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Posted: February 20, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

Sorry for the almost complete lack of new posts the last couple of days. Been a little busier than I normally am. Things should slow back down for me tomorrow and the regular posting will continue. I did notice that the last open thread post was getting a bit cramped so here’s a brand new one for you all.

I don’t know if any of you caught the conversation that Ironmuskrat and I had in an earlier thread about the not so subtle “men, your wives and girlfriends are slowly killing you so it’s time to reclaim your manhood and buying these products will allow you to do just that” tone of some of the Super Bowl commercials (The Dodge commercial and the one for Flo TV in particular). This following video is a perfect way to cap that conversation. The parody video “Woman’s Last Stand” (which in my opinion is really quite brilliant) was created by MacKenzie Fegan. You can find an interview with her about the making of the video here. I’ll also add the Dodge commercial down below so you can compare and contrast. And, yes, since the Super Bowl and it’s commercials have become ingrained in pop culture this has perfect relevance here.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Are comics that come out more than once a month (ASM, 52, etc.) a good or bad thing?
    My opinion: a good thing. You guys?

    • In some ways I see it as a bad thing. Next month there are 5 issues of Amazing Spider-Man coming out and that is just ridiculous. People will feel they HAVE TO buy all those issues (if they collect Amazing) so they will not be buying different titles because they will have no money left for them. This is one of the reasons why smaller titles like Exiles, SWORD and Doctor Voodoo get canceled. People are too busy buying 5 or more Spider-Man and Deadpool comics A MONTH.


    • Deemar says:

      All depends on the quality of the comic

      and price

      • Jeremy says:

        That’s true. ASM has some of Marvel,s (in my opinion) best writers. But what Jose is also right. I’m sure there is some middle ground though.

        • Deemar says:

          I think it all comes down too pricing, if ASM was $2.00 would make buying it a whole lot more appealing

          • kurumais says:

            with 52, countdown and wednesday comics dc asked fans to buy a book a week which i think they did to some extent
            im surprised marvel hasnt done the same

            • Amazing Spidey is an attempt (almost) at a weekly comic. I’ve heard rumors that Marvel is thinking about doing the same with one of the Avengers books.


              • Jeremy says:

                Hope it’s Mighty

              • SMARTASS8 says:

                I could be wrong, but I still feel the only reason Amazing wasn’t officially a weekly is because Marvel didn’t want to look like they were copying off of 52. While it’s close, 3 times a month still isn’t a weekly.

                • In March though it will be a weekly but I think you’re right.


                • StarkOryan says:

                  I’m pretty sure the decision to make ASM almost-weekly is not impacted by 52. Who cares? It has more to do with scheduling difficulties, making sure they have a good finished product to deliver while working on 3 to 6 issue arcs with a variety of artists. 52 does not, and probably never has, entered into the conversation. The book has had it’s strengths and weaknesses, but I think it has been pretty good consistently for more than 52 weeks. It still begs the question of whether or not 4-5 books in one month is stretching the bounds of what they can deliver quality-wise. A wise consumer will, as ever, judge each book by it’s individual worth, and I highly doubt all of them will be worth the price of admission. Still, I have to say that ASM has been a strong title, and laugh off any cries that it’s merely a cashgrab copy of a DC concept.
                  Feel free to attack now.

                  • I am too tired to attack. It’s like you said, who cares? It’s just fucking comics dude. Anyone who needs to attack because of opinions stated about comics needs to reevaluate their current life situation. In fact, you have just convinced me to stop doing ridiculous comic review videos and this blog. Who cares indeed.


                  • Oh, also, if you decide again to make up a new, fake account in order post a comment insulting one of our commenters you will be gone from here. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit.


                    • says:

                      LOL That wasn’t me. So maybe others do have different opinions. Did you really find his comment insulting to anyone?

    • Izzy4684 says:

      Well 52 was very good, but countdown sucked. Brightest Day will be bi-weekly. ASM and 52 are completely different, 52 had a pace to it that was like day 1 day 2, week 12 ect. ASM is just spidey adventures. Bottom line is quality and burn out factor. In 52 they used third tier characters, as to not over exposed (the exact opposite of trinity) where Spiderman is a flagship character.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        First of all, in my initial post, I said “I could be wrong”. I’m not saying “Marvel 100% ripped off DC”. I’m also not talking about what types of books they are. When I say that they are making Spidey almost weekly because of 52, it’s because 52 was a weekly & it was popular(some of you may not like it, but it was popular in sales). Marvel and DC both had weeklies in the 1980’s but they never caught on. My original premise was that Marvel saw that weeklies could be popular and tried it, almost, with Spidey.

  2. I did notice that some of the super bowl commercials were sexist and my English class even talked about this recently. That spoof was brilliant!

  3. Deemar says:

    Pretty cool spoof

    Alls fair I say

  4. Deemar says:

    Oh and any of the CCW members wanna be in a cartoon get a pic up in the fan art, I’m already workin on some new stuff.

    General Dark is in the next round for March

    • says:

      I think i’d be perfect cartoon material. If you drew a cartoon of Jose ripping me in half I’m sure it would make his day.

      • I couldn’t reply to your comment above so I will reply to it here. No, THAT comment above was not insulting to anyone. There was another comment that that individual made that directly insulted one of the commenters which I didn’t allow. He actually signed in under a different name in order to insult the person. Was quite the dick move.

        Speaking of dick moves I am going to take this opportunity to apologize to you for what happened earlier this week. I was completely out of line. Hopefully from here on out we can disagree without either of us resorting to name calling and we can just have a civil debate.


        • says:

          Thank you for saying that. I would like to apologize for the flippant way that I have insulted others and name called.

  5. phil says:

    Steve is back, Bruce is soon to return, is it just me or is there anyone else out there that thinks both Marvel and D C missed the boat by not turning the page on history and continuuing both Cap and Bats with who are wearing the suits now, for good?

    A new “permanent” status quo could have usheed in a new era where twenty years from now a parent could have been talking to their kid where the kid would have said “who’s Bruce Wayne and the parent would have said ” that’s who Batman was before Dick Grayson” and the kid woulda been like “there was a dude that wore the suit before Dick/”

    Man, what could have been.

    • Deemar says:

      I could be agreeable too that idea as long as theres a book being published with Bruce and Steve in some compacity.

      It would be a bold move Phil that’s for sure

      • kurumais says:

        one thing the comic community cant take is change
        barry allen was dead for 23 years and they brought him back the whole time people were calling for his return think about how long that this way
        picture a kid being born the same month barry was killed off in crisis. think about everything that kid goes threw on his way to 23 years old. breast feeding diapers bottles crawling walking talking teething potty training pre k kindergarden grammer school,first fight, junior high first dance high school girls, first kiss, puberty, first girlfriend , first heartbreak, first drink, loss of viginity, part time jobs, driving permit and driver licence, college first real job think about how much life and change that kid went threw and still people wanted flash back the way he was.
        23 years is loooooong time not get over the death of fictional character

        • phil says:

          The thing is, Kuru… I was around during Allens’ death, and I scarecely remember anyone calling for his return. Just like I,m not seeing the hordes of fans pressing for Bruce’s return, sure, there are some die hard true bluers out there that are calling for Bruce’s return and such, but it would so appear from my perspective that folks by and large were settling in with the transitionl dark knight. As for Barry, I think even fewer people would mind if he were somehow to rejoin the unliving.

          • kurumais says:

            hey phil every flash message board i ever went to since i got on the net had bring back barry threads including dc’s official boards

            check out some flash boards and sites
            dan didio called barry “the ultimate flash ” you know geoff johns wanted him back in a huge way.

            and it wasnt that wally didnt have great runs on his book waid, morrison, and even johns all had top notch runs on wally’s book. when morrison revived the big gun jla wally was part of that and still wasnt enough

            barry just like hal had to come back

            • phil says:

              I don’t know about “had to”, Kuru, but I believe you as far as message boards go. My time on the computer has probably added up to less than a year. I guess publications like the Comics Journal from back in the day were not covring this or I simply overlooked it.
              My overall feeling is if creative folks give in to apathy, where will the growth in comics come from with the big two?

        • Deemar says:

          No what I can’t take is a shit ton of words 😉

          • Locusmortis says:

            The thing that comic book fans forget is that the characters are PROPERTIES. They are there to be exploited by DC and Marvel, there is no way that they could commercially afford to ditch Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers permanently.

            Also, looking at it from a less cynical view, these characters have become cultural icons to some extent and they have become self-perpetuating archetypes in a way. Jack Kirby talked about creating a mythology for the modern age and it could be argued that Batman and Captain America and the other characters are our ages versions of Hector and Achilles, Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, Horatio Hornblower. These characters are part of the now and part of human cultural history for however long that exists.

            • phil says:

              My question in that case, Locus…. is if there is no pressure fronm the masses to bring these long known personas back then what is there to exploit?

              • generaldark says:

                couldnt they kill a charecter permanetly but have the charecter live on in a different book that doesnt effect the current marvel dc universes?

                • phil says:

                  If u mean… Like Batman from AllStar or Wolverine from Ultimate, then I’d have to say no, General. Reason being is u would not have any or you have less of an emotional tie to a character that you would see as a promotional doppleganger. For it to carry any weight it would have to be the current / main universe.

                  • Deemar says:

                    I don’t know Phil, the Ultimate Cap I could live with Steve Rogers being the Cap there and Bucky in the 616, I could deal with that.

                    As far as All Star Superman, hell I’d take that over what the mainline Superman books are up too.

                  • generaldark says:

                    thats what i was talking about. charecters from the main universes.

                • SMARTASS8 says:

                  They could, but since a lot of comic fans don’t read What Ifs or Elseworlds since they don’t “count”, I feel they’d have the same problem with your idea.

                  As for bringing Bruce and Steve back, I feel they almost have to. While I actually like Dick Grayson, as a character, more than Bruce, Bruce Wayne is such a household name & important merchandising property, there’s no way he wouldn’t come back. Stever Rogers, on the other hand, is hardly a household name, but he is Marvel’s oldest character who can still sustain a solo title. I think the only reason a lot of readers were so accepting of Brubaker’s killing off Cap is because he said from the beginning that it was going to be temporary(it was also a good book for the most part as well). Cap Reborn also fits in with Marvel’s new “Heroic Age”. You know, the brand new Marvel era where the Avengers line-up is still the New Avengers(plus Thor) and most “heroes” are still cold blooded killers, but, hey, it says “heroic” in the ads and on comic covers.

                  • Ya, just adding Thor and Iron Man to the New Avengers is a huge fail. It will be the same ol’ shit until they get Bendis off of that book.

                    Here is part on an interview with the pompous ass in case you haven’t read it. Link will follow the quote.

                    Bendis:”Before I decided to stay with the Avengers, I asked myself, ‘Am I done?’ And the answer was, ‘No. I’m not.’ So going into the Heroic Age, I decided to write these books as if I were taking over for the Eisner Award winning Brian Michael Bendis and see what new things I can add to what’s already been put out there. And yes, I talk about myself that way. When I’m with my wife eating dinner, it’s like, ‘Please pass the rice to the Eisner Award winning Brian Michael Bendis. Thank you,'” Bendis joked. “Some people reading this might be thinking, ‘Why don’t you let someone else write it?’ But the answer is, ‘No. I don’t want to.’



                    • Deemar says:

                      Oh no he didn’t?

                      That guy, seriously he’s due for a major fall.

                      Who speaks in the 3rd person? Who calls themselves “Eisner Award Winning”? He really spoke those words.

                      He’s speaking in the third person just wow

                    • Morlock50 says:

                      He sounds like a jerk.

            • Deemar says:

              Now that is truth Locus

              I think when we long departed these characters will hold that spot

              • kurumais says:

                actually im suprised brubaker is sticking on cap after reborn you know writers for a while were jumping on off books left and rights
                but johns has been on GL for what? 4 years? bendis on avengers and brubaker took over cap forever ago

                • TheComicRant says:

                  Bruce has to come back as Batman eventually. But they could have at least waited a few years and give Dick a chance to be fleshed out.

  6. Deemar says:

    New pics up for March more to follow

  7. generaldark says:

    i read issue one of BN jsa and saw a black lantern rip out a police mans heart who was named “S. Rogers” guinsadence?

  8. Dan Griffin says:

    Now with this Weeks release of JL: Crisis on Two Earths dvd and Planet Hulk out a couple of weeks ago. It brings up the question, Dc or Marvel. Who has the better Animated films?

    I go with DC because JL: The New Frontier is just so amazing.

    and what DC or Marvel Character or Story line should have there own Animated film?

    • Deemar says:

      DC by far not even a contest

      Marvel is improving, but the animation itself is lacking and the Super Hero Squad awful. I know it’s for kids, but they can do better if kids can handle Teen Titans or Last Air bender they can enjoy a more challenging toon.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I would rather watch Superfriends before I watch another Marvel direct-to-video release(not that I have anything against Superfriends LOL). While DC’s dtv releases may not be perfect, they are still worth a viewing. I can’t say the same for the Marvel dtv’s that I’ve seen.

        • phil says:

          You must have a far higher tollerance of the Superfriends than I do. I thought SF was the death-knell of cartoons for at least a decade. Its one saving grace was the blasphemous GorillaGrodd saying in a twisted oath directed toward the SF: “Do you swear to tell lie upon lie, so help you Grodd”
          If not a quote, pretty darn close.:-)

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            I just have a healthy dose of nostalgia for some of the guilty pleasure movies, cartoons, and comics of my youth. While a lot of these things I wish I had never revisited(like Back To The Future;where we learn a potential date rapist makes a good butler if you sucker punch him), there are others I still like. I am entertained by Blue Devil, Atari Force, He-Man, Three’s Company, Goonies, as well as Superfriends, to this day.

            • phil says:

              My apologies, Smart, if you took any offense to my SuperFriends comments.
              I meant only to express my disdain for that show, not to have it come across like I was taking a shot at you. And hey, who does’nt love Jack Tripper?

              • SMARTASS8 says:

                Don’t worry about it. I didn’t take any offense at all. I wanted to clarify that I wasn’t holding up Superfriends as a great show, just that I still enjoyed it due in large part to nostalgia(stupid happy childhood! LOL!!!).

        • Deemar says:

          I think the problem Marvel is having with the DTV is it all feels rushed and instead of using story arcs like Planet Hulk go for stuff like Kraven’s Last Hunt or Demon in the Bottle.

          Those are proven classics, who knows if Planet Hulk will has the same weight of those stories over time.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            I love Hulk and have liked some of Pak’s other work, but I didn’t like Planet Hulk that much(which supposedly was based on JoeyQ wanting to see Hulk in Spartacus wear). It went on too long for me, I never bought the Marvel “heroes” turning on Banner like that, and I feel we’re never going to be rid of the 2 kids it spawned for Hulk(how many gamma brats does he have now? 4?).

            • Locusmortis says:

              I liked Planet Hulk but I do agree with Smartass that a lot of Marvel characters were written totally out of character at that time, particularly wherever Mark Milllar was involved

    • TheComicRant says:

      DC. Marvel sufers from crappy animation and stuff like Super Hero Squad and Next Avengers.

      Of course, there is room to improve on both sides. I think John’s Superman and the Legion (Action arc) would make a great animated movie.

      That or a REAL Death of Superman trilogy. Not the Superman: Doomsday shit.

      • kurumais says:

        i kinda liked the next avengers it wasnt great but kind of fun watching the cap/hawkeye dynamic played out with the kids
        the iron man cartoon isnt bad my 7 year old nephew loves it
        but over all i agree dc animation is much better i even liked the wonder woman movie a lot cant wait for the crisis on 2 worlds going to be fun

    • Jeremy says:

      DC has been doing better.
      Also I’d love to see a Kingdom Come movie with Alex Ross-esq animation. I don’t know if it is possible but it would be awesome.

  9. SMARTASS8 says:

    According to Dan Didio, DC has no intention of making a sequel to Watchmen. Whether the sequel was a false rumor or DC realized they would be publically crucified if they attempted to do it, it looks like all the talk around the net was for nothing. We can now wait for Marvel to fuck up Marvelman/Miracleman; that is if they ever get the rights straightened out(way to jump the gun with the announcement).

    • Oops! Looks like our next segment of Last Rants where we talk about the rumor of Watchmen 2 is already completely worthless before it’s even posted. Sigh…I wish Elliott would get those damn videos up in a timely fashion to keep this from happening.


      • Dan Griffin says:

        Jesus J, you guys are no better then JMS and Millar….lol jk.

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          Sorry! I read it the other day and thought I wasn’t alone. I wouldn’t have said anything if I knew it would have ruined your show. Just think of it as my revenge for Elliott’s spoiling of the ending to Up In The Air. LOL!!!

          • Chances are good that if you read about it others probably have too. Not your fault. It’s easier to just blame Elliott. 🙂


            • says:

              Hey, i just wanted to give you props for the Lapham shout out on this Rant. He actually would be the perfect choice for a Comedian story. He does twisted dark violent humor better than anyone. (Well, poignant twisted violent dark humor, many do great twisted dark fun. Anyhow, he’s just the most underrated comic creator out there and i was happy to hear his name.

              • Ya, Elliott mentioned him and that was a really good choice. I really miss Stray Bullets. That was one of the comics I looked forward to the most back when it was coming out. Haven’t bought Young Liars yet but I plan to at some point.


                • says:

                  It’s such a bizarre change from Stray Bullets. The first story arc is fairly straight forward but the second trade takes a bold step to the surreal. It was the most unique and creative book on the market. It had a nice ending but I really wish it would have lasted the 48-60 issues the Lapham had in mind for the complete story. Thats the problem with trade waiting on a low selling fringe title like this. It’s the only title that I got in singles and also picked up the trades to loan out to others. I even bought 2 trades of vol 1 to try to support the book. I can send a copy out to dream land comics.

    • Blanchard says:

      I wondering if that includes the possibility of rebooting the watchmen universe (i.e. similar to JMS’s take on the Squadron Supreme in Supreme Power). Technically That wouldn’t be a sequel.

  10. itsmeMorph says:

    i was showing a friend my GL and BN books, then he asked me about where other characters are during these events. Mainly he wanted to know what the joker was up too, and me not knowing i thought id ask here.

  11. Read Doomwar #1 today and have to way it was pretty good. May have to review it on the show tomorrow.


  12. kurumais says:

    what did you think of kaare andrews xmen ? i liked the beast but not sure about the rest

  13. Has anyone read Chosen by Mark Millar and Peter Gross? I’m currently reading it right now and as a Christian I find the concept interesting.

    • says:

      I really liked it. I’m almost shocked that it’s the same chump writer that has written nothing but telegraphed garbage other than that. (no, I never read his Superman Red Son )

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I read Superman Red Son and wasn’t that impressed by it. I didn’t hate it, but I’d never read it again. I liked Chosen until I read the line about ass rapings in hell that left me thinking “really?”. I’ve said it before but Millar seems to be the love child of JoeyQ & Garth Ennis; all empty hype and shock tactics with the maturity of a drunk frat boy.

  14. Edward2962 says:

    Hi.I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this already,but this whole thing where Bucky is going to stay Cap and Steve is going to head SHIELD? This was a WHAT IF story in the late 70’s.It was issue #5 (I think).The plane never explodes and they survive WW2.Nick Fury dies in combat (Korea?) so Steve becomes director of SHIELD.Buck is Cap and Rick Jones is the new Bucky.I can’t remember the details,but I think they fight Hydra and in the end Buck dies.Actually,that’s the end of every old What If story (someone dies or the world blows up).The art was George Tuska?

  15. kurumais says:

    i just saw the wolfman today. first let me say im biased werewolves have been my favorites monsters since i was a kid so this was right up my alley. i liked it not greatest movie ever but fun great make up and effects. the wolfman is fast, brutal and lethal and they dont skimp on the wolfman scenes. benico wasnt all that good or interesting it very low key i thought but all and all a nice bit of escapism

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      I’m with you in loving werewolves. They’ve been my favorite type of mytholgical monster since I can remember. Unfortunately, we get more zombie & vampire movies than any of the lycan variety. The original Wolf Man(for some reason they removed the space in his name for the 2010 movie) is my favorite of the Universal Classic Monsters. While I’m defintely going to see this, I haven’t been wowed by any of the trailers. As much as I love the look of Victorian England, was it really necessary to move the story from the original’s 1940’s to the era most classic monster movies are set in? Also, while I’ve liked them in other movies, Del Toro never seemed right for the part(he’s a little too eccentric and not sympathetic enough for Lawrence Talbot) and Hopkins looks like he’s resorted to the crazy eyed scenery chewing of his Van Helsing role in Bram Stoker’s Dracula(I assume he doesn’t even come close to Claude Rains’ performance as the senior Talbot). The more I hear about this movie, the more I think I should just see Percy Jackson instead. LOL!!!

      • kurumais says:

        if you liked the orginal wolfman you’ll love the make up rick baker recreates the look of that film and enhances it, plus he does a nice nod to werewolf in london starring oliver reed.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      I agree the acting wasn’t the best, neither was the character development but Anthony Hopkins was creepy as usual and the effects were fun. Some of the kills were very over the top and were hilarious in a good way.

  16. kurumais says:

    the sheild helecarrier ala doctor who

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