CCW Guest Review: Wuvable Oaf

Posted: December 17, 2009 in CCW Review
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Title: Wuvable Oaf #1 and #2
Writer and Art: Ed Luce
Publisher: Goteblüd Comics
Price: $3.95

Ok. I will begin this review by saying that this comic is not for everybody. Some folks out there will be looking for a different style of art. Some folks will not be all about the story. But for the people that DO like the style and type of story, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Before I get into the specifics of the actual comic, there’s the creator. Ed Luce. Ed has been working non-stop on not just the comic but promoting it. Constantly. He’s at events all over the place with his booth and he’s even putting previews for it in magazines worldwide. When someone has that kind of dedication to their work, it bears people taking a look at it. He was even kind enough to send me some jpegs of the comic blindly just through a simple e-mail. Can you imagine many other artists who would do that? If you can, you should be following those books religiously.

Anyway, on to the comic. I will begin by saying this is an adult oriented love story. Nothing graphic or anything, but if you’re uncomfortable with that style of book, just wanted to warn you. The story centers around Oaf, a big hairy brick of a guy (who owns a gaggle of kittens who’re adorable) who’s unlucky in the love department. Oaf is after a kind of guy who’s a scrawny punk rawker !..!. (-.-) .!..! A punk rawker who is really into Morrissey. At the end of the 1st comic are some quick stories about dates that don’t end well because sadly guys aren’t quite into the same things Oaf is. Well, that’s going on well and good until Eiffel enters the story. Oaf sees him putting up a poster from afar for his band, Ejaculoid. And how can anyone turn up a chance to read about a band like that? Through some missteps, they barely miss each other and thus the crux of the story is set up.

If you couldn’t tell, I was an instant fan of the story, so I’ll continue as such with the art. You ain’t gettin no Ed Benes 9 Gazillion pencil marks on every frikkin’ shoulder of this comic. It’s drawn in a comic strip style. My favorite comic of all time that doesn’t have Longshot in it has a similar style, Hackmasters of Evernight. Like that comic, I feel the art works for this book and the characters. They’re over the top parodies of individuals who a lot of people run into on a daily basis. Since they are very over simplified parodies, might as well be silly about it. The prissy muscle dude. The scrawny punk rawker !..!. (-.-) .!..! The big scary guy with the heart of gold. Gay guys who own a metric ton of cats. They’re all here. And a quick word on that cats. If anyone has ever had a cat walk all over their face at 6 in the morning, you’ll appreciate the first few pages of the first issue.

In conclusion, if you want a comic written with a lot of heart, a lot of kittens and a lot of funny moments, get this comic. More than likely your Local Comic Book Store won’t have any issues in stock. The one I go to here in Denver only orders 2 copies for people who have it on their pull lists. So go to and order there. If your comic store does get it, please pick it up there now.


  1. Chris says:

    An interesting choice MicahSkin, I might have a look for it.

  2. Ironmuskrat says:

    Today would have been a good day to try something new. I spent about 30 minutes looking through my LCS and walked out with just two books. If I had read this review a bit earlier I might have picked it, perhaps next time.


  3. Mitiators says:

    Its funny, it kinda sounds like Scott Pilgrim. In a good way.

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