Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image

Whoa…quite a few indie books for me this week. Cool. Here’s what I’ll be buying on Wednesday:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #33
Detective Comics #862
Chew #9
Dingo #4
Forgetless #3
Sword #22
Underground #5

Two other books that I am sorta interested in this week are Girl Comics #1 and First Wave #1. I’ll have to give them the ol’ flip through before I decide whether or not to pick them up. Seeing Dingo and Underground coming to an end on Wednesday is kinda sad. I have really been enjoying the hell out of those two comics. Hopefully we’ll end up seeing a sequel to them somewhere down the road.

Also, how apropos is it that the new volume of Bleach hits the U.S. this week?

What is everyone else getting this week?


  1. megamanx4ever says:


  2. tom devine says:

    its a pretty good week, i will be getting:
    -Detective Comics (duh)
    -First Wave(shit they have been stuffing this thing down my fuckin throat for like a month. so i guess it worked.)
    -Jack of Fables (I’m liking the stories with jack frost, nice break from the douche bag who the book is named after.)
    -Sweet Tooth (this and unwitten, and scalped are tied for the best series currently coming out (maybe Joe the Barbarian but its to soon to know), in my opinion.)
    -God Complex (great book from image, I’m a sucker for Greek and Roman Gods.)

    And i think thats it, sometimes i will buy something on a whim while at the store on Wednesday, so who knows maybe one or two more. Is there anything i’m missing folks?

  3. generaldark says:

    jonah hex, detective comics, first wave.

  4. ...dj...sweet says:

    Mighty Avengers #34
    Thunderbolts #141
    Amazing Spider-Man #623
    Sparta USA #1
    Astro City The Dark Age Book 4 #2

    Girl Comics #1 (I’m not getting any of these issues until I look inside and see an Ann Nocenti story. )

    • I think you mentioned Sparta USA a week or so ago. What’s the deal with that comic? Is there something I should know about? Why are you picking it up? You have me interested in checking it out now.


      • ...dj...sweet says:

        In Sparta everyone in town is involved with two things; organized football and violent double dealings and back stabbing. The town is run by The Maestro , a man with blue skin that no one seems to no think is weird. There is a baby adoption every year awarded to families chosen by the Maestro and Mountains to the south that only one man has climbed. Godfrey McLaine was the greatest player in Sparta history. Three years ago he went over those mountains. Today he comes back with red skin armed for revolution proclaiming that “there is no USA and over the hills is a land of beauty, magic and wonder”
        Summarizing the story reminds me of a Stephen King Novel. The art by new comer Tim Timmonds is very good as well.

    • ...dj...sweet says:


      Ann Nocenti is quoted in this article. Yay! A Typhoid story in #3

      “I tried to create a female character that was a meld of four female stereotypes: Mary is a ‘good girl,’ i.e. good on the surface but quietly manipulative; Typhoid Mary is sexually voracious; Bloody Mary is a confused feminist avenger gone haywire with vengeance; and Mary Walker is the ‘mother,’ a controlling matriarchal figure that holds the four women in check, and collects the clues they each gather to solve mysteries. But because she holds her own personality in check, she is potentially a walking time bomb.” (Nocenti teaches at a film school in Haiti, and Molly Crabapple raised money for the school after the recent earthquake by auctioning off the original art she did for Nocenti’s Typhoid Mary story.)

      This was the characterization from the Typhoid mini in ’95 that I thought was very interesting.

  5. saar18 says:

    Chew #9
    Invincible Iron Man #24
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #5
    Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 – read
    Amazing Spider-Man #623 – read
    Detective Comics #862 – read
    Sweet Tooth #7 – read

  6. phil says:

    I gotta catch up on my Blackest Night books, and perhaps DET. (although I might have to break out the candles) for readng

  7. Pobra says:

    Hm, pretty big week for me.

    Amazing Spider-Man #623
    Batman Confidential #42
    Detective Comics #862
    First Wave #1
    Invincible Iron Man #24
    Sweet Tooth #7
    Sword #22

    maybe Green Hornet #1 (I’ll give Smith 1 issue and the benefit of doubt to win me over with this one… maybe).

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I’m also looking at green hornet, i loved the show way back in the day. but smith has been really shitty as of late.

  8. Matthew Guy says:

    GIRL COMICS #1 (OF 3)


  9. Chris says:

    Seems like a pretty stacked wednesday for the first one of the month.
    Chew #9
    Detective Comics #862
    Sweet Tooth #7
    Sword #22
    Underground #5

  10. Fallows1985 says:

    I’ll be getting
    Spider-man 623 (although its still up to debate whether i will get this, interesting plot idea though)
    Iron Man 24
    All Star JSA 4

    And My comic store didn’t put this on the shelf so missed it, but I’m getting Wonder Woman 41 this week as well.

  11. Dan Griffin says:

    Detective Comics #862
    Jonah Hex #53

    Girl Comics #1 (Alot of Creators i like.)
    Invincible Iron Man #24
    Mighty Avengers #34 (Dan Slott)
    Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 (Frank Cho)

    Pretty lite week. Kinda pissed that X-Factor Forever #1 was pushed back to Mar 17.

  12. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Chew #9
    Iron man #24 (Fraction)
    Sweet Tooth #7

    Oh and the last issue of REBELS, just bought 10-12 last week to try out and I loved it. Great stuff

  13. kurumais says:

    Iron man
    Ultimate comics avengers
    Green hornet 1

  14. Ironmuskrat says:

    Detective Comics #862 As long as Rucka and Batwomen are around I will still be buying this book.

    Invincible Iron Man #24 Last weeks issue of Thunderbolts had a bit of a spoiler in terms of what happens to Ghost, but it should still be a good conclusion to this story arc.

    Chew #9 Vampires and fruit from another galaxy? can things get any stranger? most likely.

    I see a lot of people putting Girl Comics #1 on their list this week,I might pick it up, but only if I don’t get cooties!


  15. Variant Girl says:

    Hey small week for me but a goodie none the less.

    Detective Comics 862
    Chew 9

    Hmm, I wonder if Nick Simmons will be picking up the next issue of Bleach? Most likey if he is going to contiune his career in the comics industry 😛

  16. variantgirl says:

    OMG how could I have forgotten to add this to my above stated list.


    My bad 😦

  17. Stamps says:

    here what I’m picking up:

    Detective Comics #862
    Justice League Cry for Justice #7
    Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #5
    Invincible Iron Man #24
    Chew #9

    Maybe Green Hornet #1

    After 6 issues of Cry for justice I can’t not finish the damn thing no matter how bad it is

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