Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Boom! Studios, DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Looks like it’s a smaller than normal shipment this week. And since you may have some extra money at the comic shop this Wednesday I would like to recommend a couple of books that you may have missed last month. Dingo and Forgetless (along with The Last Days of American Crime) were, in my opinion, the best new series to debut in the last few months. If you are looking for something a little different and of high quality please check them out. As for what I am buying this week, here you go:

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2
Dingo #2
Doom Patrol #6
Forgetless #2
Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Marvel Boy #1 will in fact have some reprinted material. I am not happy about having to pay $3.99 for that…but it is Jeff Parker. I’ll make an exception just this once.

What are you buying on Wednesday?


  1. StevenRocks says:

    Well, seeing as I’m a majority Transformers geek, and haven’t read anything but some series about President Obama and zombies or something, what would you say I would get a good read out of? Like going back and starting from the start or some TPB’s that may be out.

  2. Venom829 says:

    The Siege is released on Wednesday. I’ll be shocked if it bombs, cause we all know Blackest Night owns every Marvel event.

  3. generaldark says:

    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2
    Doom Patrol #6

    JSA All Stars #2

    Suicide Squad #67
    Superman World of New Krypton #11

    ill get indie stuff if i got money.

    but jose, matt fraction writes iron man and he had a 3,99 book. what makes parker so special?

  4. djsweet says:

    Doom Patrol #6-
    Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1- i felt better about the 3.99 when i saw Russ Heath and Bill Evert’s names on the reprints. And these aren’t comics that I will ever own anyways. The capper is the beautiful Marko cover.

    Gigantic #5 I forgot that this series hadn’t finished yet.
    Proof #25 The last story really bored me off the book but this issue promises to get things moving in an exciting direction.
    Punisher Max Get Castle #1 I love Lawence Campbells art but no way in hell would i get this at 4.99 WTF!!!

  5. saar17 says:

    Siege #1
    Siege: Embedded #1
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

  6. Ironmuskrat says:

    This is going to be a strange for me. I don’t see anything from the big two that really interests me.

    Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1 pricey, but I want to support anything AoA related.

    Dingo #1-2 I miss the first issue because I was thinking it was called Cerberus for some reason.. Doh!

    And I will take a peek at Siege #1. I am a bit curious at what a comic book seven years in the making looks like =)


  7. Matthew Guy says:

    JONAH HEX #51


  8. Chris says:

    Slow week it seems.
    Sweet Tooth #5
    Stumptown #2

  9. Pobra says:

    Looks like another DC heavy week, which is good.

    Batman Confidential #40
    Blackest Night #6
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2
    Mighty #12 (fuck yeah!)
    Sweet Tooth #5


    Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1
    Siege #1 (I almost have to read it so I can criticize it) 😛

  10. Dan Griffin says:


    Sucide Squad #67
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (2 of 3)
    Weird Western Tales #71
    JSA: All-Stars #2


    Siege (1 of 4) (For the Art.)
    Daffodil (1 of 3)


    Forgetless #1&2 (How is this series?)

  11. TheComicRant says:


  12. Blackest Night: Wonder Woman#2


    Doom Patrol#6

  13. Deemar says:

    Nation X: X-Factor
    Proof #25
    Siege # 1 (Before anyone says anything, bite me)
    Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1

  14. kurumais says:

    marvel boy the uranian is the only definite book

    maybe sucide squad maybe the siege

  15. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    – Cable #22
    – New Mutants #9

    – House of Mystery #21
    – Batman Confidential #40(Sam Keith!)
    – Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2
    – Doom Patrol #6
    – Jonah Hex #51
    – JSA All Stars #2
    – Red Robin #8
    – Red Tornado #5
    – Suicide Squad #67
    – Superman World of New Krypton #11
    – The Great Ten #3
    – Warlord #10
    – Weird Western Tales #71

    – Tank Girl: Skid Marks #2
    – Hack Slash #29
    – BPRD: King of Fear

  16. megamanx4ever says:

    SIEGE # 1

    BTW did you guys hear that DC is sueing Mark Millar for Nemesis?

  17. Matthew Guy says:

    I did hear about that & since Millar was hyping it “Batman but bad” I dont blame DC Entertainment suing Millar over it.


  18. Pobra says:

    I just finished reading Blackest Night #6 and…. HOLY. SHIT. You weren’t kidding about that “nerdgasm” Jose! Thanks to everyone who got this last week for not spoiling it. That was one hell of an issue.

  19. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Haunt #4
    Red Robin #8
    Siege #1………..maybe

    Small load this week, which is a good thing for my wallet every once in a while

  20. agent42q says:

    I picked up:


    The Mighty #12

    As this is the last issue in the mini-series. I’ll say this, it was a fun ride, and similar but better in EVERY way to Irredeemable. Though at this point just pick it up in trades, you’ll be glad you did, if you’re looking for a darker take on a Superman gone wrong tale.

    Suicide Squad #67
    The Revival of DC’s dead book months starts here! (Maybe their marketing team has something more cleaver but, I didn’t hear it) Effectively this is just Secret Six 16.5. But isn’t that enough to pick it up? NO!? Then there’s nothing I can say in a few words to convince you.

    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2
    While ultimately not mattering, if your curious about the whole Wonder-Woman to Star-Sapphire transformation, then this is an interesting and fun comic to pick up. Kind of a whole small insight to the whole Wonder-Woman character in one little issue. Almost a one shot as there is very little to do with the first issue, though that is worth picking up too…

    (only one Marvel book WOO, that’s a first)

    Dead-pool Team up (###?) The one with the Ghost Riders

    It was fun, it was dumb, and it was campy Marvel fun. Not really a lot to say but so far this book has been written far better than the other Dead-pool titles. (Do not confuse that last sentence as praise, it is merely comparison.)

    (unread as of yet)
    The Last Days of Crime #1
    Forgetless 1 &2
    Echo #18

  21. phil says:

    I know that I’m late to the party on this one, or is it earlt to the party on the next one? I always get thrown off by Sundays.
    Anyway, just picked up four titles:
    BN GL
    BN WW #1
    ” ” 2


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