Indie Flick Friday

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Indie Flick Friday, Movies
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  1. phil says:

    Trianngle is looking like its got that GhostShip sorta vibe to it.

  2. kurumais says:

    i just watched chocolate the martial arts flick from the guys that did ong bak
    i really enjoyed it, great action and i was surprised how much i liked the characters/actors in it. jeje yanin, the leading lady, can actually do some acting. it also worked as an origin story and as a comicbook fanboy im a sucker for an origin.

    i also watched no heroics the british sitcom about d list heroes i liked it but didnt love it some very funny parts but a bit un even. still had a lot of very good fanboy touches
    best character by far timebomb a gay, alcoholic, ex heroin junkie whose power is to see 60 seconds into the future. he was hilarious but there just wasn’t enough of him.

    finally i saw the dc ova public enemies definitely worth a rental but not a buy. clancy brown as lex ( my favorite lex and there been some really good ones) cch pounder as amander waller and kevin conroy as batman that alone is worth a look

    • phil says:

      Hey Kuru, having not seen Chocolate or Ong Bok, I was curious… for a Bruce Lee fan like myself, are the odds fairly decent that I’ll dig these flicks or are we talking more Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers type stuff, where folks are leaping 50″ from a seated position and landing on the tip of a samurai’s out reaching sword, ’cause if that’s the case, only Quentin could get away with me liking that kind of stuff.

  3. Deemar says:

    Melissa George even when she’s dressed down is hot

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