Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: January 25, 2010 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Last Wednesday of the month = big ship week. Well, most of the time it does.

By making this list I have come to the realization that I buy quite a few Marvel books. Now, I am a realist and taking that into consideration I am not going to say I will be boycotting ALL Marvel books because of their current bullshit business practices because that probably won’t happen…yet. But what will happen is I will start becoming more critical of the books I buy from them. First up: Daredevil. I have been enjoying Diggle’s work on here so far but it isn’t really a “must buy” for me. This week will be “come to Jesus” time for DD and will decide for me whether I continue to buy the comic or not.

As for what else I will be buying this week:

Amazing Spider-Man #619 (Marcos Martin and Dan Slott)
Chew #8
Daredevil #504 (Andy Diggle, May drop this one soon)
Detective Comics #861
Fantastic Four #575 (Jonathan Hickman)
Green Lantern #50
Secret Warriors #12 (Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli)
Superman Secret Origin #4
Sword #21
Wonder Woman #40
X-Factor #201 (Peter David, Very underrated book)

Has Marvel’s BS as of late made you think twice about what books you buy from them? Also, if you could tell us what you will be buying this Wednesday it will be greatly appreciated.


  1. -ASM#619 (I only buy the Dan Slott issues)
    -Fantastic Four#575 (Hickman has been doing a fantastic job on this book)
    -Green Lantern#50

    I have seriously cut back on Marvel books ever since that whole Siege#3 variant crap.
    Jose can you do a Kick-Ass#8 review either on the blog or on CCW TV? That would be awesome and hilarious. I finished reading Old Man Logan… (sorry for those who liked it…) and hated it… a lot.

  2. Dan Griffin says:

    DC Comics
    Detective Comics #861
    Wonder Woman #40
    Green Lantern #50
    Batman and Robin #7
    Atom and Hawkman #46

    X-Men: Legacy #232 (Mike Carey and Clay Mann)
    Ultimate Comics Enemy (1 of 4) (Rafa Sandoval)

  3. Matthew Guy says:

    BLACKEST NIGHT JSA #2 (of #3)
    CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN #6 (of 6)(about dang time!!!)
    SUPERMAN #696
    SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN #4 (of 6) Both covers
    WORLDS FINEST #4 (of 4)
    X-FACTOR #201

    A LOAD of books this week. Cap Reborn 6 is my last Cap book for a long while but I picked up X-Factor as a replacement after reading the thick issue #200.


  4. kurumais says:

    Billy batson and the magic of shazam
    Guardians of the galaxy
    Cap reborn
    Ms marvel
    Marvelous land of oz
    The web
    Batman and robin
    Avengers iniative
    Jla Cry for justice

  5. Ironmuskrat says:

    Another rather slim week for me, like Jose I will be very picky about the Marvel books I pick up this year.

    Detective Comics #861- Still a must buy for me, but it looks like the creative team of Rucka/Willams isn’t going to last. I will have to see what happens in the future for this book to remain on my pull list.

    Chew #8- Really liking the new story arc so far, I wonder how Tony will take the death of his well endowed adversary from the USDA.

    Fantastic Four #575- Dale Eaglesham is back and we get the Moleman too. I am excited about this one.

    Maybe Joe the Barbarian #1 if my store reordered it like they said they would.

    Jose, surprised you didn’t have the Art of Greg Horn Vol 2 HC on your list =D


  6. Stamps says:

    I’m getting:

    Batman And Robin #7
    Detective Comics #861
    Gotham City Sirens #8
    Green Lantern #50
    Justice League Cry For Justice #6 (of 7)
    Chew #8
    Walking Dead #69
    Captain America Reborn #6 (of 6)

    Yeah I know, Reborn…I can’t help myself, I love cap. That “who will wield the shield” thing was shit though.

  7. Pobra says:

    Holy shit-fuck, I’m going to have to make some cuts this week…

    Amazing Spider-Man #619
    Batman and Robin #7
    Cap: Reborn #6 (pretty sure this is the end of the road for Cap and I)
    Chew #8
    Daredevil #504
    Detective Comics #861
    Green Lantern #50
    Marvelous Land of Oz #3
    Punisher #13
    Secret Warriors #12
    Sword #21

    I think this is the most comics on my list that I’ve ever had come out in a single week. There’s no way I’m buying all of those. Decisions, decisions…

  8. Manwe says:

    Batman and Robin 7
    Detective Comics 861
    Green Lantern 50
    Northlanders 24
    ASM 619
    Daredevil 504
    Marvelous Land of Oz 3
    Thor 606
    Star Wars Legacy 44

  9. Variant Girl says:

    Hey Guys and Gams,

    It’s pretty slim pickings for me as well this week.

    Detective Comics
    and I think that’s it.

    As for Marvel, I am of the same opinion as Jose. I can’ say that I won’t be buying Marvel anymore. I love Invincible Iron Man too much for that. But I will say that I think Marvel has gone too far with thier BS. Instead of devouting so much time and effort into the competition, why don’t they focus on producing great content? This newest scam is equal to an low blow or an eye guage in the wrestling world. Last words ….GROW THE FUCK UP MARVEL!!

  10. saar18 says:

    I’ve stop buying ASM.
    Captain America: Reborn #6 Finally this is ending.
    Daredevil #504
    Detective Comics #861 Ive also stop buying this series.
    Fantastic Four #575
    Green Lantern #50
    Iron Man vs. Whiplash #3
    Iron Man: I Am Iron Man! #1
    Kick-Ass #8
    Secret Warriors #12
    Thor #606
    Tsubasa Vol. 25 YEYYYYY!
    X-Men: Legacy #232

    And except for those I will be reading almost the same amount of comics.

  11. Chris says:

    Chew #8
    Detective Comics #861
    Sword #21

  12. arp*09 says:

    Jose, may I ask what it is specifically about DD that has you considering to drop the title?

  13. Deemar says:

    ASM #619
    Fantastic Four #575
    Green Lantern #50
    Atom + Hawkman #46
    Detective Comics #861
    Cap Reborn #6
    Secret Warriors #12
    Chew #8

    I’m actually considering dropping Captain America altogether that’s how much Reborn has irked me.

  14. generaldark says:

    holy futt bucker this is going to hurt alot in the wallet 😦

    Atom and Hawkman #46
    Batman and Robin #7 (i think the art will be ALOT better this arc :))
    Blackest Night JSA #2 (pending)
    Detective Comics #861
    Green Lantern #50
    Justice League of America #41
    Justice Society of America #35
    Superman #696
    Wonder Woman #40
    Worlds Finest #4

    i will see what my shop has up for marvel but to me its DC first because im a DC black lantern like that XD

  15. Zcorp79 says:

    ASM #619
    Secret Warriors #12
    Thor #606
    Detective Comics #861
    Batman and Robin #7
    Green Lantern #50

    Also Jose what did you think of Avengers vs. Atlas #1 from last week. I thought it was a pretty solid issue.

  16. guido5595 says:


    Fantastic Four 575(Hickman’s run is off to a great star)
    Secret Warriors 12(Again Hickman)


    Atom and Hawkman 46( Geoff Johns, Ryan Sook, Indigo Atom, Black Lantern Hawks)
    Batman and Robin 7(Grant Morrison rules and Cameron Stewart is a great artist)
    Detective Comics 861(excited to see what Jock can do)
    Green Lantern 50(Geoff Johns, Double Sized, Doug Mahnke)
    Superman Secret Origin 4(Gary Frank’s Parasite is awesome)

    Did u guys hear they aren’t even reprinting Siege 1 and if u want you will have to get the “directors cut” edition in March? Marvel’s bullshit made me drop Thor because it relates to Siege and I dropped Daredevil because its just okay and its starting to get delayed and it isn’t worth it to wait.

  17. Antonio says:

    Atom and Hawkman #46( gotta buy this. If there is ANY chance for a new Hawkman title I got to support it)
    Batman and Robin #7
    Detective Comics #861
    Green Lantern #50
    Justice Society of America #35
    Superman Secret Origin #4
    Wonder Woman #40
    Chew #8
    Complete Alice in Wonderland #2

    • kurumais says:

      im a HUGE hawkman fan too unfortunately we are few and far between
      i read a lot of hawkman bronze age, hawkworld, avatar hawkman, zero hour hawkman and the best hawkman i have ever read is geoff johns version and even when palmiotti and gray took over im hoping beyond hope that somehow after blackest night carter comes back

      • Antonio says:

        Cool! another guy who digs the Hawks

        I loved the newer Johns/Robinson and the Palmiotti/Gray books.

        The only reason why the book was canceled was that they took Hawkman off the book and made it Hawkgirl.

        Hawkman is easily one of my top 5 favorite DCU characters of all time.

        • kurumais says:

          did you see that hawkman is going to be in jsa episode of smallville
          i think its this friday i hope i remember to check it out

          • Antonio says:

            I didn’t know it was this friday(if you are correct)

            I was planning on dvr-ing it.

            His suit on the show actually looks pretty cool and the episode is written by geoff johns and I know he gets hawkman.

            should be a decent episode. The last one Johns did was with the Legion which was good IMO

  18. Brandon Fried says:

    Hey Jose, in the past I heard you saying some pretty sweet things about Sword, so I actually stumbled upon the 1st issue in my local shop, and I totally loved it. Definitely going to pick up the trades that are out for it.
    Thanks for the recommendation! Also, I was recently on the most recent episode of Comic Book Club. Check it out!


  19. Brandon Fried says:

    Hahaha actually he’s a pretty nice guy.

  20. megamanx4ever says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #619
    Punisher #13
    Green Lantern #50
    Kick-Ass #8

  21. thecimmerian says:

    All the DC books except for the 4 vertigo and 3 wildstorm books.
    cap reborn #6 (because I started the series I wanted to finish it) ”sigh”
    daredevil #504
    thor #606
    x-factor #201
    x-force #23
    predator #4

    I’m a D.C. junkie and buy all the mainstream books except for jonah hex, booster gold, batman confidential, batman/superman, and vigilante. I might be cancelling the web and the shield pretty soon too.

    For marvel the only other books I buy are thunderbolts, the regular captain america series, iron man, wolverine weapon-x, and the siege 4 issue mini.

    The other companies stuff I get are conan, aliens, avp, chimichanga, stumptown, and beasts of burden. If anyone isn’t reading any of these I’d really recommend stumptown. It’s great.

  22. Morlock50 says:

    Batman and Robin #7
    Detective Comics #861
    Green Lantern #50
    JLA #41 (I’ve decided to give Robinson one more chance)
    Wonder Woman #40 – I’m really looking forward to this issue. New story after a couple of long 4 to 6 issue arcs. And some interesting villians, which is Gail’s specialty.

    No Marvel. Sorry, gotta stick to my guns, and my wallet was pleading for mercy anyway.

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