A Note on This Week’s CCW Episodes

Posted: February 7, 2010 in CCW TV, Marvel, Opinion

I have been very happy with the last few week’s worth of segments. I have to admit it is mostly due to me being able to seem rational, cool and collected on camera. This could also be one of the reasons why we have had so many new subscribers as of late. Well, that all changes this week. For those of you have have missed “Angry Jose” you will be very happy to hear that he rears his ugly little head in the first couple of segments we filmed today. It was a combination of The Siege, Ultimate X and Elliott pushing my buttons which proved to be just too much for me. I am sure I’ll catch some shit on the comment boards for some of the things I said. Not from our regulars mind you but from some of are detractors as of late. Sigh…so much for trying to seem fair and partial.


  1. Ironmuskrat says:

    I understand Jose, The Siege is enough to put anyone over the edge =)

    I just hope you didn’t rip Elliott in half during the taping.. down the middle no less..


  2. Oh yeah, he got a little hot with me. Threats were made. Should make for some interesting segments.


  3. Bboyce 109 says:

    What are the chances that marvel will extend Siege by another issue when issue #3 comes out? or do you think they will be smart enough to keep it at four. Because i cant see Siege ending completely in the next two issues, it feels like they are rushing this short event the event they say is seven years in the making(YEAH RIGHT) so they can start this “Heroic Age” and reassemble the Avengers not because they were just bought out by Disney.

  4. d.j.sweet says:

    hi. I wanted to say something about Kick-Ass #8 that bothered me the most, but I couldn’t post on the youtube channel because im blocked. So after all that abuse he’s taken, and all the ass kickings that he got from grown men, hell, from grown hitmen while he was tied to a chair! And Dave (?) can’t even defend himself against some young punk kid? I didn’t mind him getting turned down by the girl, but that was retarded.

    • Morlock50 says:

      Maybe he lost on purpose so nobody would suspect he was Kick-Ass. Kinda like Clark Kent’s mild-mannered reporter shtick.

      Btw, what did you do to get blocked on youtube?

  5. Mitiators says:

    Finally. That Elliot has had it coming for a while now. Kidding.

  6. kurumais says:

    E is like the rodney dangefeild of comic reviewers

    poor e

  7. Blackbolt says:

    I’m new to this so go easy on me here guys.
    I have become a big fan of the show and I wanted to comment on something that was done on one of your recent uploads. When reviewing Chew you guys stated that you would review the book again until Layman brought back Jellybean.
    I hope you don’t mean that because I know and you both know you’re going to be ripping Bendis a new one before the SEIGE is over. So the question becomes…are you gonna give Bendis and his work that you don’t like more free press or are you going to give attention to a work that you like…CHEW.
    I have actually brought books based on your reviews…even some books that you gave the thumbs down on.

  8. Blackbolt says:

    I meant to say that you said you WOULD NOT review chew again until Layman brought back Jellybean…told you I was new to this.

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