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Odds and Ends

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Blogging, CCW Nation, Odds and Ends, Opinion

-A couple of reminders:

Voting for the First Annual CCW Nation Awards are currently underway. Have you voted yet? Well you only have a few more days to do so before we start tallying up the totals. You can go vote here.

We also have a contest going on where one lucky winner will walk away with all the swag pictured above. You can enter the contest here.

-The CCW Blog has been up and running for a little over five months now. I have been doing most of the heavy lifting around here while Elliott pops his head in every so often but so far it has been a fun experience for the most part. Like our CCW TV counterpart, this blog is a place where we can discuss the comic industry (among other things) with brutal honesty and we have been very pleased with the response we get from all of you each and every week.

One thing that I have felt has been missing from this blog’s posts though is a sense of diversity in the opinions. I’ve recently been working on changing that a bit. You may have caught some reviews in the past couple of weeks by one of the new blogs contributors, Variant Girl. She has had experience running her own blog for a while and I am very glad that she has agreed to do reviews for us on occasion. In the next few days you will be seeing two more guest reviews/reviewers on this blog. You will recognize them as regular commenters on the CCW TV videos and right here on this blog.

To go along with my hopes of diversifying the thoughts and opinions you will read on this blog will also come a diversity of the content we cover. One of our guest reviews which I’ll be posting will be about the gay indie comic Wuvable Oaf. After hearing one of our commenters talk about it I asked him if he would do a review of it for us and I am very happy that he agreed to.

Along with Elliott, myself and Valiant Girl I believe that you will see that our new columnists share the same enthusiasm and passion for comics that we all do. And as always our readers are very much as important to this blog as the contributors. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and make the CCW blog that much better because of your participation.