Three New CCW*TV Episodes in One Day!?

Posted: January 20, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW TV, Dark Horse, Geek Culture, Marvel, Opinion
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Seriously though, you can all thank Elliott for putting in the extra hours to get all these videos posted. Next up? It’s an all rant extravaganza! We talk about what went down last week with Marvel and their Siege Deadpool Variant promotion along with a few other topics. Hopefully those will make it up in the next couple of days.


  1. Matthew Guy says:

    Thanks for doing the triple overtime as I as starting to miss my CCW fix on a regular basis. I smacked Joe Q. hands from my wallet saying “I decide how much you get of MY money that Marvel gets not the other way around after looking through Marvel Previews. I hope that the Kirby estate gets a fair settlement from the mouse house that isn’t likely (I’m just being realistic here). I dont read Buffy so I hope fans that do read it enjoy it no matter what happens with this spoiler or if dark horse pulls a switchroo at the last second that will please the fans.


  2. jorge says:

    im wondering about the idw angel series, thank you guys for opening my eyes more and more, hell my kids which are 4 and 6 know some of the characters and look at the comics and for me i wrote this before im done with a lot of marvel, ill wait until these books go on sale for a dollar on certain holidays at my retailer, hell every year one store gives away 10 comic books for free on halloween when you show up in costume, my kids take the marvel books, a friend mention this about downloading marvel comics to see if itll hurt marvel at all, but really marvel is hurting the comic book stores period

    • Locusmortis says:

      I download stuff all the time, for 2 reasons mainly.

      1. I live in Ireland get comics by mailorder once a month so it can be weeks or more till I get the actual physical comic. I actually buy more since I started torrenting.

      2. Its the “try before you buy” philosophy. I can check out whether a comic is actually worth the money or not. Theres nothing worse than getting something with a gorgeous cover and the interior sucks ass.

  3. Why do people like Deadpool so much? I think Marvel is killing itself.

    I’m glad I have you guys to watch and read, cause I sure as hell feel like the minority in a world of fanboys. I have pretty much given up on all mainstream comics. I pick up Wonder Woman and Daredevil, and ocassionally Supergirl (Sterling Gates knows what he’s doing and should be given the actual Superman book).

    Other than that? Scott Pilgrim, Underground, The Lone Ranger, and other various smaller press books is where I’m at. I just don’t see a point in blowing 4 bucks a pop on garabage just to follow a character I like. Not in this awful economy.

  4. Ironmuskrat says:

    You guys are spoiling us now, we are going to expect new stuff from you guys every day. =)

    I was upstairs watching the videos back to back, I usually watch them downstairs in my darkened lair, my wife keep asking me what I was listening to..

    Wife: What is that?
    Me: What?
    Wife: All that swearing!
    Me: Oh, that’s Elliott and Jose.
    Wife: Who?
    Me: Elliott and Jose, they do comic book reviews on YouTube.
    Wife: Why so much swearing?
    Me: That’s just their style.
    Wife: Are they the reason you are spending so much money on comic now?
    Me: Well, yes(sorry, had to throw you guys under the bus on that one).
    Wife: I don’t know if I like your new friends.
    Me: You never let me have cool friends!
    Wife: Put down the Laptop and help me fold laundry!
    Me: Whaaaa!

    Such is me life =)

    Thanks for posting the videos guys!


  5. Comics Addict says:

    I doun your story hilarious,Ironmuskrat. Thanks fo the vids Jose.

  6. Morlock50 says:

    Not only married, but I’ve got a kid on the way. My days of collecting comic books may come to a scretching halt soon:(

  7. Venom829 says:

    I’m single, and I’m doin’ fine, singlness is awesome!

  8. dacl says:

    Love hearing you guys mention me in your videos 🙂

    I wonder if Marvel going into the “heroic age” (which just sounds like a silly term to me) will cause them to stop having the same bad guy in every series and instead let books have their own story lines…

    I mean, if its about heroes being heroes they can’t really trump up a big villian as being the scariest thing ever

    Unless its all about Stark holding a bbq and the tie-ins involve Spidey and Thor deciding what they want to bring and Cap deciding if he should bring some sort of vegetarian option (are their vegetarian marvel heroes?)

    Get Van Lente (the guy who writes Hercules, i think thats him), to coordinate the whole event and I’d be on board.

    Also, love your metaphor about Marvel trying to undo fanboy’s bras Elliot 🙂

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