CCW 3.38: S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 & TURF #1 REVIEWS!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in CCW TV, Image, Marvel
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  1. Venom829 says:

    It’s an upside down episode. DC, NAY, Marvel, YEAY! 😉

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    Enjoyed both books very much, SHIELD especially so, really like Hickman writing and the art.

    I think I will be staying away from the big Marvel ‘events’ this year and sticking with books written by Hickman, Parker and Fraction, like Fantastic Four, Atlas and Thunderbolts.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      You sound like a wise man. I would amend that list by saying I’ll prolly pick up Thor for Fraction, as well as keeping on keeping on with Invincible Iron Man. I’m loving me some FF right now, and I thought SHIELD did not disappoint. Way badass. Let’s hope they can maintain that level of quality going forward.
      Sounds like I need to get into some of Jeff Parker’s work. I haven’t read much, other than an issue of AoA vs. X-Men (i think) and Doomwar. Any other suggestions?

      • tomstewdevine says:

        Actually Parker isn’t doing Doomwar, Maberry is. The only thing I have read is his select Thunderbolts issues, the the miniseries the Uranian. I haven’t read it yet, but I guess his Agents of Atlas is good.

        Were going to have to set up anther time to hit up the diviant chat, I’m still going to email you, I have just been slackin’.

        • littlekingryan* says:

          good call on Doomwar. i totally flaked on that one. i’ve got the chatroom up right now…don’t know if you mean you want to do it again or if you need to find a better time….
          email me bro…

        • Deemar says:

          Yeah lets do another chat had fun

      • littlekingryan* says:

        I found a copy of a trade called The Interman by Jeff Parker at my local library today, published by an imprint called Octopus. I look forward to seeing if it’s any good. I hear a lot of good things about Parker from J and some of you other guys. Has anyone else read this?

    • Deemar says:

      SHIELD is shaping up to be epic, I so hope this sells Hickman is really a new light at Marvel.

      This really does feel like his indie work

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    I picked up both of these books, In my opinion they were both great. I can’t believe how much awesome stuff Hickman can turn out. Now I dropped Secret Warriors because it was just not moving the way I would have liked it to be, so I was hesitant in paying 4 bucks for this, but it was way more along the lines of how he is writing in Fantastic Four, so I’m really glad I gave it a shot.

    I think it was Stamps and someone else on the boards that talked me into getting Turf, well thank you guys, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. cballsack says:

    Now I’m curious to check out this SHIELD you speak of.

    It better not suck.

  5. aidan mc irish says:

    I didn’t know jonathen ross was so well known in the states i live in the u.k. and he is the best thing on tv on a friday night. He always has the best guests and is dead funny on his show and he is a real nerd when it comes to comic books. He once did an hour long documentary about steve ditko the original artist for spider-man. PS if elliot and jose read this i didn’t know that charlie brookers show was shown in america. If you like newswipe then check out his bbc4 show screenwipe where he reviews tvs show and slaggs other celebrites off and his channel 4 show where he gets comedians to come on his show watch t.v. programmes and review them.

    • To be honest, Ross isn’t THAT well know over here. Elliott didn’t know who he was before I told him. I’m a fan of U.K. entertainment so I knew about Jonathon Ross and the shows he has done as well as the Ditko documentary. We don’t get Brookers show here but I have heard about him and that show you described does sound like fun. I’ll definitely check it out. Cheers.


      • aidan mc irish says:

        so i’m assuming it’s jose i’m speaking to big fan of the show. any chance you watch dr who?

        • Yes, this is Jose. And thanks.

          And, yes I do watch Doctor Who. I am really, really, really enjoying the new series so far. Haven’t watched today’s episode yet but I plan on doing so later tonight.


          • aidan mc irish says:

            sorry i asked that question out of the blue but i justed watched the latest episode victory of the daleks and i keep remembering when i met Matt smith in london last year. he really is very good and i can’t wait until the weeping angels from series 2 return.

          • iqy92 says:

            Dr. Who is amazing, apparenetly the big baddie is meant to be in every episode

      • littlekingryan* says:

        In Search of Steve Ditko is a pretty cool doc. Like it that he brings Neil Gaiman with him to meet the man.

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Isn’t Ross the guy who’s married to the chick with big tits who wrote the Kick-Ass screenplay?

  6. colerothacker says:

    Jonathan Ross mentioned my name in an interview with Matthew Vaughn 😀

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