F*ck Kick-Ass and Give Me Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Blogging, Geek Culture, Movies, News, Oni Press, Opinion, Photos
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Holy shit did this picture put a smile on my face (Thanks Ironmuskrat). Chances are if you like the Scott Pilgrim comic (published by Oni Press) you probably have a smile on your face as well. Talk about capturing the characters perfectly. This is THE comic book movie I am looking forward to the most this year. Ya, I’m kinda sorta looking forward to Iron Man 2 and I could really give two shits about Kick-Ass. But Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Awesome cast, awesome director (Edgar Wright) and awesome source material. I couldn’t really ask for anything more. Well…except for maybe a trailer. Hope we don’t have to wait till San Diego to see one.

One more pic and the film’s info can be found at the link below.


First Official Photos: Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World/Slash Film.com

  1. arp*09 says:

    Truth be told, I do not see what your problem with the Kick-Ass movie could possibly be, Jose. The trailer released of Hitgirl was incredibly entertaining and attention-grabbing at that. It got me pretty damn excited to see it (not that I will see in the theater, if that means anything). As for Scott Pilgim, who is he and what is teh story about and why should anyone who’s not familiar with the comic care? And this isn’t sarcasm. I’m genuinly curious about what is it about Scott Pilgrim that has you more interested in it the Kick-Ass. 🙂

  2. Dan Griffin says:

    i won’t be going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, because Michael Cera is too much of a prick.

    • Ya, he kinda is. But the the rest of the cast is pretty great. Plus Edgar Wright can do no wrong. They outweigh the prickishness of Cera. For me, anyways.


      • Dan Griffin says:

        Any other actor in the lead role i would see this because i love Wright, but i just can’t because of Cera. (who also thinks he’s the new Allen.)

    • Ironmuskrat says:

      Michael Cera gets a lot of shit.. but i think he gets tpyecast in those sort of whiny, douchbag roles. Kind of interested to see how he does in more of a hero type role before I pass final judgment on him.


  3. generaldark says:

    yea mike cera is really turning me off for wanting to see this. i still have to read the books anywaise so ill wait. btw is that seth green in the yellow shirt?

  4. TheComicRant says:

    Why the hate for Cera? I personally liked him in mostly all the roles he’s done.

    • The only reason I dislike Cera is because he is the last hold out on the Arrested Development film. That is my only reason. In the quote I read a few months ago he pretty much said it was beneath him at this point to do it. That show made him who he is and the fact that he poo pooed it doesn’t sit well with me.


      • Pobra says:

        I personally don’t mind Cera, even though his whole “awkward guy” shtick is getting pretty old. But after hearing that comment that Arrested Development is now somehow beneath him, when it’s probably the best thing he’s ever done, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. I don’t really plan on seeing this anyway, I haven’t read a single volume of Scott Pilgrim yet, though it does sound quite good.

  5. Mitiators says:

    I love a good train wreck and Nic Cage looks funny as hell, so I will try to check out Kick Ass. I just hopefully won’t pay for it. Its hard to support garbage like that. I hope Scott Pilgrim is good but it kind of looks like a emo kid’s cream dream. I don’t see how it can be filmed with any justice. They’re going to cram all of the ex-boyfriends and the video game stuff in there and its going to become a jumbled mess. I hope I am wrong because the source material is pretty original stuff.

    • I really hope you’re wrong too. The ONLY reason I will ever watch Kick-Ass is because I feel the need to see every Nic Cage movie ever made. And that’s not really a good reason.


    • TheComicRant says:

      I’m afraid of this too. Scott Pilgrim really needs more than one film to be done with true justice. It’s biggest draw for me when I first read Vol. 1 was that it felt like just another “slice of life” story, untill…BAM! Crazy shit starts happening. I hope the movie can have that feeling.

  6. Chris says:

    I don’t really trust George Michael Bluth as a lead actor anymore. The guy doesn’t have much of a range…

  7. phil says:

    Actually, the Tarentinoesque violence and the inappropriate foul language from HitGirl did not turn me off from this flick. The thing that got me was this movie, as well as the comic… got away from what was suppose to make this an interesting concept, which is these characters are are for all intents and purposes are supposed to be set in our universe. When you have a character like HitGirl, who looks like she could hold her own against Bullseye, well, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t look this universe to me.
    Scott Pilgrim, on the other hand holds no interest for me, but that could be just a generational thing. 😦

  8. Variant Girl says:

    Scott Pilgrim now that’s what am talkin bout 😛 I can not wait for this to hit the theatres in my town. Yep that and Iron Man 2 are the comic book movies I’ve been waiting for as well. This is gonna be sweet, Michael Cera as Scott…perfect!!


  9. Armin Tamzarian says:

    I’m pretty excited for this.

    Michael Cera cops a lot of shit for being a one-trick pony, but truth be told, we really haven’t seen him in all that much.
    I think he absolutely nailed his part in Arrested Development, directors noticed this and started typecasting him in similar roles.

    I’ll admit, he has come across as a bit of a one character guy thus far, but, in all honesty, that’s all that has been asked of him, up until this point.

    This movie will prove whether or not those assumptions are correct. Scott Pilgrim is too different a character for Cera to rehash George-Michael, once again. So, he’s really going to have to prove what he can do in this role, otherwise he’ll just prove the naysayers correct.

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