie Snake Eyes #3
GI Joe Vs Cobra Fall Special Crimson Strike
Giant-Size Grimm Fairy Tales 2009 Holiday Edition
Godland #30
Hunters Fortune #2
Incorruptible #1 
Lady Action Special One Shot
Last Resort #5
Locke & Key Crown of Shadows #2
Next Issue Project #2 Silver Streak Comics #24
Ninja High School #175
Nola #2 
Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #5
PS238 #42
Robert E Howard Thulsa Doom #4
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fools Gold #1
Street Fighter II Turbo #10
Transformers Bumblebee #1
Transformers On-Going #2 
Transformers Timeless Fall Special Wings of Honor
Underground #4
Unknown Devil Made Flesh #3
Zombies That Ate The World #7

Batman Brave and the Bold #12
Betty and Veronica #245
Finding Nemo Reef Rescue
Jughead’s Double Digest #156
Marvel Super Hero Squad #4
Simpsons Comics #161
Tales From Riverdale Digest #36
Tiny Titans #23
Uncle Scrooge #386
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #701

Amory Wars Second Stage Turbine Blade Vol 2
Art Of Steve Ditko HC
Batman Dark Knight Archives Vol 6 HC
Battlestar Galactica Cylon War
Boys Ltd Ed Vol 4 We Gotta Go Now HC
Classic G.I. Joe Vol 6
Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol 4 HC
Dead Run
Deadpool Dark Reign Vol 2
Gravel Vol 2 The Major Seven
Green Arrow Black Canary Enemies List
Life and Times of Saviour 28 Vol 1
Marvel Illustrated Kidnapped
One Model Nation
Punisher Dead End HC
Punisher Frank Castle Max Welcome To The Bayou
Rocketeer Complete Collection HC Vol 1
Rocketeer Complete Collection Dlx Ed. Vol 1 HC
Secret Warriors Vol 1 Nick Fury Agent Of Nothing
Showcase Presents Wonder Woman Vol 3
Simon Dark Vol 3 The Game Of Life
Thor Ages of Thunder
Thunderbolts Widowmaker HC
Vixen Return of the Lion

  1. TheComicRant says:

    I have to say, the Rocketeer looks badass there. Such a cool looking character.

    • You should pick up the trade that comes out this week whenever you get the chance. It will probably be the best (and final?) collection of the series since the Rocketeer’s creator Dave Stevens passed away not too long ago.


  2. kurumais says:

    you know they are going to put nomad girl without a world as a back up feature for brubackers cap when it restarts. has anyone taken a look at it? i just cant see those 2 complementing each other. nomad is a so so marvel adventures all ages type book and brubaker’s cap is more of a sophisticated mature paced book. if anyone gets a chance take a look at nomad and let me know what you think.


  3. alfred monty says:

    No Dark Horse comics this week…

  4. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Seems like a pretty good week with some good books coming out…and the end of Captain America Reborn finally

    A little side question though, Does anyone know how long Tony Daniel will be ruining…i mean writing Batman?

    • Pobra says:

      Actually, there are two more issues to go before Reborn fully wraps up. They added a 6th issue and a one-shot. As for how long TD will be ruining Batman… too long. I think he’s done after issue 696, but i could be wrong.

    • Daniel is doing a 6 issue storyarc. The third issue comes out this week.

      And you are completely right to say that he is ruining it.


  5. Morlock50 says:

    And with the other Batman-related book are kicking ass right now. What a shame.

  6. Smallmaniac says:

    Never heard of the Rocketeer before, but that picture looks awesome. I may have to check it out.

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