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Nah...he doesn't look like Darth Maul at all...

Ultimate Red Skull by Lenil Francis Yu

UPDATE: Jose pointed out to me that I read the commenter names all wrong.  In fact, ‘Kung fu Master’ according to the MillarWorld boards was, in fact, Mark Millar himself.  Well then, that puts a whole new spin on everything, doesn’t it?

Hey folks, Elliott here.  After Jose’s brilliant capsule review of Ultimate Comics Avengers #5, someone posted it on the boards.  I always get a chuckle out of hearing what folks on other boards have to say about our reviews, and for the most part, the responses are generally positive.  The response to Jose’s comment about the violence, especially the implied gang rape in the beginning of the book had me shaking my head, though:

“They’re right. It should have been way more boring. There’s enough dull comics around bucko. They need a few shocks.

PS Wasp wasn’t raped. These guys were political torturers, but it wasn’t sexual. Sexual violence in Marvel books is a bit weird and I’ve avoided since I started (as far as I recall) as this stuff is all available to kids.”  Posted by ‘Kung Fu Master’ Mark Millar

WTF!?  So this commenter wants to us to believe that Millar has no problem showing the Red Skull killing a baby and a woman stabbing her husband to death with a pair of scissors, but ‘political torture’ has to be implied.

Get your head outta the sand, dude.  It’s pretty obvious that this particular fanboy is willing to deny some obvious implications in the his book’s content so that they he can reconcile it with his own set of personal values.  Then again, tell me how a book where a villain throws a baby out a window, leaving a red ‘splat’ mark on the sidewalk is okay to have ‘available for kids’?  Was there even a Parental Advisory/For Mature Readers warning on the book?

At least there was someone on the boards who wasn’t walking around in a fog.

“The henchmen attack on Red Wasp definitely came across as rape to me. It was uncomfortable, but didn’t go all Watchmen in the details. For a political torture, there should have been a black bag over the head or some other torture gear lying around.

I’m with Darren. This really said “rape” when I read it. No other thought entered my mind.” Posted by Victim of Circumstance SJ Murphy

See folks, this a classic example of the ‘cult of personality’ that surrounds certain creators in this business.  With it, they can do no wrong  and will have followers who will defend them even when it’s contrary to their own personal beliefs.

Am I wrong?

If this is, indeed, Mark Millar denying that the scene in the beginning of Ultimate Avengers #5 was an implied rape scene, then fine.  I’m not going to call him a liar, but just point out that it was a poor storytelling choice.

But really, Mark, you think kids should be able to read books where a woman kills a man with a pair of scissors and a villain throws a baby out of a window? Really?

Oh, and it looks like Mr. Melendez has gotten the attention of one of Marvel’s top writers.  Who’s next?  Woot!


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