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Chew #12 Cover - courtesy John Layman & Rob Guillory

Hey folks, Elliott here with winners of the ‘CHEW Create a Beet Recipe Contest!’ I have to say that it was one of the most entertaining contests we’ve run because you folks can be pretty darn creative! Everyone who submitted a recipe – whether it was legit or imaginary – had their names thrown into a box and we pulled 6 winners who will be receiving an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of CHEW (signed and personalized to the CCW Nation by John Layman)! The winners are:

  • ComicbookDude
  • Invincible5972
  • Iron Muskrat
  • Mike C
  • Pobra
  • Tsumiaki

Now, there was a seventh copy that was personalized but not signed by Layman.  We were going to just put that one aside but decided to give it to the one who submitted the most entertaining recipe (at least it was in MY opinion):

  • AvS – for his beet recipe that involved a hobo with a dusty coat.  Best. Recipe. Ever.

So that’s it folks!  Thanks for participating and be on the lookout for even more contests to come!


A comment on the CCW*TV boards kinda got to me last week, and this cartoon from our resident cartoonist Deemar kinda summed up how I was feeling all week:

Why Elliott is called the 'fat guy on the right.'

Just Because

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