I Guess I’m Buying A PSP

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Geek Culture, Video Games
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  1. rottenjorge says:

    gee your 5 years kind of late for the psp

  2. PILKK90 says:

    this will pump psp sales up for about 2 weeks then the ds will take over again( i really do hate nintendo) how do they sell so well when psps can produce quality like this?

  3. Mike F says:

    Aren’t there Metal Gear comics? Does anyone know if they are good by any chance?

  4. Mattcd42 says:

    As tempting as this game seems, I never could fully get into the 4 other Metal Gear PSP games so I’ll probably let this one slide by. If I could play it with a real control I’d be interested again.

    • The reason I am really interested in this (as opposed to the other PSP games) is that the team who worked on MGS4 are doing it. It is pretty much the next “real” sequel. Well, a sequel to Snake Eater anyway.


  5. generaldark says:

    idk guy….they should just makes these games into movies because thats wut those games feel like..

    • Yawwwwnnnn…Have you played all of the MGS games or are you just reading straight out of the XBot’s Playstation Hate Manual?


      • generaldark says:

        well its just from what ive seen of it 😛 it seems like a game with non stop cutscenes

        • So you haven’t actually played the games?


          • generaldark says:

            ….no sir

            • Mike F says:

              The games are so much better. So much fun and such depth. They brought new levels to story telling. Your apart of it, why would you wanna see Hollywood slaughter it?

              I’d rate Metal Gear games as some of the highest quality video games in history.

              • Mike F says:

                Right up there with Mortal Kombat, Megaman, Resident Evil (not the fifth) It really revolutionized gaming.

              • !


                Metal Gear Solid 2 is my favorite game of all time with all the others ranking in my Top 10 personal faves ever. Metal Gear really is a polarizing series. You either get it or you don’t. I for one am glad that I do. I am a better gamer because of it.

                At some point I may take some pictures of the all Metal Gear memorabilia I have in my room and post it on the blog. It really is a personal series for me for reasons I will not go into at the moment.

                Don’t know if you ever saw the videos where Elliott and I listed our top favorite heroes and villains in pop culture. Solid Snake was on my list of heroes at #1.

                Hell, just look at the pic I choose to have when I post on here.


                • Mike F says:

                  Hah, Man Jose I am so with you that Metal Gear really revolutionized the history of Not just gaming, but story telling. No Joke. After I played two, I was young, in High School, but I knew it was bordering on something extraordinary in depth and characterization. The Espionage. Raiden. Snake faking his death. There’s so much to it all. I almost feel bad that there isn’t a museum in honor of its history.

                  Thank You Hideo Kojima.

                  I won’t like the 3rd one wasn’t my favorite game of all time, and I’m still playing 4 (since I got it a few weeks ago and Heavy Rain and Yakuza 3 have been interfering with it 😛 )

                  But I’ll never forget how it felt when I first played 2.

                  • I’m playing Yakuza 3 right now too. Love that series. I’m not very happy about Sega cutting stuff from the game though.

                    I want to pick up Heavy Rain at some point. I liked Indigo Prophecy and the HR Demo.


                    • Mike F says:

                      Yeah Yakuza 3 is very fun, I won’t lie, its more fun than the more recent FF13. Maybe its just my taste. I’m enjoying Yakuza more.

                      And Heavy Rain is such an interesting story. It really reminds me of this movie “magnolia” by writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson. All these people have their lives connected to each other. And excellent graphics too.

                      Its a good time to be a PS3 player 🙂

                  • FFXIII will be the next game I buy. I chose to buy Yakuza instead that day because I figured I would have more fun playing it.

                    And, yes, it is a good time to be a PS3 owner.


  6. MANACONDA! says:

    the demo is pretty fun, i might buy this

  7. itsmeMorph says:

    Sweet i just bought a psp last week, infact im using it to post this message. I will be getting this game for sure.

  8. Pobra says:

    The more new games and systems that come out, the more I enjoy playing the older ones. I’ve been playing a lot of classic NES lately. Namely Castlevania 3. Having a bitch of a time with the final boss though (the doppelganger). When I was younger I could never get past the Reaper stage, I was pretty pumped when I finally beat that asshole.
    Heh, sorry for going off topic, but if I want to talk about video games, I have to go back at least 10-15 years. I’m a little out of touch with the gaming scene. That’s my brothers department.

    • I just replayed Castlevania Symphony of the Night a couple of months ago for Playstation. Super Castlevania IV for the SNES is probably my favorite game of the series.


      • Pobra says:

        Yep, definitely agree with you. Unfortunately my Super Nintendo ate shit a few years back and i haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet. But I’m still getting good use out of my NES and N64.
        Is it just my terrible memory, or wasn’t Symphony of the Night a fucking horrible game? It could be a different Castlevania game for PS1, but I remember all kinds of issues with camera angles and controls.

        • SOTN was a 2-D game. You must be thinking of the 3-D Castlevania game that came out for the N64 or the PS2.


          • Pobra says:

            Ah, yes. I think your right, it was definitely 3-D and pretty sure it was on the 64, not PS1. Man, that game was shit…
            I’ll have to re-watch those AVGN videos on Castlevania, I’m feeling all nostalgic now 🙂

  9. Blanchard says:

    I’m playing Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops for the PSP right now. If Peace Walker will be anything like that game, than I would highly recommend getting a psp. Definitely worth it.

  10. agent42q says:

    Honestly after Metal Gear Soild 4 I’ve lost faith in the series. It was good. But I don’t want to go back to play it again. I’d rather see Kojima work on ZOE3 personally.

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