This Won’t End Well

Posted: February 3, 2010 in DC Comics, Rumor
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Looks like those of you who have been wanting us to rant about DC shenanigans on CCW*TV may just get what you want next week. Ya, I think there is a pretty good chance of that happening.

Get Ready for Watchmen 2/Bleeding Cool


  1. Deemar says:

    Uh Oh

    Is Rob Liefeld and jeph Loeb writing Aquaman or something?

  2. Locusmortis says:

    This isn’t exactly new news. I remember grant morrison talking about doing a book like this ages ago and nothing ever came of it.

    • I know that the concept of “Watchmen 2” is not new news but the fact that DC may be moving forward on it relatively soon kinda is.


      • Tayto says:

        Well to play devils advocate one could use an argument like “Well it is a DC property and DC own all the characters so they can do with it what they wish. How is it different from Batman, Superman, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool or any other set of characters owned by DC or Marvel. Why should these characters be sacrosanct just because Alan Moore is a grumpy old git?”

        something like that.

        • He he. You’re right it is no different than any of the characters you mentioned. I would never say that DC has no right to do Watchmen 2 because they literally do. I just don’t think it needs to be done. A prequel or sequel holds no interest for me but I am sure a lot of other people would welcome the idea. Just my opinion.


        • Armin Tamzarian says:

          The difference is, that those were always intended as on-going stories, Watchmen always had a finite ending.

          It’s not just Moore being a grumpy old git, either (well, he is, but the brilliant ones usually are).
          Take JMS’s Silver Surfer: Requiem, for example. That story had a finite ending. I would expect JMS to be, at least, a little disappointed if Marvel came along and said “we’re going to dilute the ending to your original work and make the entire thing more convoluted.”

          The original comic was released almost a quarter of a century ago and since its release, it’s always sold like hot cakes. So why wait this long to release a sequel? Because there has never been a way to write a sequel. Watchmen wrapped up, there’s no where to go. You can’t even really write a prequel, as most of that was covered in the original.

          The only reason they’re jumping on it now, is because with the influx of new fans from the movie, they think they can push anything with the Watchmen logo attached and the rabid fans will swallow it, regardless. Sadly, they’re probably right.

  3. SMARTASS8 says:

    This is inexcusable. While I find some superhero comic “masterpieces” to be overrated(Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, Ultimates, Red Son), Watchmen is perfect. Why would he do this? Didio has been in charge of plenty of awful ideas in the past(wanting to kill Nightwing, Countdown, Death Of The New Gods, Bruce Jones’ exclusive), but I also felt he was responsible for a lot of good at DC(or at least hired the people responsible for a lot of the good at DC). While he still won’t be as big of an asshole as JoeyQ or Brevoort, if he goes through with this, he’ll be close. I hope to God this isn’t true!!!

  4. Mike F says:

    I just may never buy another DC product again. Seriously. That’s not even a smart thing to just think about… A sequel to watchmen, I’m really speechless. Its embarrassing. It shows how the general movie public has really taken control of the way things officially are.

    • generaldark says:

      now your just over reacting the way we all were when marvel was doing shit.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        Imho, the difference with this is that it’s a stupid, but basically stand alone, idea. Most of the things dones at Marvel that I despise permeate their entire “universe”. It’s a lot harder to escape than something like this.

        Isn’t someone supposed to take over Levitz’ previous position at DC? I hope that person isn’t Didio and they ax this idea before it comes to fruition.

    • Armin Tamzarian says:

      That’s a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

      The whole backlash against Marvel was because of their shady business practices. This doesn’t really speak for DC’s business practices (well it does, in that they’re trying to milk money, but every business in every industry does that), just a single example of a poor creative decision.

      As for the “movie public,” like them or not, they’re are what’s keeping the industry alive, more than anything.

  5. kurumais says:

    alan moore and dave gibbons have right of first refusal is there any doubt about that? they are going to refuse?
    i remember when dc did the kingdom stuff uggg. kingdom come was a nice series not quite up there with watchmen or dark knight returns but good. there was absolutely no reason to do anything else with that. ( well the frank quitely offsping issue was actually very good) then the DK2 felt like frank miller was trying to destroy his own creation. the s no doubt in my mind this will not end well

    but i can see business wise somebody up there above didio who doesnt really know comics but saw watchmen’s numbers saying “hey lets follow this up and cash in on this franchise”

    along this topic i was informed today the dc trades outsell marvel trades 2 to 1

    also j, you might be tickled to know, one the guys in comic shop just had a baby boy and he named him dean winchester

  6. Matthew Guy says:

    As much as I would like to know how a Robert Redford presidency changed America for the better. No Reagan, Bush I or Bush II a brighter day for liberals everywhere. I would have to say to DC don’t shot yourself in the foot w/ a loaded gun by making a Watchmen 2 comic or movie.


  7. MicahSkin says:

    TBH how many watchmen are left? Movie didn’t show everyone else even mentioned in Nite Owl I’s book all die. So we got Sally, Dan and dickhole of the universe Adrian left?

    They’re just gonna create a whole buncha Kick Ass esque stereotypes to fill spandex and fill seats. Like Blade 3 w/o the quality Ryan Renalds in a sweaty wife beater shained up… Looking up at HHH… eyes pleading… yearning for his soft yet firm hands to….


    YEAH! Watchmen 2 BAD!!!

  8. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    Everyone put on your Blue Lantern rings and say “ALL WILL BE WELL”. And with the Blue power of Hope, WATCHMEN 2 will be good.

  9. guido5595 says:

    hopefully this will be the Grant Morrison Charlton book for Multiversity that is based on Watchmen and not a direct sequel.

    • Locusmortis says:

      Agreed Guido, thats what I was trying to think of earlier. Were Morissons comments from a Wizard interview do you recall?

  10. Rob F says:

    I think they’d be more likely to really work the prequel stuff even perhaps setting up characters to appear in Watchmen 2. That being said, its a horrible idea. As Micah pointed out, there’s very few left. Unless they are going to try and retcon the deaths… And wasn’t the movie not as successful as they hoped? It seems like a weird attempt to squeeze a few more bucks out of the fans and DC should leave that tactic to Marvel…

  11. Ironmuskrat says:

    I just don’t see how this would work, Watchmen is a totally self contained story. A prequel? The original series already had that. A sequel? what is left to tell? The only option you are left with is creating new characters and changing the ending of the original story to fit these new characters into the world of the Watchmen.

    Plus a Watchmen movie without Rorschach or Dr. Manhattan isn’t movie that I am very interested in seeing.


  12. Deemar says:

    Oh mother of god


  13. Morlock50 says:

    Five words. The Dark Knight Strikes Again. As Ironmuskrat said, what more needs to be added to this story (financial considerations aside)?

  14. generaldark says:

    who the hell even asked for a watchmen 2???? nobody! this is jsut going to piss off more fans!!!!!!

  15. Izzy4684 says:

    We should write up a petition and send it to Dan Didio telling him not to do it! The thing with watchmen is that its a complete story, you can’t really fit anything else in without screwing it up. Besides that, I believe 80% of fans were Rorshache fans, really the only possible story is a Rorshache year one story.

    • Armin Tamzarian says:

      You gotta think Moore would have been at least a little pissed that so many people loved Rorschach too.

      As for the year one story, we already got all that in the original Watchmen.

  16. Armin Tamzarian says:

    Man, I’d loved to see Moore’s reaction to this. He gets riled up even when they take his works in good directions (or at least not terrible directions).

    I hope this goes ahead, just so that there’s the slight possibility, that I may get to sit down with him one day and read this, then watch the League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie, then watch as his head explodes.

  17. Stamps says:

    NO! This is so not necessary. Even if they do try to make a sequel, I hope it’s like the first one and it takes over 20 years to make. That way I can be in my late 40’s and have had enough time to mentally prepare myself for this shit.

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