CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: February 27, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. kurumais says:

    hey did you see the list of cap candidates ?

    what did you think ? hey J do you have any good actors for cap?

  2. TheComicRant says:

    Matt Damon for Cap.

  3. phil says:

    My choice for Cap is Ryan McPartlin from CHUCK.

  4. saar18 says:

    The only one from those group of people that even remortly look like Steve is Scott Porter.
    In my Opinion, noone from this group of people should playy Steve. The neeed too bring a Noname actor.

    • heckimlistening says:

      Captain America is already going to have a hard time selling himself as a viable character in today’s market. They need a good actor who can bring in ticket buyers.

  5. generaldark says:

    has anybody else noticed the ironicness that captain america fights nazi’s especially in his glory days and yet he his the idealistic nazi poster boy with blonde hair, blue eyes??

    • phil says:

      All the more reason for the Red Skull to hate him! 🙂

    • Edward2962 says:

      Back a few years ago when Alex Ross did that future marvel story,Universe X,someone in the story brought that point directly to Steve.Steve was not happy.Also,way back in Cap 300 or 350 (my memory’s bad and I don’t have the comic anymore).The Red Skull put his mind in a clone of Steve’s body and said something like,”Now I look like a handsome ayran business man!” Steve was not happy and burned the Skull’s face w/the Skull’s poison dust.

  6. kurumais says:

    ever sine micheal keaton did a good job as batman i been more open to superhero castings but
    i was looking at this group ,most of whom i never even heard of, and kept thinking this is the guy that going to give orders to robert downey jr and sammuel l jackson in the avengers movie????????

    chance crawford reallly? i havent seen this kid in anything so cant tell if he can act or not but can you really see this guy ordering iron man and thor around in a fight?

    im a little suprised mark valley wasnt mentioned. i dare you watch human target and not think “hey this guy could play a good….” plus they use to make captain america jokes about him all the time on boston legal

    anyway cap is a tough casting good luck to them

  7. phil says:

    While at the pharmacy waiting for a prescription, I picked up WIZARD and did some perusing. As Maxwell Smart would say; Wouldja believe theirs a top 10 writers deal and Bendis, Loeb, Daniel and (tho I like him) Millar are not on the list! Daniel is not on the artist side either.

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Wizard doesn’t even contain articles anymore. It’s just the Top 50 List of geek culture that their “writers” got after spending 2 minutes on Google. It doesn’t even have a letters column or page numbers anymore. At least Toyfare, while a lot thinner than it used to be, still resembles a magazine. Wizard is a Marvel propaganda pamphlet masquerading as a magazine. Even their covers have only had Marvel, Obama, or some “Hollywood epic” movie/TV show for the last year. The mag is a joke.

  8. Smallmaniac says:

    My Choices:
    1 Captain Awesome
    2 Tahmoh Penikett

  9. Pobra says:

    I already have my vote for who gets the 2010 “golden Loeb” award. Nick Simmons.
    He also gets my vote for the “plagiarizing, no talent, douche bag” award.

  10. Here is the best collection I have found of the art which Simmons stole:


    • Stamps says:

      I hadn’t see the image where they overlay-ed the bleach fan art from DeviantART and “his” work. Wow that shit is mind blowing! Thanks for the link Jose.

      His whole family is in the media business, and has been his whole life. He should have known that if he tried to rip off everyone and their brother that it would come back and bite him in the ass. What an idiot!

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        If he has just an ounce of the arrogance that his dad has, he probably just felt entitled and knew he could escape any true criminal charges. Just like all those rich kids that kill people on episodes of Law & Order. LOL!!!

    • Smallmaniac says:

      Ouch. Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot harder for him to find a job. In such a bad economy, why would you pull something like that? Idiot.

    • Ironmuskrat says:

      Wow, that is amazing. like many other have said, you really have to wonder how not only Nick Simmons, but Radical Comics thought they could get away with it. I know that Radical has basically fessed up to the blatant plagiarism, but no one at Radical had ever seen Bleach or Hellsing before?

      I can’t help but think they was some pressure placed upon people to get this comic published due to Nick participation on his dad’s reality show. Much like having Kelly Osborn forced upon us as a singer because she was on a reality show with her dad and mom. I love all of the reality show nepotism that takes place were people have to put up with all of these untalented offspring from famous people because of there show was a hit on TV.

      In the end Nick Simmons won’t suffer much from this, I am sure his career as a comic book creator is over, but he can go back to being the rich son of his famous dad and live the good life. It’s Radical comic that looks like the real fool in this whole deal, they are the ones that will have to live with this stink on them for years to come, if their lucky Viz Media and Shueisha Inc won’t come after them legally.

      But props to the uber geeks out there that sniffed this one out and came up with the proof, once again showing that in the Internet Age, you really not going to get away with shit like this anymore.


      • Morlock50 says:

        Maybe this will deter other artists from doing this in the future. One can only hope. The original comic looks pretty cool though.

        • Pobra says:

          Maybe this will be a wake up call to guys like Greg Land, who have actually made a career in comics based on swiping and tracing. But I doubt it.

          • kurumais says:

            i didnt realize it was gene simmons son at first is this the same guy from the soda commercial? the guy that says “kieeeeessss”? thanks

            and he had assistants working on the art with him manga shop style as well

            really baffling

      • Mitiators says:

        You are absolutely right IM, his comic career is over but he’ll just go back to being the son of a rock star. I’m sure there will be little consequences for this. They should make an example of this and throw the book at this kid. If artist Jeff Koons can get sued for creating a sculpture based off of a photo, clearly this punk should get sued for lifting exact images and dialogue.
        Dousche baggery at its finest.

      • Mike F says:

        Its not fair to say they should of known cause believe it or not, not everyone who reads/works for comics is an otaku. I’ve never read bleach, but I’ve heard of it. So if I saw nick’s work and Assumed it was just “manga” inspired, then thats okay, to make it look like manga but what he did was straight up steal, which is way wrong. i agree.

        BUT what i’m saying is its not fair to assume radical is at fault. i know when your a die hard otaku, its easy to assume anyone else “should” know about this shit but really its not their fault…

        • I do agree with you Mike. They are not in the manga business. It’s really hard to fault them for not knowing what Simmons was doing. It will be interesting though to see if this changes the way the do business with “new” artists.

          Also, I did get a chance to read Flash: Rebirth this week. Uggg…no good. So cliched and boring.


          • Mike F says:

            I know, and thanks for getting back to me about that. Its not that its the worst issue of the mini-series its just in all honesty, it was so predictable. I knew the rogues gallery would appear and make some reference to Barry being “back” & the love story wasn’t awful, but I just felt like Johns could of done better.

            A 3 month wait for that? I’m sorry Johns, but I gotta pass on it.

  11. Rob F says:

    I liked this story because it looked at the issue from a lot of different perspectives:

    I really do think the idea of fan-arted series in America might make sense considering that only the really popular series are lucretive. Then again, claiming that he never read any of the manga is pretty stupid when the similiarities are far too great.

  12. Pobra says:

    I found this interview particularly cringe worthy. What a fucking douche. His geek card needs to be revoked and destroyed immediately.

  13. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    The real question is how will this affect Radical Publishing itself?

    and coincidently, when does “The Last Days Of American Crime” issue #2 come out?

  14. Stamps says:

    Okay so this is the link to the now postponed hardcover collection of Nick Simmons’s Incarnate on amazon

    Check out the tags people have been putting on the thing. ha ha lol

  15. Dan Griffin says:

    The New Series of FMA (Brotherhood) on Adult swim, is this the series that is supose to follow the manga more so then the first series?

  16. Bboyce109 says:

    I just saw the review for Doomwar #1 but im still pissed at Marvel for Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. I have been reading Siege and its been good so far but Marvel goes crazy with all these events at the same time. In the next five months Marvel has Siege ending, The Heroic Age, Doomwar, Fall of the Hulks ending, World War Hulks, Necrosha ending,X-Men Second Coming. Marvel is all over the place, im sticking to The Heroic Age but from what ive seen of the previews for May its basically Dark Reign over again. Let me list from what i know: Avengers #1 $3.99, Avengers Assemble #1 $3.99, Avengers Spotlight #1 $3.99, Age of Heroes #1(of 4) $3.99, Enter the Heroic Age #1 $3.99, Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1(of 4) $3.99, Secret Avenger #1 $3.99, Thunderbolts #144 $2.99, Heroic Age Magazine #1 $9.99, plus issues of Amazing Spiderman, Atlas, Captain America and this is only the beginning.

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