And the Saga Continues

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Marvel, News
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Tom Brevoort via Twitter via Robot 6:

We heard from a number of retailers who got stuck with books chasing rings and decided to do something. We’re not making any money on the deal, but we are helping our retailer partners during a tough economic time. Making sure that our retailers can keep the doors open if they tied up a lot of cash on inventory they can’t move. We’re doing this because we’re in the business of selling content rather than Cracker Jack prizes. And we need retailers to be able to keep the lights on and afford to order next month’s books. [Marvel won’t be accepting trade-ins for unsold Dark Reign and The List books] because there, what we were selling and what the retailers were buying were the books. But DC can if they want to! Retailers ordered those books for the content–that’s part of the job, knowing your clientele. I think smart retailers know how to gauge the interests of their clientele most of the time and order appropriately

I don’t know about you guys but I believe this has become fucking ridiculous. Head over to Robot 6 to read the rest and then come back here and let us know your thoughts.


  1. Venom829 says:

    Are they just wanting to get into a legal confrontation with DC? Cause it’s bound to happen if this keeps up. Another reason, I assume for this desperate way to eliminate Blackest Night is Joey Q’s explanation of you having to be either a Marvel fan or a DC fan, which is bullshit, you can be both, the more I hear of this, the more I love DC so screw you Marvel! (But thanks for cancelling the Avengers titles, no more Bendis Avengers shit)!(ya-hoo)

  2. generaldark says:

    wow what a ass!! i hope DC doesnt do anything because it just shows how immature marvel is. omg i hate marvel!!! get the unholy trinity (quesada, bendis, and brevoort) out if this industry!!!

  3. Smallmaniac says:

    “And sure, send the stripped insides to the troops–well done, you! They tend not to keep comics mint on the battlefield in the first place.”

    Well that just sounds like deception wrapped in an American flag. I am happy that Marvel is suggesting sending DC title to the troops than Marvel junk. Shoot, if I had the money I’d buy about 10 of those tie-ins and send them to the troops. DC gets money, the retailer gets money, the troops get books, and Marvel gets diddly.

    I don’t know all about the whole ring offer, but if x number of those tie-ins equals x number of rings, I’d say you have a better chance of selling those tie-ins with the rings than of some trendy variant of a crappy story.

  4. Fallows1985 says:

    “cracker jack prize” the rings were a great promotion and i wouldn’t say retailers are chasing rings, my comic book store seemed fine with them.

    who is Brevoort?

    • Executive Editor for Marvel.


      • Fallows1985 says:

        thanks for that, god if i worked at Marvel I’d leave as soon as they announced this, I’d be surprised if there are writers who aren’t a bit miffed within the company.

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          I love how JoeyQ’s henchman(Brevoort) says that Marvel is [B]”doing this because we’re in the business of selling content rather than Cracker Jack prizes”[/B] even though Marvel was planning on making a brown Deadpool ring until they decided it cost too much money. Too much money? They sell more than DC, charge more for most of their books than DC, and they pad so many books these days with reprints & text pages, they should have plenty of money for 1 ring if DC was able to do 8.

  5. StarkOryan says:

    This is one of the strangest, most passive-aggressive moves I’ve seen in the comics industry in a while…and that variant cover sucks. Not worth cover price, in my own humble.

  6. Matthew Guy says:

    UGH!! Marvel is being that bratty child that needs a good talking to & some tanned ass (& I don’t mean from the sun either).


    • Smallmaniac says:

      What is wrong with today’s children? They disrespect their elders, ignore their parents, and start fights with their neighbors. Matthew, your words are pure truth. Now, where do we find a paddle big enough to whip the largest comic book company?

      I smell boycott!

      • Matthew Guy says:

        As a kid, I got to sit in the corner time plus a long talking too & as I got older I got the paddle & after that switches plus a longer talking to. I worked at my grandmas beauty shop & flower shop because it was the family business. Marvel is a business that acts lick the spoiled kid that wants the other kid has (DC). They should be happy w/ what they have Amazing 3 times a month, FF & Uncanny plus they have Bendis & Loeb (for what it worth). Nothing is ever good enough for bratty Marvel they think their shit dont stink (hint it does just like the rest of us Marvel is no different than anyone else).


  7. Izzy4684 says:

    I just don’t understand how or why Marvel thinks that if a retailer sends them 50 comics (because sending the cover destroys the comic) and them sending one helps vendors???? What were they smoking! I mean if you gave this proposition to a 5 year old they’d laugh in your face knowing how stupid this is, I mean 50 = 1!!!!! COME ON!!!!!

  8. Mitiators says:

    I know,I know Marvel. DC is a big of stupid poopy head. Now let’s get you a juice box before you take your nap.

  9. Venom829 says:

    Former writers who worked for DC or writers who work for both companies are probably offended by the executive decisions of Marvel.

  10. generaldark says:

    o and cracker jack prizes? what about them wanting to give deadpool rings or what ever the fuck they were suppose to be?? and those damn avengers ID cards. wtf are you going to do with those?? freakin hypocrites

  11. Deemar says:

    Hot damn Brevoort got some nerve

    This stinks of sour grapes on Marvel’s part.

  12. StevenRocks says:

    Well, speaking as a Blackest Night noob (it was CCW that got me into it) I can say Marvel is shittin bricks on this. I went to my comic shop, talked to the guy who runs it and asked about the rings. He directed me to all the books that had them, save the flippin black ring, and then told me I need to buy the books to get the rings, but he’d sell me half the rings solo, a buck each, if I bought three books. I did, got all the rings he had and love the books.

    I went for the rings, now I want all the books. This is what Marvel is scared of.

  13. Locusmortis says:

    The rings were a genius piece of promotion on the part of DC and helped keep books like Rebels and Doom Patrol alive. Its a pity Marvel didn’t think of some creative way of keeping their best books like Captain Britain and Agents of Atlas alive…

    Also Tom Breevort used to be the one guy at Marvel you could rely on, it seems he’s been infected with the same disease that Quesada, Buckley, Loeb and Bendis have because every word he spews out is complete horseshit.

  14. Morlock50 says:

    This is just straight-up bizarre at this point. Nothing else to say right now.

  15. Marvel is digging their grave. But, I got my blue ring. (:

  16. Morlock50 says:

    I’m so glad that Marvel is looking out for the retailers. What a nice gesture on their part 🙂

    Also, Mr. Brevoort’s comments about soldiers on the battlefield is weird and in pretty fucking poor taste IMHO.

  17. SMARTASS8 says:

    Didio may be a tyrant behind the scenes, but I’ll take his public persona over anyone’s at Marvel. When he had his Fanyboy Panels(I don’t remember what they were called) at comic conventions to just talk about comic book nostalgia(he wasn’t pimping any books at all), he even invited Brevoort and defector Steve Wacker on stage to join in on the good times. A day or so later, Brevoort still trashed DC and later Marvel did one of their own versions of this at a convention.

    I hope DC continues taking the highroad and doesn’t respond/counter-attack. They just might end up gaining some fans while Marvel loses them. Nothing could make me smile more than if this hurts Marvel’s reputation(although, they have had a shitty rep with me for about 10 years) & their sales. Although, considering Letterman got better ratings for his bad behavior & Bay’s TF2 got big box office even though most people said that they hated it, who knows with this country?

  18. Pobra says:

    As much as I’d like to see a DC counter-strike, taking the high road as they’ve been doing seems to be really getting under Marvel’s skin, judging by that completely childish statement from Brevoort. Good on DC.

  19. Armin Tamzarian says:

    Perhaps my reading comprehension needs a bit of brushing up on, but did he seriously just imply that retailers that bought a large amount of books for the most popular event going on at the moment, are idiots?
    Did he then imply, that customers who bought books from the most popular event at the moment, were just idiots clamoring to get in on some gimmick?

    That was the most smug, condescending tripe I have read in a long while.

    Couldn’t a variant cover be considered a gimmick?
    I mean, if he thinks paying $2.99 (that’s what they were priced at in the States, right?) for a book that comes with a plastic ring is some stupid gimmick that hurts the industry, then what the fuck is giving us a book that is almost identical to a $3.99 (again, not sure if that’s how much they are) book, then slapping on a different cover and charging 30x (or more) the original amount?

    He pretty much stated: “DC did this, which hurts the industry. To combat that we’re going to do the same thing, except on a smaller scale.”

  20. kurumais says:

    what about your store J? are you going to take advatage of this offer? do you have that many of the ring books sitting around? chances are if stores haven’t sold those books by now they never will. but i still cant imagine i these times with stores trying to play it close to the vest having that much extra stock.

  21. comicbookdude89 says:

    Hey did you guys hear that S.W.O.R.D. is being cancelled at #5? I am seriously considering boycotting Marvel. Anyone care to join me?

  22. Curtis says:

    Now i feel like a complete asshole for buying Marvel books. Fuck Tom(condescending dick)brevoort!

    • Morlock50 says:

      I was planning on getting the Uncanny X-men issue where Kitty comes back…but I may have to rethink my position on that. I really don’t want to promote that company right now. I have to save some cash anyway and wasn’t sure I wanted to add another title. But this makes me want to avoid Marvel books out of principle.

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