Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Marvel

Yikes! Slim pickings this week and if your LCS is one of the stores affected by the Marvel drought on Wednesday the pickings will unfortunately be even slimmer. Lucky for me my shop is one that will be receiving a majority of their books. Depending on how drunk I am what kind of mood I’m in I’ll try to write up a review for Siege #2 for those of you unable or unwilling to buy it. Here’s what I’m getting this week:

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #32
Criminal: Sinners #4 (Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)
Dingo #3
Doom Patrol #7

Now that I showed you my list it’s time to show me yours. That’s kinda how this post usually works.


  1. Mike F says:

    Well I’m getting Fraction’s Iron Man and Siege 2. Now I LOVE the work Rucka did for blackest nite wonder woman but sadly I’ve been out of work and I can’t afford another comic. And part of me feels like Siege is gonna heat up now. Hopefully it does…. an avenger is gonna be claimed 😐

  2. generaldark says:

    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3
    Doom Patrol #7
    Superman World of New Krypton #12
    The Question #37

    Im gonna try and get some stuff i couldnt get last week. Im looking forward to the conclusion with world of new krypton. this has been a great series 🙂

  3. megamanx4ever says:

    Deadpool team-up #896
    Invincible Iron Man #23
    Seige #2

  4. Matthew Guy says:

    SUPERMAN WONK #12 (OF 12)
    ULTIMATE COMICS X #1 (Jose isn’t the only that likes to torture himself)


  5. TheComicRant says:

    Superman World of New Krypton #12

    And may I add that Ultimate X looks like absolute SHIT.

  6. kurumais says:

    nice light week for me
    the question
    iron man

  7. MANACONDA! says:

    ghost riders heavens on fire
    invincible iron man

    and ill read siege… but i wont like it.

  8. saar18 says:

    Invincible Iron Man #23
    Siege #2
    Siege: Embedded #2

  9. Morlock50 says:

    BN Wonder Woman #3 (Wasn’t that happy with the story in #2, so Rucka needs to deliver here)

    The Question #37 (Haven’t picked up one of the resurected tie-in books yet, so I’ll give it a try)

    Jose, did you drop Batman and Robin, btw? Because #7 was very good–and the art is very strong this issue too. You might want to reconsider if you have.

    • I did drop it because of the art in the last story arc. I have heard good things about issue 7 and really like Cameron Stewart’s art so maybe I’ll pick it up tonight since it’s a small week for me. I was thinking about getting it last week but there were too many other books that I wanted to pick up and it got a bit expensive for me.


      • Will.S says:

        Yeah I really disliked how Philip Tan’s art nearly destroyed that Red Hood arc. However that was kind of a weak arc for Morrison as well so I don’t blame you for dropping it at that point.

        Still I’d say the Cameron Stewart arc so far is worth a buy, really good almost Quitely level art and the writing picks up a bit too. The only thing I’ll warn you about is a dialogue error towards the end of the issue which may or may not annoy you but otherwise good stuff.

        I’ll be picking up these books this week:

        Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 (of 3) – First issue started out great, 2nd was weaker, but expect 3rd to be good at least.
        Milestone Forever #1 (of 2) – Been becoming a big fan of the Milestone characters since DC introduced them back into DC. Although I do wished that people were more receptive to this universe.
        Question #37 – Rucka’s Question work on Montoya during 52, Crime Bible, and the Detective back ups have been really enjoyable I loved Denny O’Neil’s Question so this should be really interesting.
        Superman: World of New Krypton #12 (of 12) – I’m just kind of looking forward for this to end. It’s a shame about this book because it started out so strong until DC started to dick around and dragged their feet on the entire Superman line save for maybe Adventure Comics and MAYBE Superman Origin which is somewhat enjoyable but heavily flawed.

        Invincible Iron Man #23 Regular Salvador Larroca Cover – Fractions on a nice path here.
        Nova Vol 4 #34 Regular Brandon Peterson Cover (Realm Of Kings Tie-In) – Love me some Nova. Favorite book among the cosmics.
        Siege (Marvel) #2 Regular Olivier Coipel Cover – Looking forward to this, hopefully it’ll be an actual 32 pages or something but I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.
        Siege Embedded #2 – It’s not fucking great or anything but it’s a nice companion book to the Siege. Wish it wasn’t $4 though.
        Wolverine Weapon X #10 – Jason’s been doing terrific stuff with this book.

  10. Ironmuskrat says:

    Wow, pretty slim pickings this week. Not sure if will buy anything. Heh, who am I kidding , I will get something, just not sure what right now.

    I want to get Invincible Iron Man #23 if it is there.

    I would love to get Dingo #3, but my shop doesn’t carry that one.(ugh)

    If anyone has a good book to read this this week, please let me know. I am always open to peoples suggestions, and lord knows I will try anything once. =)


    • Manwe says:

      I think that Sweet Tooth has been one of the best things out there recently. I hope that Elliot and Jose get to it at some point. Here’s what I’m going to pick up this week:

      Blackest Night Wonder Woman 3
      Scalped 34
      Sweet Tooth 6
      Invincible Iron Man 23
      Siege 2

    • generaldark says:

      have you tried doom patrol? it is a 3.99 book but the metal men back up is worth paying an extra doller.

    • alfred monty says:

      On the topic of local shops not carrying certain books…

      My LCS haz most of what I preorder. Certain things fall through the cracks. I never got Days Missing #2-4, B.P.R.D. 1947 #5, Beasts of Burden #2, Last Days of American Crime #1 and a bunch more… It is maddening. I’m never sure if the store is screwing up my orders, Diamond screws the store, the publisher delays the book.

      I ordered Ape Entertainment’s Hairy Things #1-3 for January. I don’t think that’s out yet. But it was solicited as all three issues were ready to go. Maybe they didn’t reach the minimum Diamond order threshold.

      I’m bugging the owner of my store to go through Haven distribution for Cursed Pirate Girl. Anyone here know if their store uses Haven (or if their store refuses to use Haven)?

      Alfred Monty
      the most annoying customer 🙂

      • Alfred-

        Thanks so much for your nice comments online about Cursed Pirate Girl!!! I publish it, and am thrilled that people have reacted to it as strongly as I did.

        I’m sorry to hear that people have been having trouble with locating copies of the book. Diamond’s staff has been overwhelmingly supportive of the book, but sadly small titles such as ours are more likely to fall through the cracks in the infrastructure of a distributor that size. We have had our own challenges as well, and while they have been very helpful in resolving the issues it does result in a delay in Cursed Pirate Girl reaching retailers through that channel.

        We listened carefully to the complaints about stores not getting their books through Diamond, and have found a second distributor- Haven (at http://www.havendistro.com ) and are happy to say we are hearing that stores are having results on the opposite end of the spectrum.

        Cursed Pirate Girl #3 is available now through Haven, as are second prints of #2. We do not expect to be fulfilling any orders with Diamond at this moment, and it is also worth noting that the second printing of #2 is a Haven exclusive.

        I’m just back from Los Angeles where I curated the Dave McKean exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts, and have some special Cursed PIrate Girl news that will be posted imminently on our blog at http://centuryguild.wordpress.com !!!

        Thanks again, Jeremy Bastian IS one in a million!

        Thomas Negovan
        Century Guild (and Olympian Publishing)

      • Hey Alfred. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this. I didn’t notice this question until Thomas Negovan replied to it. We actually carry Cursed Pirate Girl at the shop I work at. If you can’t find it anywhere else you can order it at Dreamlandcomics.com.


    • Ironmuskrat says:

      Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I will see if any of those books are available at my LCS tomorrow.


  11. Jeremy says:

    Doctor Who #8

    Maybe BN Wonder Women

    Maybe Siege #2

  12. Invincible Iron Man#23
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman#3


    Siege#2 (I may just read this at my store)

  13. Pobra says:

    Nice change of pace from last weeks onslaught.

    Batman Confidential #41
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
    Invincible Iron Man #23
    Sweet Tooth #6

    Jose, I really think you should review Siege #2 for us. Just lay off the hard stuff and stick to beer for now 😉

  14. Chris says:

    Criminal: Sinners #4
    Scalped #34
    Sweet Tooth #6

  15. Dan Griffin says:

    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (3 of 3)
    The Question #37

    Ultimate Comics: X #1 (Art Adams)
    Invincible Iron Man #23
    Siege (2 of 4) (Olivier Coipel)

    Lite week, may pick up the last Fantastic Four Issue, Wonder Woman, and Cowboy Ninja Viking.

  16. alfred monty says:

    I’m picking up…
    Doctor Who
    G.I. Joe Origins
    Lone Ranger
    Star Wars Adventures: Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonshakes 🙂
    and bunch of Marvel/DC/Vertigo stuff.

    I picked up the first Star Wars Adventure book after Jose and Elliott’s review for the first one starring Han. Fun stuff.

    I also noticed no one here listed Lone Ranger or Zorro yet. The ending of the last issue of Lone Ranger (#19, I think) shocked me.

  17. jorge says:

    criminal 4
    ghost rider 6
    and the boys 39
    no seige nononononononononononno and noooooooooooooo i rather read miracle man 9 with the birth scene in it

  18. variant girl says:

    Hey Fellaz/ladies

    The pickings are very slim indeed.

    BN Wonder Woman #3
    Invincible Iron Man #23

    And I will be going back to pick up trades i.e Scapled. Also a manga selection Fool’s Gold Vol. 1 & 2


  19. Ullar says:

    I picked up
    The Great Ten #4
    Sweet Tooth #6
    Criminal Sinners #4
    Indomitable Iron Man Black & White #1
    Invincible Iron Man #23
    Siege #2
    Kill Audio #5

  20. mbell028 says:

    Hey guys this week I got Wolverine Weapon X and Invinciple Iron Man both books were great

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