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Posted: February 25, 2010 in CCW Nation, Question of the Week

This week’s question:

“What comics do you think should be in the Top 10 monthly sales chart that currently are not?”

It’s become quite obvious that the Top 10 best selling comics month in and month out are not necessarily the best comics in the industry. Actually, most of them quite frankly are the worst that industry has to offer. Now, this is all a matter of opinion of course but that’s what the “Question of the Week” is all about. Let your opinion be known down in the comments and maybe you can help get the word out on the books you enjoy that could use a little sales boost. Here are my choices in no particular order:

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham
Power Girl by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
X-Factor by Peter David
R.E.B.E.L.S. by Tony Bedard and Claude St. Aubin
Incredible Hercules by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Rodney Buchemi
The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Dingo by Michael Alan Nelson and Franceso Biagini
Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley
Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory

These are only a few of titles that I think deserve wider recognition. If you want I’ll share more of them with you in the comments below.

Here is a list of last month’s Top 10 best selling books for reference:

1. Siege #1
2. Green Lantern #50
3. Batman & Robin #7
4. Captain America: Reborn #6
5. New Avengers #61
6. Amazing Spider-Man #617
7. Green Lantern Corps #44
8. Dark Avengers #13
9. Blackest Night: The Flash #2
10. Uncanny X-Men #520


  1. saar18 says:

    not in order:

    Fantastic Four
    Invincible Iron Man
    Secret Warriors
    Thor (JMS run. This one is ok but i’m sure when Matt will take over the book it will be in the top 10).
    not sure about my ten one.

    I’m pretty sure that the new Hickman’s ongoing (shield will be in the top ten)

  2. Chris says:

    Scalped! I don’t know how well it sells. But more people should read this comic!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Green Lantern
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Mighty Avengers
    Deadpool (main)
    Doctor Who
    Adventure Comics
    Batman and Robin
    Booster Gold
    (this was not in any particular order)

  4. phil says:

    Brave & the Bold

  5. Stamps says:

    My favorite comic books that I think deserve to be in the top ten are:

    Chew- awesome original story that takes a new twist every issue, this upcoming break for a month is going to suck.

    Detective- it has a on again/off again relationship with the top 10 but even with Jock’s artwork and not Williams III’s (which I’m not digging as much) I think it should still be in the top ten on Rucka’s current storyline alone.

    The Unwritten- An all around fun and original story. I look forward to this book every month.

    Gotham City Sirens- This book is funny, beautifully drawn, and action packed. It makes a great addition to the rest of the bat-family books from DC.

    The Walking Dead- This book is so bad ass on so many levels, all with no color. And Kirkman and I live in the same place and I see him around from time to time, so it’s something that for once actually makes Kentucky seem pretty cool.

    Cowboy Ninja Viking- like my love for The Unwritten this book is endearingly quirky and original. I like how they do one color on the inside that’s different from the last every issue.

  6. Matthew Guy says:

    The Walking Dead — The book that delivers.

    Detective Comics — Solid writing & great artwork in the Batwoman arcs.

    Superman Secret Origin — I know others may not give a damn but it is the only decent Superman book out there right now.

    FF — Hickman,Eaglesham & Davis covers can do no wrong on this series.

    Power Girl is a funny but good book that I enjoy political correctness be damned.


  7. says:

    Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman
    Incredible Hercules by Pak, Van lente, And Reiley Brown who is much better than Buchemi
    Detective Comics feat, Batwoman if JH Williams is doing the art.
    Beasts of Burden by Dorken & Thompson
    I, Zombie , by Allred (hopefully. It seems good in an older Madman style not bad in the last vol of Madman while Allred was having an existential crisis and way to enamored with silly art gimmicks like the continuing panel and silent issue )

  8. Mike F says:

    I Like Geoff Johns I just think he is becoming overly praised. Now, Hickman deserves more praise no doubt. Also, I understand Siege is a Absolute no to some people, BUT Avengers the Initiative is probably one of the best Siege tie in’s. The Only good title with Avengers in it, too.

    Invincible Iron Man (fraction) of course is one of the best comics on the market. Maybe Joe the Barbarian will get some more attention… But, thank God Flash Rebirth is over.

  9. kurumais says:

    secret six
    guardians of the galaxy
    iron man
    the goon

  10. Ironmuskrat says:

    My wish list for next year..

    Fantastic Four

    of those four books only Fantastic Four has any realistic chance of making it I hate to say.

    I actually fear for REBELS future now that Bedard is being given one of the green Lantern titles to write.


  11. Billy says:

    Fantastic Four
    Invincible Iron Man
    Incredible Hercules
    Sweet Tooth

  12. Dan Griffin says:

    SWORD (Marvel)
    Batwoman in Detective Comics
    Mighty Avengers
    Incredible Hercules
    Cowboy Ninja Viking
    Secret Six
    Wonder Woman
    Doctor Voodoo
    Jonah Hex

  13. R.E.B.E.L.S. (I effin’ LOVE this book! Thanks CCW for suggesting this book!)
    Fantastic Four
    Detective Comics
    Invincible (So much faith in the industry would be restored if Invincible was in the Top 10)
    Power Girl
    Invincible Iron Man (WTF is Fraction’s Uncanny doin in the Top 10???)
    Wonder Woman

    Hmm, that’s all I can think of right now.

  14. Mike F says:

    Marvel’s eye of the camera looked seriously interesting Jose/Elliot. I would check it out but I guess (and this is because I’ve been watching your videos for so long now, lol) I only really check out new comics unless you guys give it the seal. So far your system has been helping me save money from seriously shitty work. But this one looked alright. Did you guys hear good things?

  15. Deemar says:

    Fantastic Four
    Green Lantern Corps
    Incredible Hercules
    Jonah Hex
    Invicible Ironman
    Green Lantern

    Jonah Hex in particular I don’t buy it often, but every time I pick up the odd issue it never disappoints

  16. hackslash2020 says:

    Walking Dead
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Invincible Iron Man
    The Stand
    The Marvels Project

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