The CCW Nation Award Winners are…

Posted: February 10, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW TV

Hey folks, Elliott here with the winners of the 2009 CCW Nation Awards!  The voting was fast and furious, and in the case of Best Monthly Book, really REALLY close.  But the polls have been closed, so here are the CCW Nation’s picks for 2009:

BEST ARTIST: J.H. Williams

BEST WRITER: Geoff Johns

BEST MONTHLY BOOK: Batman & Robin (This one was decided by TWO VOTES!)

BEST MINI-SERIES: Blackest Night

BEST PUBLISHER: DC Comics (no surprise here.)

And the GOLDEN LOEB – the award for the WORST THING IN COMICS for 2009 went to: The DARK REIGN Event.

Remember, these are the creators and books that YOU nominated and YOU voted for!  Thank you all for your participation!

  1. Locusmortis says:

    I think thats a fair enough result based on the last year.

    A seperate category for creator-owned books might be an idea to broaden the scope beyond the big 2 (although marvel didn’t fare too well this year…wonder why lol”

  2. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Best writer should go to Grant Morrison. What he’s done with Seaguy and Batman is mind blowing. Geoff Johns is alright but he tries too hard to make things that are lame into things that are hip and important. Green Lantern and LoS still aren’t fun to read.

    Best Monthly needs to be Detective Comics, I don’t even know why I should have to mention this it should be the eleventh amendment to the U.S. Constitution already, “11. Batwoman in Detective Comics with Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III is the best monthly cape book.”

  3. mattyb says:

    I think the results are about right. Geoff Johns has written a lot of great comics and makes GL something I can’t wait to read when I pick it up, Morrison has done some fantastic work though.

  4. Mike F says:

    I voted and I dont personally agree with Geoff being BEST. I’ve always felt as mature and good his work is, it has a tinyyyy bit of childish theme to it. By that I mean “GOOD DEFEATS BAD!” When In fact I prefer to see a deeper struggle than that.

    I still love his work on Flash, GL, and BN is doing fine tho. Sooooo Congrats Johns ^_^

    • Morlock50 says:

      For me, Geoff gets the nod for Blackest Night alone. Just imagine how much of a cluster fuck that mini would be if a lesser writer got ahold of it.

      • Locusmortis says:

        Good defeats bad works for me these days, in the real world its mainly the bad guys that win (evil dictactors, religious extremeists, bankers…)

        I watched an interesting programme a couple of days ago about kids getting desensitized to violence through longterm playing of violent video games, it made a lot of sense.

  5. Antonio says:

    I can’t gripe about any of those choices.

    All top quality stuff.

  6. Mattcd42 says:

    Wow, i only have two disagreements, I should of voted. That will learn me.

  7. saar18 says:

    Invincible Iron Man was, without a thought, the BEST MONTHLY BOOK.

  8. Deemar says:

    Jeph Loeb must be proud

    I tell ya what, Geoff Johns was the MVP of 2009 and can’t wait too see what he does going forward.

    • Matthew Guy says:

      Johns wrote the 2 hr Absolute Justice episode of Smallville that was on last week. I wish him well in 2010 on Flash after Flash Rebirth finally ends (right?), Superman Secret Origin, Green Lantern, the end of Blackest Night, etc…


  9. Rob F says:

    I’m slightly meh on Williams…other than that solid

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