CCW Poll of the Week

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
  1. Albert says:

    Could we have a third option (sometimes one, sometimes the other)?

    Sometimes I want a Batman (or whoever) fix. I may not be familiar with the creative team, but I know enough about the character that I feel safe buying the book.

    Other times I go in knowing I trust the writer or artist, so I don’t mind following them into a new project.

  2. Dan Griffin says:

    I gotta say it’s both.

    When i first started reading comics it was for the characters. But now it’s both, if its a creative i like i’ll get it but all the more better if it’s a character i like with a creative team i like.

  3. MANACONDA! says:

    gotta be creative team for me, its why i wont be reading avengers when it relaunches, dislike both artist and writer, even though i love iron man, captain america and thor to bits, i cant get behinf romita jr and bendis. at least new avengers has immonen.

  4. Pobra says:

    I want to say both as well. These days I’m more inclined to follow creative teams, but there are still characters that I’ll follow just because I’ve been following them for so long (Daredevil, Spider-Man). Now, DD has had strong creative teams the entire time I’ve been reading it, and ASM keeps things interesting by rotating teams. But even through the really bad arcs I still enjoy the character and the world around them, so I don’t mind sticking with the book. However, I wont buy every Spidey or DD book out there, just because I like the character. And I wont buy every Matt Fraction or John Romita Jr. book out there just because I like the majority of their work. It really has to be a bit of both.

  5. Rob F says:

    I think its more of a half and half. There are some characters that I think are harder to screw up so the creative teams aren’t as important. At other times, if I’m iffy on the book or characters and they have a solid creative team I can be sold on that.

  6. Chris says:

    For the Story? I’m surprised that wasn’t an option. I guess I’ll select Characters.

  7. SMARTASS8 says:

    Creative Team for me!

    While my interest in a comic’s characters will at least get me to flip through a comic, it’s still not a guaranteed sale(especially if it’s written by someone I hate). On the other hand, a good writer(and sometimes even a good artist) is often enough for me to overlook my not liking the comic’s characters.

  8. Izzy4684 says:

    Well personally I have Morrison’s work in general, but I like his run on Batman & Robin. I guess the exception the this is JMS run on Brave and the Bold, because every month the characters are completely different and its a one and done format, so i guess I pick up B&B for the creative team. Its really a case by case basis I guess.

  9. Stamps says:

    I went with characters but it depends on both factors.I love batman but the current run on Batman Confidential that’s going on right now by Sam Kieth is really just not my cup of tea so I’m not reading it. I went through it in my LCS and it doesn’t do anything for me, but the reason I picked it up and even looked through it in the first place was because it was Batman book. So both

  10. Deemar says:

    When I was a kid definately the characters attracted me too a book, now it’s almost completely the creative team.

    Clone Saga taught me the error of my buying habits

  11. kurumais says:

    im a mix but i had to vote character because if it cap ill buy it captain america redundant proves it and yeah ill be dumb enough to buy who wont wield the sheild too.
    but i do check out stuff if a fav writer is doing it not so much with artists though.

    • Did you buy Heroes Reborn: Captain America just because it was Captain America?


      • kurumais says:

        yeah for the first couple of issues then i dropped it but picked it back up after robby left and loeb and an artist, who would become one of my favs, named sean bennett got on the book

        i think the panel where cap drips his green blood into falcon’s mouth was the one that finally got me.

        but come on J thats an extreme case i dont think even battle for the cowl was that bad

  12. Ironmuskrat says:

    In my younger days I was a pretty blind follower of characters in general. I was a huge X fanatic, anything with an X in the title was on my buy list. Hell, I even bought up X-Force when it first came out(woot! giant, goofy feet).

    These days I am much pickier about my comics. I find myself drawn to creators who’s writing style I like and artists who’s work doesn’t burn my eyeballs like napalm. I love the Avengers, always have since I was a kid, but I won’t buy an Avengers book right now, I just don’t like the way they are being written at this time. If for some reason, Jeff Parker was given an Avengers book to write, I would buy it in a second.

    I don’t know if that makes me a more discriminating comic fan or just stubborn in my old age =)


  13. Morlock50 says:

    It’s both for me.

  14. megamanx4ever says:

    bothe for me

  15. Armin Tamzarian says:


    I have my favourite characters based off their premises, histories and general moral values (or sometimes, lack thereof).

    But when it comes down to it, none of that really defines whether the next book is going to be good or not. Every writer is going to bring his own style, interpretation and idiosyncrasies, no matter who the character is.

    This whole debate becomes more clear-cut when looked at from another angle. A good writer can breathe new life into a boring or stale character (Morrison on Animal Man, Robinson on Starman etc.), yet a bad writer can make an exciting character terrible. So, following that logic, if you were to solely follow characters, you’d be, pretty much, playing Russian roulette with your titles and miss out on great up and coming characters.

    When you buy a comic, you’re supporting it’s creators. I’m not going to sign Loeb’s paycheck, just because he slapped Batman’s face on the cover of a book, then paid one of the interns to write the story while he went for lunch (this is a theory I’ve been rolling with for a while).
    I kind of see it as, being akin to, tipping a chef who cooks your favourite meal then spits in it.

  16. Will.S says:

    I can’t really just chose one, sometimes I go purely for a creative team and they surprise me while other times I just dig the character and can take some bad stories.

    But it’s a mixture of both.

  17. Matty says:

    I have to say both, I can’t pick just one.

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