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Hey folks, Elliott here with the second installment of the inaugural CCW*TV audio podcast!  In this segment, Jose and I discuss Joe the Barbarian #3 and American Vampire #1.  Just click on the following link to listen to the podcast on or even download it to listen to on your MP3 player!


I really like the look of this team so far though the only ones I recognize are Brit and Bulletproof. Love the idea of a female speedster being named after an awesome 80’s SEGA arcade game. Yeti sounds a bit plain but Kirkman makes up for it with the outrageous name of Kaboomerang. This looks like it will be a very fun comic and I do believe the industry needs those now more than ever.

Also, those character quotes are far better than any of the ones Marvel had on their Avengers teasers. Just my opinion though


Hey folks, Elliott here!  Everyone is familiar with Deemar and his Sunday Funnies, but now we have a new entry in the ranks of the CCW Nation’s League of Extraordinary Artists: “LittleKing” Ryan! After watching our show for a while, Ryan decided to create an homage to CCW*TV using a classic cover from the ‘Wall of Comics’ behind us as an inspiration.  Can you tell which one he used?:

"When Titans Tussle!"

I’ve gotta say, I just love how I’m drawn looking in better shape than I actually am!  🙂

If you liked this, then you’ve just gotta check out Ryan’s Deviant Art Page where he has some even more impressive drawings posted!  Make sure to check his stuff out and leave a comment!

So let’s give it up for Little King Ryan, another talented member of the CCW Nation!