Mellow Monday: Drop Some E, Ride the Wave and Feel the F*cking Love Edition

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Manic Monday, Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Bobcat Returns says:

    Wha’s up CCW Nation its been a while

  2. Bobcat Returns says:

  3. Bobcat Returns says:


  4. Luiz de Mello says:

    For some reason, this thread’s picture reminds me of this:

  5. littlekingryan* says:

  6. cballsack says:

    What’s up with all this music that sounds like I’m at a strip club? All that was missing was the annoying voice of the DJ telling everyone to give it up for the next dancer, Misty Muffins.

  7. tomstewdevine says:

    I love myself some livetronica.

  8. Ashaman_18 says:

    Gotta add some of my fav chill out songs. All of them are mellow except the first one is more upbeat, but I thought it matched the theme of this post. The last one is probably the one I like the most out of all of these.

  9. IronMuskrat says:

    I am an old fart..

  10. phil says:

    because I could not embed the mmm mmm mmm mmm song ( thats what she said )

  11. Smallmaniac says:

    I really have no clue what to post.

  12. Variant Girl says:

    Wow, super cool this chic has the same hair cut as me 😛 Great taste in music J 🙂

  13. Chris says:

    Is anyone a fan of The Walkmen?

    • Bobcat Returns says:

      Yes!!! i like them. there performing at LOLLAPALOOZA

      I like this song. It reminds me of tough times in late 2008 .

  14. Constantanius says:

  15. Edward2962 says:

    Still Monday…Still Mellow…

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