Life with Jose – The Sequel

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Humor, Marvel
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Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be hitgirls...


Hey folks, Elliott here.  Today I saw the ‘Hit Girl Red Band Trailer’ for Kick-Ass, the next masterpiece from comics superstar Mark Millar. I then sent a link to everyone’s favorite Angry Comic Shop Guy.  This is what he had to say:

Sigh…Jesus…fucking…Christ. You know this thing is going to make a TON of money right? Fuck you Lionsgate. Fuck you Marvel. And most importantly, fuck you Mark Millar for your god damn fucking immature “writing” style that seems to appeal to every ignorant male in this fucking country. I can’t wait till people start coming into the store and asking “OMG dood! Have you seen that awesome Kick-Ass movie yet?” in which I will reply “No.” as I punch them in their fucking dumb ass face. Should probably start looking for a new job now before that happens.

What do YOU guys think of the trailer?  Don’t worry, we won’t hit you.  😉

  1. MANACONDA! says:

    well… jose isnt wrong.

    the only thing that could possibly save this from the collective stinks of romita, millar and nick cage would be a surprise anne hathaway nude scene. thats the only way this movie would get any of my money. are you listening marvel?

    gosh im really smart. they should put me in charge.

    • Save yourself some money and just watch the movie Havoc. It’s got an Anne Hathaway nude scene without the shitty Millar script if that’s all you want to see.


      • MANACONDA! says:

        i have seriously considered watching it, but i cant be that guy. the guy who owns havoc. if any female finds that in your dvd collection you better believe shes not staying over because there is only one reason any man owns or rents that movie. maybe brokeback mountan… you get sensitive guy points.

        owning havoc is almost like being the guy who waits in line to see kick ass.

  2. Well I’m not reading Kick-Ass nor am I planning on it. And this trailer just solidified my reasoning for it. I kinda want to read it for the laughs but I’m worried I might go insane… also I can see Jose punching someone in the face for liking the Kick-Ass movie 🙂

  3. TheComicRant says:

    Haven’t read it and I’m not big on this type of movie. Too mainstream, I think Millar writes only for the mainstream.

  4. generaldark says:

    im with comicbookdude, i mainly want to see this just for the laughs even tho so far there hasnt been any…lol but still i wont be supporting this shit. the charecters seem retarded, doesnt look like much of a plot and if this was more in the realistic side of things MABY i would feel diffrently but its not so this!

    • generaldark says:

      and further more apparently all you have to do to get fan boys to jizz in there pants is to have a little girl use the word “cunt” in a sentence, and im not all for a child swearing in movies unless its maby like damn.

      • yeah how old is that girl? like 11 or 12? I was surprised about her saying the f-word. Not used to hearing little girls (or little boys for that matter) saying swear words. I’m not for children swearing in movies as well.

  5. Ironmuskrat says:

    Wow, just Wow! I don’t know what to say right now. I saw another clip of Kick-Ass about a week ago and it actually made me think for a second that the movie might not be completely terrible. After see this clip I was shocked by how shitty this whole thing looks. I love how they are still trying to play up the whole realistic superhero angle of the comic while having Hit Girl getting wire-fu’ed all over the place and reloading guns in mid air, generally doing all kinds of unrealistic bullshit.

    Also having a 11 or 12 years old girl cussing and saying the word “cunt” didn’t translate well to the screen at all, its just lazy storytelling on the part of Millar. I am not opposed to the character of Hit Girl, but the interesting part of the character is the fact that she is an 11 year girl and should be watching the Disney channel and not being trained as a killer. Once you have her swearing like a sailor and not actually acting like a 11 year old you might as well just put Steven Seagal in a dress and have him play the part.

    It doesn’t matter what we think, the makers of the movie already know they are appealing to the lowest common denominator here. Just look at the Red Band trailer, not that it is uncensored, that is what Red Band is for, its the fact that it is not a complete scene, just a montage of violence.

    Here is the clip I was talking about earlier, see how much more effective the character of Hit Girl is when she keeps acting like kid and not some douche bag talking shit on a Counter Strike server.

  6. Iqy says:

    I nearly pissed my pants laughing

  7. phil says:

    I’ll probably check it out as a rental, next year For what its worth and I’m sure this will be rubbing against the grain for some folks but as it stands, I find the KickAss trailers more interesting than the Ironman2 trailer. Mind you, I have yet to see the 1st Ironman.

    I’m sure that KickAss wiil be wretched. I’m just saying…goin’ by the trailers….


  8. kurumais says:

    i got to agree with J this sucker is going to be a big hit i wonder what this chick parents thought when they saw the script? i know kids her age have heard every curse word in the book by then but still something unsettling about putting her on the screen and paying her to say that stuff.
    again with kick i know there’s a joke somewhere in there but i just dont get it

  9. kurumais says:

    BTW anyone see AVATAR ? i was supposed to go sunday but got snowed in

  10. Smallmaniac says:

    This movie will suck goat testicles and still rank in some cash.

    I’ve only seen the Nick Cage trailer, and that’s all I need to know about Kick Ass. I haven’t read the books.

    It was mentioned that the girl curses and that’s awful, but what really gets me is the fact that THEY’RE SHOOTING AT A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!! I know it’s only a movie and it’s part of the script, but you don’t shoot at children. You just don’t.

    Why on earth Millar thought having a little girl be a sailor mouth assassin is beyond my comprehension. Maybe I’m just a prude.

  11. MatthewHex says:

    “fuck you Mark Millar for your god damn fucking immature “writing” style that seems to appeal to every ignorant male in this fucking country”

    And don’t forget us ignorant male’s in the uk Jose coz I think this film looks hilarious and the action from hit girl looked just like the comics!(Which I think are great by the way).

    To everyone – IMO some of you guys comments are too pc. Whats the matter with a little girl swearing, this is gonna have at least a teen plus rating. Kids swear all the time in real life. And like it or not kids swearing is funny,it cracks me up! Its like watching people fall over, you know you shouldn’t laugh, but it still funny. And I love that the girl kick ass in that film. Maybe its the British humor that me and Mr Millar share.

    Hmmm I’m starting to think I may have been the only person to vote for Millar as one of the best writers in your CCW awards. LOL

    • Isn’t Millar Scottish? No, I don’t think it has anything to do with British humor. I get British humor. I really enjoy British humor. I think British humor is the funniest there is. This has nothing to do with British humor. This is juvenile, sophomoric humor at best. I am really not interested in that at all.

      I really do respect your opinion Hex but this is one time we will have to agree to disagree.


      • MatthewHex says:

        Scotland and England are part of the British Isles so even though we have a neighbor like rivalry with the Scots i gotta back my man Millar.

        I agree that the humor is juvenile (but I still laugh) and my gf even said so when i showed her the movie clips last night, so god knows who will go to the cinema to watch it with me! (Deemar perhaps!LOL)

        Def agree to disagree on this one which is cool. Life would be boring if everyone was the same.

  12. Deemar says:

    I’m gonna go see it

    Hate me if ya’ want

  13. Zcorp79 says:

    I want to know why they are already making a movie for this comic book when it has only been out a year or less.

  14. Variant Girl says:

    What a piece of steaming hot pile of shit this is gonna be!!! The comic suxed, the movie sux, Mike Millar sux, and Fanboys and Girls who dig this type of rubbish sux. I think it’s wrong to have little kids using the C word, and this looks more gory then any Tarintino flick I’ve seen. If you wanna see bad ass teen girl kick ass for real then go watch Hard Candy, now thats great. I feel sorry for you J, cause you are going to get dumb asses in your store for sure who like this garbage which is masquerading as cinema film…yeah fucking rite!! What a joke…they’ll laugh their way to the bank on this one.

  15. kurumais says:


    ive showed these clips to quite a few family and friends and theyve been giving it thumbs up
    and having watched it a few time the girl is pretty good actress she nails nah im just fing with you line i still think she will start a brand new outraged parenting group with some sort of wacky acronym but she be a big hit

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