You Know Marvel Just Promoted This Guy, Right?

Posted: January 27, 2010 in DC Comics, Marvel
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Locusmortis just sent us this link:

Brevoort’s Twitter

What do you guys and gals think? Too classy?


  1. Dan Griffin says:

    I said it on the twitpic and i’ll say it again.

    What a Douche.

  2. Pobra says:

    Does he not realize that by posting all of this childish bullshit on twitter, that he’s only hurting Marvel’s and his own reputation? Most of the comments that I’ve read regarding Marvel’s actions as of late, have been completely in favor of DC. How could he be so tactless?
    Whatever, Marvel is digging their own grave. Even the zombies are starting to turn on them.
    BTW I liked your comment Locusmortis.

    • Deemar says:

      I’ve notice an overall negative reaction to marvel in general in the fan community.

      Even my LCS guy (Hardcore Marvel Zombie)can’t defend Brevoort when we got into it and he’s a master debater (heh..)

  3. Comicsketch says:

    those dont look stripped to me.

    think hes been on eBay? lol

    what a dick, at least hes got something good to read now =p

  4. Deemar says:

    Locus for the win 🙂

    I used to be pro Breevort, but the Quesade twatness has infected him also

  5. Stamps says:

    Geeze what a class act, NOT.

  6. Whaddya know? Even more of my respect for Marvel has gone down the drain. Didn’t see that one coming… I used to think Brevoort was an awesome guy and one of the best guys at Marvel, but it seems the douche-baggery of Quesada has infected him.

  7. megamanx4ever says:

    WOW what a douche.

  8. thecimmerian says:

    Damn, what a snide ass-hole. Hopefully Marvel will keep up this bs and really start pissing off the fans to the point that they stop buying marvel comics which, I hope and pray, will cause them to lower their prices to try to win back some bussiness.

  9. Fallows1985 says:

    mmmmm, i have to agree it is kind of a douche move but uno if u look past that you could think of it as a tongue and cheek way, but if that is Brevoort’s intention then he’s going about it the wrong way.

  10. Armin Tamzarian says:

    That really doesn’t look like that many books.

    Are we supposed to be impressed that one or two stores complied?

  11. generaldark says:

    i cant feel upset by this, ive been upset so much i just cant care at all bout what marvel is doing now….fuck it 😦

  12. Mr.Wrestling says:


  13. Morlock50 says:

    Boy, Brevoort just can’t help himself, can he? Does he do other things at Marvel besides posting on Twitter?

    • Pobra says:

      Wow. What a guy.
      I do like the comments however 🙂

    • Izzy4684 says:

      I was thinking, since this “comic shop” still had 300 BN sitting around, that means he should have 300 “cracker-jack prize rings” also sitting around. I just wonder what will he ever do with so many plastic rings just taking up useless space that of course could be used to store Deadpool “collectibles.” (Of course im being ironic, as Jose said this vender probably sold the rings for $3 a pop, made his money and didn’t give a shit about working the promotion correctly.)

  14. Armin Tamzarian says:

    I’ve gotta agree with Jose’s analysis from the last video. I think Marvel is just throwing a hissy fit to get some attention.

    I mean, how exactly did Breevort think people would react to this? He can’t have honestly thought, that posting one shipment that he got in, would automatically render everyone’s arguments invalid and give them no other choice than to agree with him.

    I guess they’re running with the old any publicity is good publicity idea?
    Good job, guys. Let’s see how that works for you.

  15. Dan Griffin says:

    Here’s some justice, Siege #2 was among a ton of Marvel Comics that were ruined when being shipped for next week.

  16. SMARTASS8 says:

    I love it that the stores that are big enough Marvel supporters to take part in this promotion are also the ones stupid enough to over order comics by the hundreds.

    What is the average age for Marvel readers? I was reading the CBR forums to see what people thought about the Heroic Age image(Was that really worthy of a USA Today article? No wonder newspapers are dying!). Most of them sounded like Beavis & Butthead.

    “Dark Reign was badasss!”

    “Ronin finally made Hawkeye interesting!”

    “The heroes are now going to be goody 2-shoes like that DC crap!”

    “I’m dropping my Marvel books since they’re now going to be Disneyfied!”

  17. StarkOryan says:

    What is with all this us vs. them mentality? From a fan’s POV, what is the point of choosing sides? I can point out examples of excellent work being done by creators at both Marvel and DC, though of course I always wish there were more…and I don’t feel the need to justify purchases from either company. I’ll always follow creators, not companies. I guess now Brevoort can be the scapegoat for Marvel hate on the ccw boards, but don’t punish the real talent for the brilliant creativity of a marketing department, or a few higher-ups.

    • Who said we were punishing the real talent? All we do on here is PRAISE the REAL talent at Marvel despite all of the bullshit going ons of the higher ups.


      • Locusmortis says:

        Theres always one Zombie toeing the party line isn’t there.

        This blog and its readers have called bullshit on Didio and DC many times, it just so happens that DC is doing more right than wrong at the moment and Marvel keeps shooting itself in the foot.

        I’ve read and loved Marvel comics for 22 years, if I didn’t love them so much I wouldn’t fucking care about the shit they’re pulling.

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          “I’ve read and loved Marvel comics for 22 years, if I didn’t love them so much I wouldn’t fucking care about the shit they’re pulling.”

          Good point! You’re not going to hear me complain about Dynamite or Boom Comics. I’m mad at Marvel since it’s a Universe that I care about but I feel is currently being run into the ground(both creatively and behind the scenes).

    • Morlock50 says:

      I’ve heard this “Don’t punish the talent” argument before. Obviously, it’s your dollar, so you are free to buy what you want (although I’d like to see examples of the talent you’re describing; are we talking Invincible Iron Man or Dark Reign here?) But I also have a right to choose which company and talent I support, and there’s plenty at DC right now. I can’t buy everything, and when one company is so disrespectful to it’s fans, it makes my decision easier.

      • StarkOryan says:

        Would my argument have less validity if I preferred Fraction over Bendis, or vice versa? How do my personal tastes have any bearing, whatsoever? Why do you feel you have to choose only one company and talent to support? You’re illustrating my point exactly, saying because Marvel “is so disrespectful to it’s fans”, you are not going to support the creators (who had zero input in this promotion) if they happen to be working on books put out by Marvel. Whether I like Matt Fraction more than Bendis (or whomever) is totally inconsequential, and as far as I can see, only provides you with an easy basis for dismissing my views: “Oh, see there, he likes (insert hated title), so screw him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Basically, I’m just saying, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!”

        • Morlock50 says:

          *Would my argument have less validity if I preferred Fraction over Bendis, or vice versa?
          If you favored Fraction, I would agree with you and commend your good taste in comics.

          *How do my personal tastes have any bearing, whatsoever?
          If, for example, you were to say that Ultimatum was your favorite mini-series ever, and kicked major ass, I would assume you are a Marvel Zombie and laugh at you.

          *Why do you feel you have to choose only one company and talent to support?
          I have a budget and a family and therefore cannot buy everything I would like. I choose not to buy Marvel because of the current practices of it’s company. I’m sure my decision to not purchase Iron Man will not break Fraction’s bank. It’s a personal choice, not an organized boycott.

          I admire your passion, but try not to get so hysterical in your posts. Your opinion will be taken more seriously.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            I love Coke and strongly dislike Pepsi. If my neighbor, a nice guy with a family, works for Pepsi, should I keep buying Pepsi just because I don’t want to punish an innocent employee who works for a company whose product I dislike.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        By twisting the “don’t punish the talent” argument on its head, couldn’t one say you’re rewarding the untalented(imo, JoeyQ, Brevoort, Alonso) by buying books by Parker, Slott, Gage, and Brubaker(who, imo, are the only writers usually worth reading at Marvel)? While I like the Marvel Universe, the way it’s being directed now, even the relatively good books are being tainted by Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and Siege. Should a pizza lover eat an anchovie pizza if anchovies make them sick? They may love the food and all of the rest of the ingredients, but that experience is still tainted by the anchovies(yeah, I’m probably stretching that analogy. LOL!!). JoeyQ is the one who initiated this whole us VS them war. According to him at the beginning of his own “dark reign”, he said he wanted to bring back the competiveness that Stan Lee reveled in(that’s like comparing the Crips & The Bloods to West Side story). His editorial decisions/mandates turned me from being a longtime Marvel Zombie into someone more open to other companies.

        • Pobra says:

          I still read quite a few marvel titles, I don’t mind supporting creators who’s work I enjoy, no matter what company they work for. But I see no problem with dropping a few over-priced, over-hyped or mediocre books and raising the middle finger to a company that disrespects and takes advantage of it’s fans on an increasingly regular basis. If DC starts pulling some shit, they’ll get the same response, but right now Marvel is really pushing it. I don’t think it’s brand loyalty, it’s just a natural reaction to being patronized by a company that has been pulling some shady moves as of late. But obviously that’s just my opinion and I don’t speak for everyone here.

        • StarkOryan says:

          If I like the creative team, I’m gonna buy it. It’s their talent and ingenuity I’m investing in, regardless of the company they work for. Regardless of who else works for said company. Regardless of what “events” are currently underway. And perhaps DESPITE what promotions are launched or who’s in charge.
          In the end, I just vote with my wallet, the mudslinging is a bonus, and fun to watch. It’s great fun to bitch about or hash out on message boards like this one, but in the end, it’s not going to affect my taste in creators. I refuse to pitch my tent in either camp, and I like Image and Dark Horse, too! I’m not sure there’s anything a company could do to make me totally boycott their product, short of pricing it beyond my means.

          • Hey StarkOryan, thanks for making some great comments. I just wanna say, though, that at no point in our rants have we ever said that folks should stop supporting their fave books. There are several Marvel books that I like and plan to keep buying, but that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize Marvel for questionable business practices.

            Thanks for participating in the conversation!


            • StarkOryan says:

              Well, it’s not really you guys I’m directing some of my comments towards, specifically. It’s more the general tone of (some) other posters on these boards. I know I’m not going to win any popularity contests if I defend Marvel, but I did just want inject my own little bit of rationality into this argument. For the most part, I agree with you and Jose’s take on this thing. But it doesn’t stop me from questioning myself and playing devil’s advocate with others a bit, either.
              Oh, and Deadpool sucks. But he is the logical choice for a Siege cover, after all. Man, this thing has legs.

              • Locusmortis says:

                Grand if you want to disagree man, I still buy Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors and Captain America (though after the Reborn #6 fiasco I’m dropping it) and I make no apologies for my stance on Marvels current business policies. I’d love if Marvel got back to making more quality comics at decent prices, I used to get about 15 regular marvel titles until 2008, I’d love to enjoy them as much again.

                Personally I’m not going to buy comics I don’t enjoy and I’m not going to reward a company that I feel is pulling bullshit moves.

                And it isn’t a DC versus Marvel thing. I didn’t even buy a DC comic for 3 years before Dark Reign started, it just happens that DC are treating fans better at the moment and not being so cynical editorially.

    • Deemar says:

      You kidding?

      Invincible Ironman is like edible gold titties here in the CCW circles.

  18. So he went out and bought a whole bunch of DC comics to take a pic?

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