The Doctor Who: Series 5 Episode 3 “Victory of the Daleks” Thread

Posted: April 18, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread, Geek Culture, Television
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So, I have only been watching Doctor Who on a regular basis for the last few years but I am really enjoying the new season and it seems like some of our CCW regulars are too. Because of this Doctor Who will be getting a weekly thread through the end of the series (season) as long long as we have enough people participating. Should be fun.


Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. cballsack says:

    Check it out, Beavis… Dr. Who is staring at her butt. Huh huh huh.

  2. tomstewdevine says:

    World War II fighter plane laser space battle, resurrection of killer alien race, self destructing jelly donut, ya this weeks episode was pretty damn good.

    • It was. Did you catch the bit about Amy not knowing who the Daleks were? This was kind of a big thing.


      • littlekingryan* says:

        Yes, and it was the refrain at the end…what is the significance of the crack in the wall they showed last? Was that the same rift from Emilia’s childhood bedroon?

        • tomstewdevine says:

          yes it was the exact same shape.

        • Fallows1985 says:

          Yeah its appeared near enough everywhere in each episode, from amy’s wall to the Doctors scanners even Starship Britain. At first I thought it might be the Cybermen or Daleks trying to get through the void, but I don’t know what with the new Daleks it doesn’t seem likely. it may be the cybermen. Though I am hoping for either an old classic who villain we havent seen or a new villain moffats made up. Either way it should be cool.

      • tomstewdevine says:

        I did notice that, it seems where she comes from is not exactly clear. I was reading on bleeding cool how she comes from a place that doesn’t seem to be set in a clear date.

  3. littlekingryan* says:

    I found it to be quite impressive. This show is growing on me enormously in only three episodes. As for the idea of a weekly Doctor Who discussion thread? KBO…Keep buggering on.

  4. So, this is what I thought was the biggest thing about this episode (besides the Daleks coming back):

    Amy doesn’t know who the Daleks are. The Daleks invaded the Earth during the Tennant series so people of Earth should know who they are. Because of this I believe Amy is from the past. Usually Doctor Who takes place during “the present” for us, the viewers.


    • I believe that Amy is from the 90’s at some point. Maybe the early 90’s. But the first episode had Laptops and cell phones with internet connections, right? Amy is somehow causing those “cracks” in time and is altering history somehow.

      What do you guys think?


    • tomstewdevine says:

      Yes, but whats with all the nice phones everybody has when she was picked up by the Doctor.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      I thought that as well. Or else she comes from an alternate earth where the Daleks never encountered humans. Or she comes from the same Earth of the Tennant years but the Daleks have erased the humans’ collective memories somehow by futzing with the timestream. Theories abound.

      • That is a good theory too since they have had parallel universes in Doctor Who before. The Doctor’s old companion, Rose, is living on parallel Earth.


        • Iqy says:

          There was also some clues in the first episode when that prisoner creature asked does the doctor not know something(sorry my memory’s a bit hazy, it’s the scene in the hospital) and also warning him ‘the silence is coming’. Also there someing about the pond where there was no ducks. I know this sounds incoherent but the first episode leaves a lot of clues.
          Also it was mentioned that the finale villain appears in every episode so I think that amy is linked to the cracks in time.

    • DidioForever says:

      I reckon she’s either from a parallel earth or maybe some kind of ‘false’ earth. I don’t think it was in the past (phones and laptops capable of hacking into nasa etc)

      Although I did spot the Doctor say something like “Would you prefer this or Knebworth”, but I could have misheard that…But that is a place in the UK.

      But I think it’s a good thing that, whatever/wherever it is she’s from, we’re dealing with human characters where they haven’t had the same exposure to aliens/crazy goings on as in the previous seasons…It was getting a bit like ‘oh the aliens are invading AGAIN’ !

      It feels like a fresh start, you don’t have to have seen any of the previous episodes to get what’s going on.

  5. Has anyone else noticed some Star Wars homages in the last couple of episodes?


    • littlekingryan* says:

      I thought the space battle was reminiscent of several Star Wars battles…what exactly did you notice?

      • The battle yes. Also in this episode I thought the celebration in the control room was reminiscent of Star Wars after the Death Star is destroyed. Also, the Daleks’s android gets his hand cut off and at the end of the episode he has a new one with a black glove over it.

        In the last episode Liz X was running around in a cloak with a hood and tells the Doctor “You’re our only hope”. At the end of that episode The Doctor and Amy are looking out a huge window at the galaxy at that was very reminiscent of the ending of Empire Strikes Back. There was one other thing about the last episode that reminded me of Star Wars but I don’t remember right now, I’ll get back to you on that one.


    • tomstewdevine says:

      yes I have, there have been particular lines, i didn’t notice any in episode 3 but in 1 and 2 i did.

    • DidioForever says:

      And when they were running around the inside of the Starship UK it was very much like both the garbage disposal scene from New Hope and when the Falcon went inside that asteroid monster in Empire.

  6. littlekingryan* says:

    Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this episode. I like the fast-talking, bemused attitude of the Doctor, which seems to be able to turn deadly serious at the drop of a hat. His manic attitude is tempered with a sense of humor, but he also manages to achieve a real sense of menace at times. You can believe that he has been around for centuries and faced countless threats. I give this episode a solid A.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      And the space battles, freaky fucking voices of the Daleks, and historical references don’t hurt either.

  7. littlekingryan* says:

    J I noticed you stopped in the chat for a sec a while back. Sorry I missed you.

  8. kurumais says:

    i cant believe i missed this

    they were in new york

    i was thinking they would show up at C2E2

  9. colerothacker says:

    I’ve never seen Dr. Who. From what I’ve gathered it’s been on for 40+ years no? That’s intimidating…where’s a decent place to start?

    • If you don’t want to so back to when the “relaunched” Who about 5 or so years ago you can just start with this season. There have only been 3 episodes so far so there is not much to catch up on.


    • tomstewdevine says:

      I started with this season, and I don’t feel like I am that behind, they are good at giving you the clues to catch you up. but I’m sure i will download the last couple of seasons. I have been very impressed by the show.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      I started with this season, as well. Though I do have a general knowledge of the character and history, it’s nothing more in-depth than what any other typical pop culture nerd would have. So just go for it.
      I may end up getting some of the Eccleston and Tennant seasons eventually, but right now I’m good to go.

  10. Angelo2106 says:

    What channel is it on (Comcast)?

  11. Angelo2106 says:

    What channel is it on ( Comcast )?

  12. phil says:

    I think my 1st Who experience was with the Daleks which was also my last Who experience. I believe that was the 1st curly headed Who. So in the time since have they finally stopped making the program look like its being done on a soundstage?
    Voyage to the bottom of the sea and Star Trek were the only shows that could pull that off, to me. And maybe Lost in Space.

  13. phil says:

    I don’t know Jose if you or anyone else here ever followed the Rona Project… a manga and a youtube channel of the same name, but if you didn’t, a young artist (Anthony) lost his life in a tragic car accident a few days ago. My apologies…I know that this is not the most appropriate place to post this, but I felt it should go on whatever is most current.

    I figuere for those of you who may be familiar with this person or perhaps this project that maybe you’ll consider sending your best wishes and prayers to his family, in particular his cousin, Ryan (the writer of Rona Project) Once again, sorry for dropping something like this on you guys, but I couldn’t think of a better way to spread the word.

  14. vegedge says:

    doctor who with mattsmith so far is so much better than david tennant. and i really thought tennant was great.

    about the cracks in time. i bet it will be from something about to come up, but the doctor and rose have done a lot of things to mess with dimensions. they said any travelling between dimensions would cause cracks and they did it a lot during the series, like the end when he says good bye. all the darleks coming through the void or possible the time lords escaping the time lock.

    any of these could cause the problems. man this show got way better.

    • Iqy says:

      I’m not sure I would say matt smith is better than David tennant, I still need to see a few more sides of matt smith’s dr.
      The reason why I loved David’s dr so much that he could play as cheeky chappy, mad(comically),mad with power(the episode in mars before his death), scary( the family episode, and can just evoke so much evotion out of the audience(the episode of the family of aliens and he put his life in a timewatch and had to act as a normal human who had no idea he was dr who). Although I really like matt smith, he seems very fresh and exciting compared to tennant where it seemed like it was bogged by the past series.
      But I really love the new companion I like the idea of a companion whose existance is centred around the idea how she wants to be his assistant her whole life. Also she’s quite fit.

      • Stamps says:

        the new companion is great. They wrote her a awesome back story with the doctor.

        When it comes to Matt Smith..ehh…most of the time he’s fine but occasionally I’ll be watching and one of his facial expressions will seem very odd and out of place for the moment. Maybe that’s just me comparing him to Tennant because I’m used to Tennant.

        The only thing I don’t like is the green lighted sonic screwdriver…IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE BLUE!!!

      • DidioForever says:

        I didn’t really like Tenant, which is why I skipped most of the last few seasons. But I’m glad I’m following this one, the writing feels much tighter than some of the Tenant era episodes I watched

  15. Smallmaniac says:

    I hate you all!!!!!!!

    I can’t even participate in this thread for fear of “spoilers”, but I love Dr. Who. BBC America had to go and air the first episode weeks after it aired on BBC.

    I now genuinely wish I was born in the UK just so I could watch Dr. Who before it airs here in the U.S. Being an American is worth nothing these days.

  16. aidan mc irish says:

    personally i think that when the master ripped a hole from the end of the universe in series three that didn’t compleatly seal up even though it never really happened the damage was done and series two with the daleks and the cybermen in the void and the time lords and Davros escaping the time lock dosen’t exactly help.

    • Fallows1985 says:

      mmmm 2bh I’m hoping this rip isn’t Rose coming back but the Silence coming kind of reminds me of the warning we had when Davros was coming back. Although it could just be the Daleks coming back.

      I’m also wondering if they’ll have a new Master? I mean they’ve changed the Daleks the TARDIS and the Doctor (for obvious reasons) I’m wondering if Moffat will want his own Master or will they keep Simm

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