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Meh…small week but I do get my manga fix with Gantz Vol 9 shipping. I am trying to cut down on my Marvel monthlies so I think I will trade wait the new Pet Avengers book. Pretty solid quality comic week though. Here’s what I will be buying on Wednesday:

Batman and Robin #10
Criminal: Sinners #5 (Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)
Daytripper #4
Doom Patrol #8
Gantz Vol 9
The Unwritten #11

So what are you getting this week? Anything that you think I may be missing out on?



Action #887
Batgirl #8
Batman and Robin #10
Batman Widening Gyre #5
Doom Patrol #8
Human Target #2
Justice League Rise and Fall Special #1
Magog #7
Rebels #14
Red Robin #10
Secret Six #19
Superman Last Stand of New Krypton #1

Daytripper #4
DMZ #51
House of Mystery #23
Unwritten #11

Dantes Inferno #4
Ex Machina #48
Modern Warfare 2 Ghost 2 #4

Amazing Spider-Man #624
Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #1
Cable #24
Criminal Sinners #5
Dark X-Men #5
Fantastic Four #575 (2nd Print)
Hulk Let the Battle Begin #1
Iron Man 2 Spotlight #1
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #1
Powers #3
Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2
PunisherMax #5
Sword #5
The Mystic Hands of Dr Strange #1
The Twelve Spearhead #1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8
Ultimate Comics X #1 (2nd Print)
Vengeance of Moon Knight Must Have #1-3
Web of Spider-Man #6
Wolverine Mr X #1
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 MGC ($1.00)
X-Men Forever #19
X-Men Pixie Strikes Back #2

A-Team Shotgun Wedding #1
Anchor #6 
Angel Hole In The World #4
Army of Darkness #26
Blackbeard Legacy vs Pistolfist
BPRD King of Fear #3
Complete Alice in Wonderland #3
Conan Legacy Frazetta Covers #4
Cyberforce Hunter Killer #5
Elephantmen #24
Escape from Wonderland #5 
Farscape Dargos Quest #4 
Fathom #10
Ghost Projekt #1
Ghoul #3
GI Joe Origins #13
Grimm Fairy Tales #45
Jericho Season 3 #3
Jersey Gods #11
Kill Audio #6
Phantom Ghost Who Walks #8
Red Sonja Wrath of the Gods #2
Resurrection 2 #9
Savage Dragon #158
Solomon Kane Deaths Black Riders #3
Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #1 
Tank Girl Skid Marks #4
The Waking #1
Transformers Bumblebee #4
Zombies Vs. Robots Adventure #2
Zorro Matanzas #2

Archie & Friends #141
Archie Digest #262
Cars Ongoing #2 
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21
Muppet King Arthur #3 
Super Friends #25
Super Hero Squad #3
Toy Story #2
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #704 

Avengers X-Men Utopia
Batman Heart Of Hush
Boys Vol 6 Self Preservation 
Complete Milt Gross Comic Book Stories Volume 1 HC                               
Disneys Hero Squad Volume 1 Save The World
Doctor Who Classics Volume 5
Doctor Who On-Going Volume 1 Fugitive                                 
Enders Game Command School HC                               
Final Crisis Aftermath Escape                                               
Flash Gordon Secret History Of Mongo
Ghost Riders Heavens on Fire                                                   
GI Joe Origins Volume 2
Greek Street Volume 1 Blood Calls For Blood                         
Grendel Behold the Devil HC                                               
Grimjack Omnibus Volume 1
Hellboy Vol 9 Wild Hunt
Mighty Avengers Secret Invasion HC
Modern Masters Volume 24 Guy Davis
Our Sentence is Up Seeing Grant Morrison’s Invisibles
Runaways Parental Guidance HC
Sal Buscema Comics Fast & Furious Artist
Spectacular Spider-Girl Who Killed Gwen Reilly
Spider-Girl Volume 12 Games Villains Play Digest
Star Trek Alien Spotlight Volume 2
Super Hero Squad Get Yer’ Hero On Digest
Superman New Krypton Volume 3 HC
Tick Color Series Complete Works Volume 02
Warlord the Saga
Wolverine Dark Wolverine Volume 2 My Hero 
Wolverine Weapon X Volume 2 Insane in the Brain HC

Arata The Legend Vol 1
Bakugn Battle Brawlers Manga Vol 1
Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally Vol 5
Detriot Metal City Vol 4
Gantz Vol 9
InuYasha Vol 45
My Darling Miss Bancho Vol 1
Twilight Manga Vol 1

Thanks go out to Saar for bringing this new trailer to my attention.


The above pic is not at all related. It was just a chance for me to post one of my favorite covers ever.

J. Michael Straczynski via DC’s The Scource:

For as long as I’ve been doing conventions (starting in the early Cretaceous period, when it was just me and a handful of pterosaurs on a panel debating whether or not mammals with opposable thumbs were really necessary to the writing of quality comics, a point still hotly debated today), there has always been the same question from folks in the audience: “Is there any one character who is your dream character to write for?” The answer has always been the same: Superman. When I first came over to DC, that dream was realized in part by Dan DiDio’s gracious invitation to write the first of potentially many Superman original graphic novels. Now the dream has come fully true with the opportunity to write for the mainstream title, in a story that returns Superman to his roots in a way that will have the whole country talking about him in ways that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Similarly, the chance to write Wonder Woman — the nearest analogue to Superman in the DCU — is massively exciting. She’s a vital, powerful character, and we hope to bring a more contemporary sensibility to her character will retaining everything that makes her unique.

That DC is willing to jump-start these two runs in the pages of their respective anniversary issues is a great opportunity and a vote of confidence in what we have planned for these characters. I’m looking forward to this with more excitement than words can convey.

It’s gonna be a blast.

Well, it looks like Grant Morrison won’t be taking over the monthly Wonder Woman book (yet?) as many of us were speculating last week. Turns out that honor is going to J. Michael Straczynski starting in July with issue #601. This news kinda came out of nowhere but I must admit it’s an interesting choice. His current run on Brave and the Bold has been quite entertaining in my opinion and it will be good to see JMS break out of the confines of the one and done story format in the DC Universe. No artist has been announced as of yet but hopefully Nicola Scott will be remaining on the book.

Oh, I almost forgot, JMS will also be taking over the writing chores for some character called Superman as well starting with issue #701.

Read more about this news by clicking here and here.