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Posted: January 14, 2010 in DC Comics, Marvel, News, Question of the Week

This week’s question:

What are your thoughts on this?

Official Marvel Press Release

In an effort to provide assistance to comic retailers in 2010, Marvel is offering retailers an opportunity to turn unsold comics into an extremely rare Siege #3 Deadpool Variant!

Retailers – for every 50 stripped covers of the following comics sent to Marvel, you will qualify to receive one FREE Siege #3 Deadpool Variant. The 50 stripped covers can be any combination of the comics listed below and all submissions need to be received at the Marvel office at the address below by Tuesday 2/16/2010. Also included with the stripped covers must be your store contact information including Diamond Account # and email address.

Stripped Covers To Be Sent:
Adventure Comics #4
Booster Gold #26
Doom Patrol #4
Justice League Of America #39
Outsiders #24
R.E.B.E.L.S #10

Address To Send Submission:
James Nausedas
Marvel Entertainment, LLC
417 Fifth Avenue, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Information To Be Included With Submission:
Store Name
Store Address
Contact Person
Email Address
Phone Number
Diamond Account #
List of stripped covers being returned and their quantities

All the directions above must be adhered to in order to receive the free Siege #3 Deadpool Variants and the submissions must be received by Tuesday 2/16/2010 in order to qualify.

Please note that this is not a Diamond-affiliated promotion and Diamond should not be contacted. Retailers will be contacted via email once Marvel receives the submissions. Retailer with further questions should contact

To clarify: those titles were all the Blackest Night tie-in books that were part of DC’s ring promotion.

As for my answer, I will either devote an entire post to this in the next day or may just wait for the CCW*TV tapings on Sunday. I haven’t decided yet. Either way this doesn’t really sit well with me.

More info can be found here.


  1. Venom829 says:


  2. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Yeah this definitely does not sit well with me either. I mean I understand that it will help retailers out….but does Marvel justify demanding their COMPETITORS books?

    If Marvel wanted to give retailers a break then let them return some of the myriad of horrendous Dark Reign books that were published in 2009.

    The way I see it, DC has done alot this year to help retailers out while Marvel has just been screwing them over. Now Marvel is just worried about DC’s growing popularity and are taking an immature path with this underhanded jab at DC

    • Fallows1985 says:

      I’m a little pissed off by them giving the “assumption” that they are “assisting” the retailers. they’re assisting themselves.

  3. Ironmuskrat says:

    I honestly don’t know what Marvel is up to here. I assume this is a ploy to make DC look bad in some way or hurt them financially.

    But isn’t too late for this, I mean all of the books listed by Marvel are at least two months old at this point, DC even did a second printing on some of them already. I would think just about everyone who wanted to buy the books listed have bought them already. The time for Marvel to have pulled this stunt would have been to announce this offer before the books came out back in November.

    I have no idea how the retail part of this thing works, I am looking forward to Jose addressing this in more detail later.

    If I was DC I would offer a White Lantern rings (or something else Blackest Night related)for every stripped copy of the Siege turned into them by retailers. I bet people would jump at the chance to get something like that instead of a rare variant cover that only collecters with deep pockets would be interested in.


    • Deemar says:

      Agree and Jose probaly has a better understanding of how this all shakes out.

      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        For the DC thing, you are talking about a deal for the retailers right?
        Because otherwise we would be helping Marvel by still buying Siege.

        I have seen other people talk about starting a campaign to buy Siege and then rip the cover off and send it to Marvel which would just be an idiotic thing to do.

        • Ironmuskrat says:

          Yeah, I was talking about DC offering the deal to retailers. Would it work? I have no idea.

          Perhaps a better deal would be for DC to offer a variant cover issue for Blackest Night #8 for people who mail them five or more issues of the listed books. That might work better.


  4. Deemar says:

    I don’t know what to think, other Marvel either trying to get numbers on the DC promotion so that they can copy it or calling DC on their amazing year and saying the numbers didn’t count.

  5. Pobra says:

    Could just be marvels attempt at finding out how well DC did with their ring promotion, but at the same time it’s really kind of petty and childish. It’s like their scalp hunting Blackest Night books that helped push them out of the top 10. DC needs to strike back! I like Ironmuskrat’s idea.

  6. megamanx4ever says:

    Wow I thought marvel couldnt possibly sink any lower until I saw this. I hope DC sues Marvel if marvel goes through with this.

  7. Chris says:

    They want them for some sort of “Why would this outsell our books? Bendis wrote them!” research? Its pretty weird. I don’t see how DC can sue Marvel over this.

    But it’ll be pretty amazing to get your hands on one of those Deadpool Seige covers Jose – there saying its rare so it might be worth something one day – you should totally do it…

  8. MicahSkin says:

    Uh, Marvel. Sweetie. Let’s chat.

    See, the majority of those books were written by competent writers, and most stores are sold out of those. That’s what happens when you make sure writers can do their own thing within the story written, not brow beating them into following the plot a sub-par writer has cobbled together.

    Now, one of these days, you’ll give a great story to a good writer and you’ll sell out the majority of your tie ins, but until then, just leave them alone and learn from them.


    PS: Why is Mr. Fantastic Ripped now? What the Fuck?

  9. SMARTASS8 says:

    According to Rich Johnston’s site, they only did this after they decided Brown Deadpool rings wouldn’t be cost effective. I love how JoeyQ started out his “Dark Reign” by saying he wanted to bring the rivalry back to DC & MArvel the way it was in Stan Lee’s day. I really don’t remember Stan Lee being trashing DC non-stop in every convention appearance, interview, and promotion. Considering Marvel is #1 and the fact that they continually trash DC, they look like a jock beating up on a handicapped kid. I was even thinking of trying some Marvel books again to see if Disney’s purchasing them made any difference to their quality, but this is too much. I’ll never buy another Marvel Comic again until JoeyQ is gone(and I’d like to see Brevoort, Alonso, Bendis, and Loeb follow him). Although, considering I dropped my last Marvel title almost 2 years ago, that isn’t so hard.

    By the way, I love Comic Culture Warrior! I first heard of the YouTube show from a poster on Rich Johnston’s site. I love that at least some fans don’t worship everything Marvel puts out and turn a blind eye to their unethical business practices. cough…comicbookclub…cough

    • Yeah Marvel said it would cost too much to make those DP rings… are you fucking kidding me Marvel? You have most of the market share!!! You have several movies in the making!!! WTF are you talking about???? If they really wanted to help retailers why not just turn in ANY unsold back issues? Marvel… tsk tsk… getting more pathetic by the day…

  10. I was wondering when you’d bring this up 🙂 This isn’t sitting with me well. At all. I want to know what DC thinks of this… Seriously who gives a rat’s ass about a Deadpool variant??? Is he even in Siege???

  11. iqy92 says:

    woah… marvel i just lost the tiny shred of respect for you guys.
    this just pushed me to buy only 1 books of marvel which is amazing spider man.

  12. ForeverFilms1995 says:

    Wow. And just when I thought that Marvel couldn’t get more moronic. Words cannot express how I feel about this.

  13. Mitiators says:

    Holy shit. Now that some crazy shit right there.
    Bye Marvel. I probably won’t be hanging out with you for a while. Give me a buzz when you stop acting like greasy schmucks.

  14. camnick says:

    not sure if anyone has addressed this side as yet, but i got to thinking and one of the tie ins cost 3.99 (if thats wrong please feel free to correct me) and i guess retailers might buy a book at, lets be generous, a buck less(2.99) so that would mean this variant cover should be worth(according to marvel) 150 bucks, which when hiked back up, means 200 bucks.

    jose, is this how a retailer would think or am i crazy to think this way?

    • Different retailers get different discounts depending on how much product they buy. On average the discount is around 50%. So ya, you return 50 $3.99 books that cost a total of $100 to get 1 variant. You would then have to turn around and sell that variant for $150 or so to make a decent profit. The thing is you have to find someone dumb enough to pay that price for the variant to make it all worth while.


      • kurumais says:

        check out midtowncomics prices on variants on their site last week they were selling one for $250 cant remember which one probably the siege. the guys in my LCS always check out what thet are selling variants for and sell them at half the cost so they sold the book at $125 and it went the first day

        im with you J i havent a clue why anyone would buy a book at those prices for a different cover unless it was like the greatest work by a guy like sterenko who never does comics anymore

  15. Matthew Guy says:

    I think it is a shitty ass move (more than usual for the new MouseHouse). So I cant say I’m surprised just that Marvel is going low class & is scared/envy of Blackest Night’s success & doing the “look at me” move w/ this bullshit promotion for a crappy variant comic.


  16. generaldark says:

    wow i am so fucking pissed off!! wtf marvel? are you really that arragent and immature that you go this fucking low???? and for what? more varient covers that are worth shit! omg..i cant even think of words right i fucking want to het marvel in the face if it was one person! god im pissed off!!!!

    • generaldark says:

      btw i dont think anyone have any extra copies of these issues anywaise because there popular issues of a popular event!

  17. jorge says:

    Everyone needs to stop buying 3.99 comic books from marvel and buy comic books that are worth buying

  18. Armin Tamzarian says:

    Rucka tweeted this to Johns:

    Man, didn’t think that old gag would ever get a laugh out of me again. But that was hilarious.

  19. Locusmortis says:

    Can I return the shitty new avengers books I bought before I cancelled my order for it so I can get a refund?

  20. TheComicRant says:

    This is simply a dick move.

  21. Morlock50 says:

    This seems to be getting a lot of press on the internet. Fans are more interested in this story than the one in the Siege. What is the point of doing this when you already own 37% of the marketshare? What does Marvel gain out of this? That “Cup o’ Joe” is full of bile.

    • I know Jose is gonna write a post on this, so I did my own over at the Geek To Me blog.

      The answer to WHY Marvel is doing this is pretty simple if you ask me:


      • Morlock50 says:

        Good post Elliott. Thanks for the link. I know that Marvel is all about the Benjamins; that’s been well established. But if this is in response to getting beaten in the top ten for one or two months (the first time in ages, mind you) that’s kind of pathetic. How insecure can you be? When Stan Lee set up the rivalry and knocked DC off the top spot all those years ago, he did it by putting out kick-ass stories with incredible artwork. There was no need for this kind of trite bullshit because the stories sold themselves. And what about when Joe Q. says “Oh, I’m glad that DC is doing well because it’s better for the industry when both our companies sell well”. Now what do they want; to run DC out of business so they can buy the rights to the characters and put Superman and Batman in the Marvel U?

        Ya know, with everything that’s going on in Haiti right now, I probably shouldn’t get as worked-up about this as I am. But it’s sad to a company that for about thirty years produced great material, and prided itself on having a good fan/creator relationship, act like it’s made up of a bunch of dicks.

        • Armin Tamzarian says:

          I honestly don’t know what Marvel is doing with this move.

          I don’t know if I fully agree with the allusion that they’re just trying to get DC books off the shelf, though.
          I mean, a few of the books they’re asking for are pushing a couple months old now. You’d think if they were trying to eliminate competition, they’d ask for current DC books, or books that are soon to be released that promise to sell well.

          Then again, if they were doing what they claim to be doing “an effort to provide assistance to comic retailers in 2010” then why not offer the same deal for Marvel books? Why the fixation on DC?

          If they’re trying to be shady, they’re doing a poor job, as DC has already sold enough of the current Blackest Night tie-ins to gain a profit.

          • Elliott says:

            Well, you really CAN’T ask retailers for current books because those books can still be sold. You CAN’T ask retailers to trade a product that they are planning to sell for something else sight-unseen. That would be BEYOND crass, unethical and just downright shitty.

            Buy using this current strategy, Marvel is able to couch their intentions with terms like ‘excess stock’ and ‘helping retailers’ all while getting their competitor’s books off the shelves.

            If Marvel succeeds using this ploy to diminish DC’s presence in the market, expect them to use even more questionable tactics in the future.


          • Look at it this way, if Marvel were asking for current DC books, or books that had yet to come out that they considered a threat, how ethical would THAT be? Can you imagine the crap they’d be catching for that?

            At least by using this strategy, they can couch their intentions in terms like ‘excess stock’ and ‘help retailers.’ Asking a retailer to trade in a book they know they can sell is not helping them. Especially when you’re promising them LESS than what they paid for.

            This whole stunt smacks of either a lack of ethics or incompetence.

            It’s unethical because they are LITERALLY ASKING VENDORS to take DC BOOKS OFF THEIR SHELVES.

            It’s incompetence if they honestly believe that they wouldn’t get any criticism for this strategy.

            I’m sorry, it’s not one OR the other.

            It’s BOTH.


            • Armin Tamzarian says:

              Now that I’ve had more time to think of it, I completely agree with your sentiments, Elliott.

              I suppose it just comes down to shelf advertising. A customer walks in to a comic store, sees a row of DC’s new releases, then sees not only Marvel’s new releases, but their back issues as well. More Marvel titles on the shelves means more advertising for Marvel and a larger number of books on the market.

              Still, it seems like a rather odd business practice. I mean, you’d think rather than trying to undercut DC and monopolize the back issue market, they’d try and improve the quality of their new releases, as that’s where the real money is going to come from.
              Most of the titles on the list Marvel published I wouldn’t even be able to buy at any of my local comic stores, as they sold out a month or so ago.

              • Morlock50 says:

                There ya go. That’s a better marketing strategy for Marvel. Tell. Good. Fucking. Stories. Assholes.

                Oh, and try to write your heroes acting like heroes, instead of idiots. That might help too.

        • alfred monty says:

          On the point of how Marvel displaced DC years ago…

          I read in “Was Superman A Spy?” that Marvel actually displaced DC during an odd economic situation during the Nixon years. Marvel increased the cost of their books to 25 cents (while making the book slightly larger) and then DC followed the price increase without increasing the page size. Then a price freeze took place at the national level (due to inflation fears). At that point Marvel decreased the size of the pages and was allowed to lower the price. But Marvel was making a larger profit than DC at this point. DC wasn’t allowed to decrease its prices because they weren’t willing to change the page size. Retailers also made more money selling Marvel than DC during this period, so retailers pushed Marvel books harder.

  22. alfred monty says:

    Why does anyone think this will result in any valid data on how Blackest Night tie-ins sold? There’s a selection bias at the retailer level (some would never cut up comics, some don’t like selling variants, etc.). Retailers who ordered correctly don’t have 50+ unsold issues (~5 is more likely to show the proper granularity), but retailers who are mismanaged may.

    Why not just pay a random sample of retailers for a look their financial books? That is the only way to get valid data.

    This weird transaction has the appearance of “go big or go home” marketing mindset.

  23. Smallmaniac says:

    This is a “low blow” to DC. This is just Marvel’s attempt to match DC’s ring promotion, and the only way they could do that is to take profits from DC. And Siege??? Really?? This is Marvel’s big weapon against DC???? I don’t know if there are any legal ramifications to this, but if I were DC I’d keep doing the good work I was doing. Marvel is only doing this out of desperation. If you think Marvel is really trying to help retailers out, you need to put down your wolverine mug and stop drinking Marvel’s Kool Aid.

    Jose, please discuss this in a video. I want to see the expressions on your face as you rip Marvel an new one…again.

  24. kurumais says:

    yeah they told me about this nonsense in the comic shop yesterday bad buisness if you ask me unless dc made retailers order so many extra books to get the rings promotion and they are stuck with books fans dont buy like booster gold or L.E.G.I.O.N even then its predatory. marvel operating on the japanese saying “business is war” now? marvel should be working with DC to expand the audience in this time comic movie blockbusters.

    the owner and manager of my LCS were fuming.

    did any mention marvel isn’t letting retailers do reorders on the seige to penalize shops that did moderate first time orders? thats another huge %^&( move

    • Morlock50 says:

      Honestly, the last part you mention sounds like even more of a dick move than the seige variant shit. Leaving retailers out to dry because they didn’t overbuy the mini really sucks. Do you have a link to an article that gets more into it? Your post is the first I’ve heard of this so far.

      • I don’t know if there is a link to what kuru mentioned out there. This is just something that comic retailers have to deal with behind the scenes. I find it funny that Marvel is saying they are running this “promotion” in order to help the retailers because most of the time it’s Marvel who don’t care at all about the retailers. The fact that they are using retailers in their little game of dick measuring is kinda insulting.

        Not allowing reorders on what essentially is Marvel’s “big book” of the moment, Siege, because a retailer didn’t feel like taking a huge gamble on it is unfortunately business as usual. I will probably go more into this topic when we tape on Sunday. I think this will turn out to be a pretty long rant.


  25. Fallows1985 says:

    what the fuck?! they’re taking DC’s books, why not take their own damns books its like a total middle finger to DC. Who authorized this? who’s bright idea was it?

  26. Pobra says:

    It could be argued that it was a bit of a dick move on DC’s part to expect shops to order such large quantities of these second and third tier books in the first place, just to participate in their promotion. Something my LCS could not afford to do. So fans like myself, who would have liked to purchase these books to obtain the corresponding rings, got shafted. I would have bought more of those books had I been able to participate in this multicolored, plastic, good time, ring collecting fun, but me being an embittered, scathing malcontent, I did not.
    HeHe, not trying to piss anyone off, just trying to offer a perspective that is not going to show up anywhere on these marvel loathing CCW boards. (For the record, I Still say it’s a much bigger dick move on marvel’s part, just playing devil’s advocate) 😉 (And you are right to loathe marvel)

  27. kurumais says:

    after posted i remembered a few of us saying that the shops we go to werent giving the rings away with the books but selling them separately the shop i go to sells them for a buck a piece
    so they still have to order the books and i think they buy the rings too (J?) so people buy the rings what are they doing with the books? yeah some folks are buying anything with BN now but some of the lesser books are going to still be sitting there. how many folks would have bought all those titles without he rings ?
    which makes no sense to me from the retailers point of veiw. you got these d list books ( no offense meant to anyone if any of thos are your favs) that sell what every month for you? a dozen? i dont know what LEGION BG or DP selling like? then you order a bunch to get the rings then take the big pay off away. seems counter productive to me
    but even if they did that how many copies of doom patrol can they have sitting around? i guess im thinking about my local shop and not the mega stores like jim hanelys universe or midtown comics the big guys will probably have a ton of those books and could probably move the variant for a couple hundred bucks easily

  28. Locusmortis says:

    Also…and I don’t remember anyone saying this….who in their right mind would pay an estimated $150 for a copy of Siege 3 will Deadpools face on it?… and not a particularly well drawn picture of deadpool either.

    Is the variant made from solid gold or something?, because it would have to be for anyone to pay that kind of money unless they were phenomenally stupid. Anyone who actually pays that kind of money for a current comic should be laughed at for being a complete and total sucker.

    • Armin Tamzarian says:

      A lot of collectors pay no mind to the quality of a comic, just the rarity and resale potential.

      With all the reluctance to take advantage of this “deal” from retailers, coupled with the high price tag and presumable reluctance to buy from customers, this variant will (most likely) be exceedingly rare.
      With Deadpool being a relatively new and extremely popular character, the prices for any of his collectors items are just going to go higher and higher as years progress.

      I personally just buy comics to read, so such a thing wouldn’t appeal to me. But from a collectors standpoint, picking up this comic wouldn’t be the stupidest thing you could do.

  29. Fallows1985 says:

    bendis apparently wants fans to petition for him to be a consultant in the new Spider-man reboot.

    Is sony using Ultimate Spider-man?

    • Morlock50 says:

      Wow, he can’t just write his shitty books and shut up already? He’s not getting enough money? I mean, they’re about to rename the company to Brian Bendis’s Marvelous Universe as it is. Christ, he’s like the Lady GaGa of comic writers.

  30. alfred monty says:

    On the issue that Marvel should be selling content

    Over the past thirteen months both Marvel and DC have canceled titles. Readers hate when one of their favorites is canceled. So it is in the interests of the publishers to avoid such a situation.

    I’ve collected all the data ( If you spot an error or omission, let me know.

    Marvel canceled 18 titles in their regular universe. DC canceled 10 titles in their regular universe (including the Spirit & Mighty). So DC canceled 44% less titles.

    But that’s a misleading statistic because publishers regularly cancel titles so that the same title can have a first issue again. Taking this into account, Marvel canceled 11 titles while DC canceled 3. So DC canceled 73% less titles than Marvel did in the same period. (If the Mighty & the Spirit are not included as part of the regular universe, DC canceled 91% less titles than Marvel.)

    Over the same period Marvel has increased Deadpool titles, to the point where the number of Deadpool books per month is on par with Spider-Man.

    Marvel’s employees aren’t doing their jobs very well with respect to what Marvel consumers want.

  31. alatriste says:

    DC should offer a full set of Blackest Night rings to retailers who mail them the burnt remains of any Deadpool book they can get their hand on. but they won’t do it because Dan Didio has something that Joe Quesada doesn’t: class.
    I kinda liked Quesada’s art but now I can’t watch anything he’s done without remembering just how much of a shithead he is.

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