CCW Open Thread

Posted: March 11, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Deemar says:

    Hey since Christopher Nolan is sheperding the Superman franchise, who do you guys think should be cast as Superman?

    Also how do you think he’s gonna approach the movie?

    • Smallmaniac says:

      I question Nolan’s ability to write science fiction. I’ve only seen his work on Batman and the Prestige, and they are terrific movies. But they are grounded in realism. Superman is pure fantasy/science fiction. It’s definitely a challenge for Nolan, but I hope he can do it.

      As far as an actor goes, they need to bring in someone who looks like Clark Kent. A farm boy from Kansas who is shy and a bit nerdy. A little bigger than Routh but not a professional wrestler.

      Braniac or Darkseid as a villain.

    • Stamps says:

      I personally liked Routh as Superman, I just hated the story and design/style of the movie. I think he acted out what he was given script wise really well, the script just sucked REALLY BAD.

      • Smallmaniac says:

        If they were to choose another actor I’d prefer they not search for yet another Reeve clone, considering Routh is a good one already. I agree with you completely. Routh makes a great Clark/Superman, but that story was so repulsive and disgusting. It would be nice if they gave the guy an opportunity to shine.

    • heckimlistening says:

      Josh Harnett would make a great Superman, but he turned down the role once so I doubt he’d do it.

  2. DidioForever says:

    Nic Cage! All-black Superman outfit! And it’s gotta have a GIANT SPIDER THING at the end!

  3. DidioForever says:


    I honestly have no idea what approach they’ll go for. Hopefully something pretty fresh and new, without getting too dark or attempting to pander to people who sit and watch films with physics books waiting to call SHENANIGANS!

    I have faith in Nolan though. And his Brother and David Goyer are both writing it aren’t they? They seem pretty versatitle (If a bit ‘hit and miss’ at times)

    I really hope they bring in a villain other than (or as well as) Luthor though.

  4. Deemar says:

    Yeah I’m tired of Lex Luthor

    I hope they bring in Brainiac, Mongul anybody but Lex.

  5. Dan Griffin says:

    The Secret Weapoin is reveled in the first couple of pages in the newest DA issue. Plus, the issue looks like it’s a retelling of Siege: The Cabal.

  6. Rob F says:

    I think the Superman movies need to try a different approach because the problem the last one ran into is that it tried to be too much like the old ones that it couldn’t be something that stood on its own. I mean, the guy they cast couldn’t really look any more like Christopher Reeves could he? The moviemakers need to understand that pop culture knows who Superman is and only wants to watch a Superman movie if there’s a new catch somewhere. And Lex Luthor needs to be no where near it!

    • Deemar says:

      Agree, Singer biggest flaw on Superman Returns he was sucking on the teet of Dick Donner so hard as to miss the true essence of Superman.

      The movie going audience didn’t want the 1970s Chris Reeve Supes, we simply wanted Superman not Marlon Brandon’s dead carcass ressurrected for a generation not familair with a the fat guy from a Michael jackson video.

  7. MANACONDA! says:

    i went to purchase the first trade of chew today as well as the order, (as the shop had it for 5 dollars) i went to pay and was declined. my money is gone! i was heartbroken. HEARTBROKEN.

    sorry john layman

  8. Mike F says:

    I understand Nolan is a great director for Batman, but I find it hard to follow the hype that because he did one character really good, that he can do ANY superhero movie good.

    That’s all I hear people say and its ridiculous. Batman and Superman happen to be very different… The Prestige, Memento, are both great too, so clearly he’s a talented filmmaker. But, I mean just assuming that he’s the greatest when it comes to comic films seems foolish to me at least.

    Alan Moore wrote superman really well, but his “killing joke” was a joke to me (well the ending at least, the rest of it was still decent). IDK… Maybe I’m being unfair. I still have high hopes for Nolan. Just pointing out a possible outcome.

    • Deemar says:

      One Nolan isn’t directing only guiding the project. He and Goyer have an idea and the one thing that I’m confident about with Nolan is if he doesn’t have a story to tell he won’t. Also if nothing else David Goyer knows superman he’s a comic writer and hopefully Geoff Johns has a hand in the project.

      • Mike F says:

        Sadly, I’m not a Johns fan-boy, if he has anything to do with it’ll most likely tarnish Nolan’s good rep.

        Also, I never said he’s directing the movie. I’m aware he’s “god-fathering” it, or so they say. That still sounds to me like a big involvement. Again. People, online, comic sites mainly, constantly say how he’s going to save this franchise and I really hope so. But, I’m just being realistic in saying that the movie could fail. We all thought Mark Millar was gonna go on to do great things after we all finished Red Son… Look what happened there.

  9. Chris says:

    Oberton Sexton = Bruce Wayne?

    • Chris says:

      Oberon Sexton even, or is that too obvious?

    • VEGEGDE says:

      yeah. he most likely is. i thought that as soon as i read it.

      good issue. i like when a series lays clues and mysterys to bigger things. but morrison i think has laid them so thinly and far apart that its so hard to tell whats really going on and the hints.

      this series will drive batman readers crazy in the next few years. it already has people looking into every name and reference ever given on CBR boards.

      • DidioForever says:

        I’d be ready to bet that Oberon Sexton is Bruce Wayne if not for his funky sounding name (!?!). Maybe he’s an older Bruce Wayne that survived the pages of ‘Return’, like the P.I. guy from the penultimate issue? Maybe he’s setting things in motion to ensure the real Bruce Wayne’s return to the present? Hrrrm.

  10. Mitiators says:

    I think what kills Superman movies is when they don’t give him anyone to fight. He needs to trade blows with a big nasty bad guy. Lex works in comics because you can develop characters and move all the pieces around and what have you, but if I’m in the theater for almost 3 hours and Superman hasn’t punched a single dude, I think you blew it.

  11. Jeremy says:

    The villian in Superman should be, wait for it, Superboy-Prime!
    But seriously it should either be Braniac or Lex Luthor with a battle suit. No more of this I want Australia crap.
    PS as cool as Darkseid could be, I don’t think they could pull it off in live-action.

    • Comicsketch says:

      lol superboy prime, played by smallvilles superman and the last guy they cast as superman playing his role again =p

      i think they will save Darkseid for a JLA movie

      i think brainiac would be the best big bad for him to face in a new movie, the public should be able to get that character easily

      id like to see some Bizzaro =] but noone would get it XD

      • heckimlistening says:

        For villians, start smaller and get bigger in the sequels. We need to define who Superman is for a whole new generation that only knows Smallville.

    • Mitiators says:

      As long as hell yells “I’ll kill you to death!”

  12. keith says:

    Now I can’t be the only one who thought Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way had some shitty art. I thought that thing was supposed to be an instructional book. Also, Batman Widening Gyre: Could this thing drag anymore?

    • DidioForever says:

      I didn’t pick that up because the whole premise kind of irked me. I am a proud owner of ‘How to draw comics the Marvel Way’ (!) and thought this was going to be something similar? Instead it’s just a kind of self-congratulatory showcase for some of their newer talent, even though a lot of those writers have been at Marvel for YEARS. And haven’t they closed submissions or something like that anyway? It’s almost like they’re taunting struggling creators who ARE trying to break into comics! I don’t get the point of this book. At all.

      • Agreed. Even I have How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. That’s THE book that people should buy. This “Breaking into Comics” comic is shit. Like you said, it’s just like one of those free “Young Guns” comics that Marvel gave out to hype up their new artists except now you have to pay $4 for it.


        • SMARTASS8 says:

          It’s funny you said the book is “shit” since that’s the word that they forgot to edit out of the published copies.

  13. Comicsketch says:

    Hugo Weaving in negotiations to play red skull………im not so sure, i always wanted him to play Dr Strange in a marvel film.

    spose dr strange would not appeal to people thought =[

    • Stamps says:

      I don’t know, I think it’s a good pick for Red Skull. He’s going to be able to pull off the “evil psycho Red Skull smile” really well.

    • Edward2962 says:

      I would LOVE to see a Dr Strange film done in a Ditko/Brunner/psychedelic style!But I think you’re right.Most of today’s fans might not be into it.On the other hand,every few years it seems they’re coming out w/a new stoner comedy,so maybe some folks WOULD dig seeing a bad guy with a big head of fire.Who knows? Hey,maybe a more vertigo-like Doc would sell?Doc wears more normal-ish clothes,helps ppl who have strange dreams..the dreams are caused by Umar or Nightmare?Just a thought…

  14. phil says:

    I’d get the guy that played Riley on BUFFY to play Superman and if Nolan is going darker;perhaps Satanuus as the big bad.

    • Smallmaniac says:

      That would be my biggest concern with Nolan, making Superman dark. It’s completely justified how dark he went with Batman, actually making the character better than the previous crap movies. But Superman is the other side of the coin. He’s light.

      • says:

        The first Batman movie was very much NOT crap. In fact it was the best!

      • heckimlistening says:

        I don’t think they intend to make Superman “dark” in the grim way. I think they mean more reality based. Batman Begins and TDK were both very street level. I wouldn’t mind seeing a more street level Superman flick. As long as he has some kind of baddie to smack around a tad bit.

  15. says:

    Did you read Doom Patrol #8 yet? My favorite supporting character EVER returns and so does a guest star that I hope returns often.

    • Morlock50 says:

      I haven’t had room in my budget for Doom Patrol, but I’m thinking of checking it out. Maybe #8 is a good jumping on point?

      • says:

        Yeah #8 is a good jumping on point. Their is a wrap up of their BN cross over issues and everything that was started in #7 is easily caught up with in this issue. It starts of a weird/ cool story.

  16. phil says:

    Hey Deemar, I just checked out a handful of your ccw cartoons, so when is the officially collected series coming out? Great work, man.

  17. SMARTASS8 says:

    I’m not too happy about the Nolan/Goyer news. Nolan did a great job with Batman Begins and a good job with the Dark Knight(great looking movie but had a weaker script & was overrated imo) but I liked the trailer to The Prestige more than the finished product, felt Insomnia was weaker than the movie it was based on, and don’t like Memento as much upon multiple viewings. Goyer is an awful writer & director who seems to have gotten lucky with the Batman movies(probably due to the fact that he had Nolan’s brother as a co-writer). It also seems that Nolan is one of those superhero directors who can’t accept superheroes unless all of the “super” is drained out of them. It worked with Batman since the character can work in a noir setting but Nolan on a Superman movie doesn’t sound like a good match(especially since he’s already shot down a shared universe for DCU movies). With this news and the fact that Megan Fox and the worst screenwriting team working today(not Orci & Kurtzman, Neveldine & Taylor) is bringing us Jonah Hex, I’m not getting a good feeling about the movie side of this new DC Entertainment. As much as I despise Marvel Comics, they seem to be doing a better job with their new movie division.

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