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Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be hitgirls...


Hey folks, Elliott here.  Today I saw the ‘Hit Girl Red Band Trailer’ for Kick-Ass, the next masterpiece from comics superstar Mark Millar. I then sent a link to everyone’s favorite Angry Comic Shop Guy.  This is what he had to say:

Sigh…Jesus…fucking…Christ. You know this thing is going to make a TON of money right? Fuck you Lionsgate. Fuck you Marvel. And most importantly, fuck you Mark Millar for your god damn fucking immature “writing” style that seems to appeal to every ignorant male in this fucking country. I can’t wait till people start coming into the store and asking “OMG dood! Have you seen that awesome Kick-Ass movie yet?” in which I will reply “No.” as I punch them in their fucking dumb ass face. Should probably start looking for a new job now before that happens.

What do YOU guys think of the trailer?  Don’t worry, we won’t hit you.  😉

Merry Mellow Monday

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