Here Are Your Top 25 Comics for February 2010

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Top 25 Comics, Top 300 Comics

DC managed to regain the #1 spot this month. Not only that but they also have 6 books in the Top 10 as well as 12 in the Top 25. Looks like they are really putting the pressure on Marvel and things should only get more interesting from here on out.

Other things I noticed:

-The seventh issue of Blackest Night sold 22,000 copies more than the second issue of Siege. This baby has legs.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (ranked at #28) was the only independent in the Top 100.
Doomwar #1 debuted at the 33rd spot right behind two issues of Deadpool. The fact that Doomwar didn’t rank in the Top 10 let alone the Top 25 is disappointing news for fans of good comics.
Amazing Spider-Man dropped from the #6 spot down to #15. I think that proves my theory that the only reason ASM was #6 last month was because it had 4 different covers. Look forward to Marvel “inflating” sales figures on other books by using the same tactic in the future.


1. Blackest Night #7
2. Siege #2
3. Green Lantern #51
4. Batman and Robin #8
5. Batman and Robin #9
6. Dark Avengers #14
7. New Avengers #62
8. Green Lantern Corps #45
9. Flash Rebirth #6
10. Uncanny X-Men #521
11. Thor #607
12. Blackest Night: The Flash #3
13. Captain America #603
14. Batman #696
15. Amazing Spider-Man #620
16. Ultimate Comics X #1
17. Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
18. Justice League of America #42
19. Amazing Spider-Man  #621
20. Blackest Night: JSA #3
21. Dark Wolverine #83
22. Amazing Spider-Man #622
23. Adventure Comics w/ Black Lantern Superboy #7
24. Hulk #20
25. X-Men Legacy #233

Top 300 Comics Actual-February 2010/ICv2

  1. saar18 says:

    How the fuck Hulk stay every month in the top 25?!

    X-Men Legacy #233- a great issue with great art, by Clay Mann (this dude has to have his on ongoing series), and gorgeous cover by the one and only Adi Granov.
    Ultimate Comics X #1 a Very weak comic with a solid art.
    Captain America #603 – soild issue.
    Thor #607 – a weak issue.
    Uncanny X-Men #521 – the art was bad.
    New Avengers #62 – fine.
    Green Lantern Corps #45 , Green Lantern #51, Blackest Night #7 – very strong issues.
    siege #2- a great mini-event.

  2. Pobra says:

    Does Dark Wolverine always rank that high? It sells pretty poorly at my LCS from what I understand. Maybe it’s the Siege cover treatment.
    I see Loeb has managed to keep a foothold with 2 books in the top 25… how the hell does he do it?

  3. Mattcd42 says:

    Wow is it just me or is that a lot of DC? Someday I hope to see a more independent or at least non super hero book rank that high.

  4. Mike F says:

    Ugh. Bendis and Johns are the two writers I’m least interested in and of course they dominate the entire top 10.

    I wonder if I should revisit Uncanny x-men. Last time I read it I wrote Fraction a very angry twitter but my reaction but that was back in August…

  5. Ironmuskrat says:

    Nice to see BN #7 take the top slot in convincing fashion, even though I wasn’t happy with the issue overall. I am sure Marvel is pissed about that, BN #8 will take the top spot next month for sure.

    Fantastic Four # 576 is still hovering around the bottom of the top 50, very disappointing to see that, this should be a top 25 book at least.

    REBELS #13 131? ugh!


  6. generaldark says:

    that greg horn art looks hidious *pukey face*

  7. generaldark says:

    o and is it any surprise IGN would give kick-ass the movie 5/5 stars??? i think IGN still has some splooge on there chin..

  8. Mike F says:

    Has JMS’ Brave and the Bold been selling well?

    I know the most recent Joker/Atom issue wasn’t the strongest, I thought it was still decent.

    • DidioForever says:

      Yeah, I thought that ish was pretty weak compared to the first 3 or 4 of JMS’ run. But I’m sure the next Aquaman/Etrigan team-up will make up for it. NO WAY that can concept fail!

      • Mike F says:


        I noticed most people complained that the issue was too similar to the DARK KNIGHT movie. For me it was just how the Joker is. You can’t describe him any other way really. He’s just that kind of crazy killer. JMS still has a great way with words, and the way he kept it fresh by making the Joker do some real devilish stuff.

        I really am not sure how I feel about it. I’m happy I bought it, but should I be?

        It was really as close to a Joker Origin story by JMS as we’ll ever get I guess..

  9. david says:

    well im not a DC appreciator… but that cover is absolutely beautiful.

    the inking is out of this world.

  10. Morlock50 says:

    Nice to see Batman and Robin holding it’s own. Man, that comic if fucking solid. As for Flash:Rebirth, I kinda lost interest in it due to the delays, and I probably won’t be picking it up at this point. But I’m happy to see any DC in the top ten, even if it’s mediocre.

  11. And again, Bendis writes 3 of 4 books that Marvel has in the top 10. Couple that with the number of people who ordered the Ultimates Omnibus during the Amazon pricing snafu last weekend and how Jeph Loeb just won’t drop from the Top 25 despite whatever crazy $#!# he has Rulk do, and you’ve got 3 guys who are gonna be writing the top books for Marvel for a looooooong time.


  12. megamanx4ever says:

    what about Haunt(rank 83)and the Walking Dead(rank 77)in the top 100?

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